Treatment of meningitis folk remedies

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Home treatment of meningitis:folk remedies

Meningitis - an extremely dangerous disease which is on the 10th place among the causes of death from infectious diseases.

According to the statistics of our country, the peak of meningitis accounts for the cold season, that is, late autumn, winter and early spring.

What is meningitis: symptoms, causes, types ^

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord.The causative agents of disease - viruses and bacteria.

Most often this disease are children and the elderly due to the unformed or weakened immunity.It is important to remember that the treatment of meningitis in the home is strictly forbidden, because wrong or delayed treatment can cause very serious complications.

Types of Meningitis:

  • depending on the nature of inflamm
    ation (serous, purulent);
  • depending on the cause of inflammation (bacterial, viral, fungal);
  • depending on the course of the disease (reactive, acute, subacute and chronic).


  • viruses or bacteria that infect the soft brain membranes;
  • enteroviruses, which enter the body with food, mud;
  • strep infection of newborns at the time of delivery;
  • complications from mumps, rubella, otitis media, sinusitis, etc .;
  • head injury;
  • insect bites or infected rodents;
  • contact with people sick nasopharyngitis or meningococcemia.

Symptoms of meningitis

  • initial symptoms of the disease often resemble symptoms of the common cold or flu.In patients with increased body temperature, there is a weakness and muscle pain.Already some time to manifest the characteristic symptoms of the disease.These include:
  • strong pain in my head.This pain spreads all over the head, is growing so fast that it becomes unbearable.Accompanied by severe vomiting and is greatly enhanced if the patient changes body position.
  • If a person struck by meningococcus, a rash appears on the body.It can be in the form of small lesions, if the form of light, and a large cherry color spots if severe.
  • confusion.
  • cranial nerves, causing strabismus.
  • muscle tension in the neck.
  • In infants up to one year the disease manifests itself in the form of cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, fontanel ripple, strong anxiety and refusal of food.

meningitis Treatment folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

People's treatment of meningitis: homemade recipes

Treatment of meningitis traditional methods is only possible if the homemade recipes to complement traditional therapy.In any case, all actions must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

treatment of viral meningitis

Viral meningitis is usually occur on the background of infectious diseases such as measles or chicken pox.Linden decoction is used as a supplement to medical therapy.This drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.In addition, it effectively improves the immunity.

  • To prepare lime tea should be brewed ¼ cup lime blossom liter of boiling water.
  • After medicine configure themselves for 10-15 minutes, it can be consumed.
  • recommended dose - ½ cup three times a day.

bacterial meningitis Treatment

Bacterial meningitis is caused by the penetration of the body such bacteria as meningococcus, pneumococcus, Haemophilus influenzae.Symptoms of this form of the disease is very severe.

alleviate the condition of man, having a bacterial form of meningitis, you can use the infusion of lavender:

  • must add 3 spoon of dry lavender in 400 ml of boiling water.
  • recommended to use the infusion of one glass in the morning and before bedtime.

Treatment jet meningitis

Jet meningitis is sometimes called lightning, as it for a few hours can be fatal for the patient.Therefore, its treatment should be started immediately.

Accessories and anticonvulsant potion prepared quite easily:

  • should mix a spoonful of lavender, valerian root, primrose, the leaves of mint and rosemary.
  • Spoon collection brewed cup of boiling water, and after 5 hours drain.
  • Take ¼ cup before each meal.

Treatment of serous meningitis

facilitate the patient's condition with serous meningitis can use mint.This medicine is an effective complement to drug therapy.

  • Mix 20g mint leaves, lemon balm, coriander fruits and pour the diluted alcohol (200 ml of alcohol to dissolve 250 grams of water).
  • real mixture for two days, after which compresses, applying gauze soaked in medicine to the temples and the back of the head.

Treatment encephalitis meningitis

  • To reduce the pain during the illness, you need to prepare an infusion of fir needles.
  • Pine needles are also used for the preparation of soothing baths.

It should be remembered that the application of this folk method is possible only after consultation with a specialist.

Treatment of tuberculous meningitis

In folk medicine to reduce the pain associated with meningitis using decoctions of sage.

  • To prepare it, you must pour 2 tablespoons of herbs 50 ml of boiling water.
  • The resulting mixture should insist 2 hours and strain.
  • recommended to take the drug on 50 ml 4 times a day.

Treatment of meningitis poppy

As you know, get rid of meningitis is only possible with the help of in-patient treatment to be carried out under the close supervision of a specialist.As adjunctive therapy is recommended poppy tincture:

  • For its preparation should be carefully grind poppy seeds in a mortar or lead them through a meat grinder.
  • For every two tea spoons of poppy need to take a glass of hot milk.
  • Further ingredients should be mixed and put into a thermos, insist night.
  • taking medicine on a tablespoon three times a day for an hour before a meal.

Treatment of meningitis

cranberries Cranberries - a berry that effectively relieves pain and reduces fever.Even in ancient times, this product is given to patients in order to defeat the fever.

Prepare cranberry infusion is very simple:

  • necessary to pound a tablespoon of berries and pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  • then put into a thermos and insist 4-5 hours, then strain using a gauze.
  • vegan means to give the patient 75 ml three times a day.

meningitis Treatment Rosehip

For the treatment of meningitis is recommended to take a decoction of rose hips.It removes severe headache, improve the general condition of the body, weakness and apathy will win.

prepared broth thus:

  • 1 tbsp.spoon berry wild rose brew two cups of boiling water, again bring to a boil, insist day, then strain.
  • Take your medicine is recommended 2 times a day for 100 ml.

herbs meningitis Treatment

  • excellent folk remedy that helps to reduce pain and calm the patient - a decoction of chamomile.It is recommended to use for cooking or relaxing bath for brewing tea.
  • In this disease of patients worried about unbearable headache.To fix it, you need to drink a decoction of mint.It takes only a tablespoon of leaves brewed cup of boiling water, leave for several hours and filter.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid the disease meningitis ^

Disease prevention includes the following activities:

  • vaccination.
  • Limit contact with people with meningitis.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after contact with the patient.
  • use of protective equipment when forced being in the same room with patients.
  • Proper and timely treatment of viral diseases.
  • Measures to improve immunity.

add that should be very serious about the disease at the first sign of contact in the health care facility.