Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss

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How to use hydrogen peroxide forWeight Loss: Is it possible to take into

hydrogen peroxide is used not only for the purpose of disinfecting and healing wounds, but also for weight loss because it helps to effectively fight fatty deposits and positive effect on health.

hydrogen peroxide Diet: Myth or Reality ^

Many people do not know that you can lose weight with the help of hydrogen peroxide, because this caustic alkaline liquid is generally only recommended for external use only and when swallowed, can cause burns, damage to the mucous membranesinternal organs and cause severe poisoning.

To avoid this, you need to plant peroxide water, and only then will achieve positive effect.

Can hydrogen peroxide taken internally for weight loss

this question many years ago responded positively Professor IPNeumyvakin, who published ma

ny works about weight loss and cleansing the body.In his words, it is necessary to use diluted hydrogen peroxide solution for weight loss many times a day.In addition, this drink helped Neumyvakin cope with atherosclerosis and simply improve their health.

Due to what happens losing weight with the help of hydrogen peroxide:

  • starts the recovery process;
  • normalizes blood sugar: It is known that glucose surges cause increased appetite;
  • stabilized hormones from hormones depends not only on health but also the health and mood of the person;
  • more actively burn fat.

should be noted that clinical studies regarding the efficacy and safety of diluted peroxide ingestion have not been conducted, therefore, to carry out such treatment must be carefully and strictly comply with the instructions.

Slimming with hydrogen peroxide: the pros and cons

Technique of correction of weight with hydrogen peroxide has a number of advantages:

  • Through it is possible to not only lose weight but also to cleanse the body, because the solution has disinfecting properties;
  • drink with a peroxide reduces cravings for food, so unable to control their appetite;
  • peroxide has an antioxidant effect, so it allows you to rejuvenate your entire body and particularly the skin.

Can not do here without drawbacks:

  • If you do not comply with the dosage, you can get severe burns and poisoning;
  • The technique is effective only when dieting, otherwise the weight will decrease very slowly or not at all will remain at the previous figures;
  • There are contraindications.

whether bath helps with hydrogen peroxide slimming

addition to ingestion, and peroxide is effective when added to water for a bath.It is sufficient to dissolve in 0.5 liters of water and perhydrol take a bath for 15 minutes.It should be three times a week to perform the procedure.

How to drink hydrogen peroxide slimming ^

Hydrogen peroxide: safe dosage for oral administration for the purpose of weight loss

reception of hydrogen peroxide into the diet: indications and contraindications

Besides indications specified in the instructions to the peroxide, it is recommended to use in diluted form in obesity or potassium poisoning permagnatom.As for contraindications, it is prohibited in the following cases:

  • Individual intolerance;
  • Any gastrointestinal disease in an acute form.

hydrogen peroxide for slimming Neumyvakin: regimen

This scheme is the most popular, but you need to use it as follows:

  • Day One: peroxide diluted 1 drop of 1 Art.l.water, drink 2 hours after a meal or half an hour - up.We eat three times a day;
  • Day Two further: we bring within 10 days to 10 drops in ascending order, then drink another 10 days - in descending order.

In the future it is necessary to make a three-day break, and then continue to drink the solution, but should start already with 10 drops.More than 30 drops per day can not eat.

How to make hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: a way to the second

You can also use another method: dilute 2 drops of peroxide in 250 g of water and take a drink three times a day.Duration of treatment - 20 days.

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hydrogen peroxide and Weight Loss: benefit or harm, reviews ^

choosing to fight obesity drink with hydrogen peroxide, it is worth remembering that without maintaining the diet hemay not give the desired effect.To lose weight, you must follow certain rules:

  • Do not eat fatty and high-calorie food;
  • increase physical activity;
  • strictly comply with the dosage, otherwise it may cause side effects: poisoning or burns the internal organs.

hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: reviews of doctors and patients

Valentina, 34 years old, gastroenterologist:

«With proper reception of hydrogen peroxide is absolutely harmless, but those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and other digestive organs, from it should be abandonedsinceit can provoke an aggravation.In all other cases, in compliance with the instructions, it affects the body only positive »

Zinaida, 39 years old, gastroenterologist:

« I would have questioned the peroxide is harmless if swallowed: do not forget that it is an alkaline substance and can cause healthharm »

Julia, 43 years old:

« I drank diluted with water peroxide scheme Neumyvakina, and was pleased with the result: for the entire course kicked off 11 kg.Of course, it had to comply with the diet and, because no funds will not help without it.The taste of a drink with perioksidom quite unpleasant, but for the sake of a slim figure, it seems to me, is to suffer and, besides, if you drink it fast, no bad feelings do not arise. "