Mastitis Treatment folk remedies

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Home treatment of mastitis: folk recipes

Mastitis is a common disease of the breast, faced by many women after childbirth.

traditional medicine for the treatment of mastitis using antibiotics, artificial express breast milk and lactation is inhibited.

parallel medication techniques made use of folk remedies treatment of mastitis, which effectively help to bring healing.

What is mastitis: symptoms, signs, types ^

mastitis or mastitis - an inflammatory disease of the breast, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Soreness in the breast when feeding;
  • increase in temperature, weakness, chills;
  • Breast Augmentation, probing seals.

mastitis pathogens are pathogens that fall into the breast through cracks nipples.In addition, the development of mastitis contributes to poor hygiene and incomplete breast milk pumping

after feeding.

mastitis (mastitis) in women occurs in the following forms - acute, purulent, lactation (postpartum), nelaktatsionny, serous, destructive, and abscessed infiltrative mastitis.

mastitis in nursing mothers - a common problem, which not only brings a lot of problems a woman, but also prevents further feeding a baby.Mastitis Treatment folk remedies greatly facilitates the patient's condition and helps to speed up recovery.In addition, they are absolutely safe for the health of women, since they consist of herbal ingredients from natural origin.

treatment of mastitis in the home includes the use of compresses, washes and rubbing the chest area and the use of certain anti-inflammatory drug concoctions.

mastitis treatment in women

mastitis most often occurs during breastfeeding, when the woman breaks the rules of hygiene, and is expressing enough remaining milk from the breast.

mastitis treatment during breastfeeding is appointed after the doctor will make inspection, diagnoses the form of the disease, prescribe medications, and certain recommendations.

procedures involving treatment of mastitis at home, primarily consist of the suspension of breastfeeding, breast pump for the application of artificial pumping and maintenance of the sublime position of the chest of the patient.

Mastitis breast during feeding often affects women, who first got the kid.However, these problems can be avoided if the young mother will be in time to carry out the relevant procedures.

Mastitis: treatment at home folk remedies ^

People's treatment of mastitis: homemade recipes

purulent mastitis: treatments

  • Pumpkin pulp cut into small pieces, cover with milk and cook it until thick.In the form of heat pulp should be put in a two-layer gauze and secured to the breast for two hours.
  • Baked onion mash with, mixed with linseed oil and apply to the chest for a few hours.

Acute mastitis: treatments

  • Fresh cabbage leaf wash well, to repel a wooden hammer its inner side until the juice.Repulsed a party to make a sheet to her chest, lock and leave until the morning.Perform this procedure should be every night until the complete disappearance of mastitis.
  • clover dried herbs put into a glass, fill it halfway, then pour boiling water and to insist half an hour.The warm infusion should wet the towel and apply to the chest for 20 minutes.Such packs desirable to conduct several times a day.

lactation mastitis: treatments

  • Mix linseed oil or olive oil with potato starch until a thick mixture, then lay it on the chest and tie a bandage.Keep the compress should be about two hours.
  • Take on tablespoonBoudreau, leaves of walnut, St. John's wort, burdock root and lilac.The number of art.spoon collection to put in a glass, add water and boil for a minute.After hour broth configure themselves, it should be taken three tablespoonsevery day for three times.Furthermore, the broth can be used as washing breasts.

Nelaktatsionny Mastitis: treatment

  • Connect shredded licorice root (. 10 g) and tangerine peel (. 50 g), followed by fill their three cups of boiling water for an hour, and then to use during the day.
  • Badger fat little warm up and lubricate the nipple with halos.

Serous mastitis: treatments

  • on a clean cloth apply a warm camphor oil, applied to the chest and hold for an hour.
  • Before going to bed to attach to the breast batted clean burdock leaf and mother-and-stepmother, previously bathed in boiling water.

Treatment of mastitis salt

  • Heat a glass of water up to 50 degrees, then add tablespoonand the salts dissolve.In the cotton rag to cut the area under the nipples, then soak it in saline and applied to the chest, placing the top film and a warm bandage.
  • salt compress to keep up as long as it has cooled down.

Treatment of mastitis herbs

  • Put 1.5 liters of boiling water tablespoonssage, two tablespoonscurrant leaves, two tablespoonsSt. John's wort and three tablespoonsMarigold., then put the collection into the fire and boil for 10 minutes.
  • After broth configure themselves for two hours, it should drain and take a glass before meals up to three times a day.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to prevent mastitis ^

After giving birth, women, especially breast feeding should be carefully and strictly adhere to the following preventive procedures, which can significantly reduce the risk of mastitis:

  • strictly observe personal hygienebefore and after feeding.Before you feed your baby, as well as at the end of feeding, be sure to wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate breasts, herbal decoction or other disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions;
  • sure to express milk remaining after feeding;
  • Avoid injury nipples, ghosting and breast.
  • To prevent cracks nipples should be a daily process of cosmetic vaseline oil or rose hips.