Treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery folk remedies

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Hometreatment of uterine fibroids: folk recipes

uterine fibroids is a variety of gynecological diseases, occurring in women of childbearing age.

the early stages of this tumor can be removed with the help of medicinal pharmaceutical products prescribed by a doctor and demanded various techniques available traditional medicine.

However, if there is rapid growth of uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding and other undesirable complications that require surgery.

What is uterine fibroids: symptoms, signs, types ^

Uterine fibroids (leiomyomas, fibroids) is considered to be a single or multiple benign tumors localized in the uterine myometrium or muscular layer.The main reasons accompanying the formation of uterine fibroids include:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • mechanical action - traumatic childb
    irth, frequent abortions, diagnostic curettage;
  • Late or early sexual activity.

On the occurrence of fibroids is usually evidenced by the following symptoms:

  • copious (whites);
  • Copious, painful and prolonged menstrual period;
  • Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen;
  • difficulty urinating, constipation regularly.

Depending on the localization in the uterus myoma places are divided into the following types - subserous, submucosal, intraligamentarnaya, interstitial (intra-muscular), cervical and uterine fibroids.

treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies very effectively with regular use of decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs.Herbal medicine - one of the safest methods of treatment of fibroids, which allows you to get rid of these tumors.Especially popular in folk medicine are the following popular tool for home treatment of uterine fibroids:

  • honey, propolis;
  • Medicinal plants - aloe, celandine, upland uterus, burdock, red brush, raspberry, nettle, yarrow, Chaga and comfrey;
  • Berries - viburnum, mountain ash, wild rose;
  • Oils - fir, sea buckthorn and others.

When diagnosing this disease treatment of uterine fibroids at home must be accompanied by a certain power, which should be from plant foods rich in fiber and protein.

In addition, the presence of fibroids in the uterus is categorically excluded thermal procedures - baths, saunas, hot tubs and a long stay in the sun.Effective, simple and affordable traditional methods of treatment of uterine fibroids can help reduce the swelling, restore the affected organ and normalize hormonal background, without the need for surgery.

Uterine fibroids: treatment without surgery folk remedies ^

People's treatment of uterine fibroids: homemade recipes

submucosal fibroids: treatment

  • Put in a glass container of 200 gr.fresh honey, 100 ml of rubbing alcohol, 100 gr.chopped fresh celandine herbs, stir well and remove the five days.
  • After the infusion is prepared, it should be taken before meals for one dessert spoon, squeezed her tsplinseed oil.

subserous fibroids: treatment

  • aloe leaves three washed, put in a blender, chop, and then the slurry with a glass of aloe connect with 450 ml of Cahors and 1.5 cups of fresh honey.
  • mixture is placed in a glass container and put into a dark place for five days.The finished medicinal tincture (with contents) should be consumed by tspbefore meals thrice daily.

Interstitial fibroids: treatment

  • Cook fee - equal parts Kalinovoe bark, bilberry leaf, plantain, calendula, knotweed, mountain ash fruits, milk thistle.
  • Two tablespoonsmixed herbs put together with two glasses of water in a saucepan, boil for three minutes and remove from heat.
  • hot broth pour into a thermos, insist hour, then take small meals throughout the day.
  • This procedure should be carried out between periods.

intraligamentarnaya fibroids: treatment

  • Put in a thermos 5 c.burdock root and two cups of boiling water for 12 hours.
  • resulting herbal infusion should be used at least 4 times a day for 100 ml.
  • Duration of treatment - a month, and then 10 days break.

Treatment of cervical fibroids

  • Place in a quart jar tbspred brush with a tablespoonknotweed, pour boiling water over herbs, wrap up and insist three hours.
  • infusion should be divided in half and take it for two days in three divided doses daily before meals.

Fibroids (fibroma) of the uterus: the treatment of folk remedies

  • Three pieces of bark Viburnum pour into a dark bottle 30 parts of vodka and infuse week.The resulting infusion is necessary to use 30 drops before meals three times daily.
  • daily instead of the usual tea brewing tea from the leaves and flowers of strawberry scaffold.The tea is desirable to add rose hips, raspberries or honey.

uterine fibroids treatment of propolis

  • wetted gauze in propolis oil and introduce it into the vagina at night for 10 days.
  • propolis tincture 20% diluted in a glass of warm water of 20 drops and take before meals.The number of daily procedures - three.

uterine fibroids treatment of celandine Celandine

  • well washed, crushed in a meat grinder or blender, then squeeze the juice.
  • By half cup of juice add half a glass of alcohol and a glass of liquid honey, mix and infuse for a week in a dark place.
  • finished medicine is taken on tbspFood to about two months.

Treatment upland uterus myoma

  • Three tablespoonsupland uterus placed in a liter of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes.
  • resulting broth should be divided into three stages and to use it during the day.

Herbal treatment of uterine fibroids

  • By tbspsage, raspberry leaf, nettle, yarrow and knotweed put in a jar, pour boiling water and infuse for two hours.
  • Strained infusion should be consumed three times a day for 100 ml, and at night they should do the procedure douching.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to prevent the formation of uterine fibroids ^

basic preventive measures that are needed to prevent the formation of uterine fibroids in women, are as follows:

  • Regular visits to the gynecologist;
  • Compliance healthy and correct lifestyle;
  • lack of frequent abortions;
  • Breastfeeding a child;
  • balanced diet and taking vitamins;
  • harmonious and regular sexual life.