Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies

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Hometreatment of ovarian cysts: folk recipes

ovarian cyst is a benign tumor, which is the main treatment of medicinal and restorative formulations.

Mild disease in parallel to the course prescribed by the doctor recommended affordable and safe folk remedies, which are able to double the healing process.

However, if the tumor has become severe, it will require surgery.

What is an ovarian cyst: symptoms, signs, types ^

ovarian cyst - a benign tumor with liquid contents, similar to the capsule, which is formed in the ovarian structure and increases in size.On the formation of cysts on the ovary warn following symptoms:

  • cycle disorders or irregular periods;
  • Drawing pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Abdominal pain during intercourse;
  • soreness, unusual for menstruation.

The most common factors contributing to the appearance of cysts in the ovary are:

  • Early menstruation;
  • Obesity;
  • Frequent abortions;
  • hormonal and endocrine disorders.

ovarian cysts to classify into the following form - follicular (functional), luteal or corpus luteum, endometrial, dermoid, paraovarialnaya nadyaichnikovogo appendage, polycystic, serous, mucinous, and hemorrhagic cysts.

Traditional methods of treatment of ovarian cysts are able to reduce the size of tumors, reducing their number and correct hormonal imbalances.Folk remedies used to treat cysts differ from pharmaceuticals, natural, safety and lack of side effects.The main treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies involves the use of drugs herbal, bee products and various oils.

ovarian cyst treatment at home requires regular and prolonged use of procedures that require the preparation of special homemade tampons and decoctions for internal use.

treatment after the removal of ovarian cysts

treatment after the removal of ovarian cysts in the first days of reception provides anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and pain medication.

to normalize hormonal levels and as a prevention of exacerbations, patients are assigned a certain time oral contraceptives.Resorting to traditional medicine after surgery on the ovaries is desirable only after consultation with your doctor.

ovarian cyst: treatment without surgery folk remedies ^

People's treatment of ovarian cysts: homemade recipes

Endometriod ovarian cyst: treatment

Mix the fresh juice of Viburnum with floral natural honey in equal proportions, followed by taking the medicineas follows:

  • first week - half tspevery morning:
  • second, third week - tsptwice a day (morning, evening);
  • fourth week - tablespoonin the morning and in the evening.

After weeks of rest is repeated in reverse order.

Follicular ovarian cyst: treatment

  • Borovoy of the uterus (tablespoons) and place in a deep glass container, pour cup of boiling water and heat for 20 minutes in a water bath.
  • After broth configure themselves for three hours, it should be strain and take in a couple of months of daily tablespoonat least five times.

cyst ovarian yellow body: treatment

  • Mix spoon tansy, clover, bearberry, mint, mother and stepmother, the roots of Bergenia, then two tablespoonsgrass to put in a thermos, pour them 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave overnight.
  • morning infusion of strain and take four times daily in the amount of 1/3 cup.

Functional ovarian cysts: treatment

  • Collect equal parts succession, sage, nettle, shepherd's bag, chamomile, yarrow, elecampane root.
  • Two tablespoonsherbs to put in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and infuse overnight (day).Take the medicine should be obtained on the half cup three times a day for 25-30 days.

parovarian cyst of the ovary: treatment

  • Mix fresh lime honey with aloe juice in equal proportions, then moisten the mixture in gauze and inserted into the vagina for 15 minutes.
  • brush pour a liter of vodka, insist for about two weeks, and then taken twice a day tspbefore meals.

dermoid ovarian cyst: treatment

  • Assemble a collection of herbs - 10 g.Kalinovoe bark, flax seed, wheat grass marigold and 20 c.birch leaf.
  • From collection to take tbspherbs, pour it in a glass of boiling water, put on 10 minutes in a water bath, then cool and strain.
  • Drink decoction should be in small portions throughout the day.

serous ovarian cyst: treatment

  • Put on low heat 50 ml of sea buckthorn oil with tablespoonbeeswax.Once the mixture boils, it should add crushed egg yolk with a teaspoonaloe juice, then boil for another minute.
  • After removing the mixture from the heat should be cooled, drain well, put it on a gauze pad and the night to enter into the vagina.

luteal ovarian cyst: treatment

  • handful of acacia flowers pour half a liter of vodka, put in a dark place for a month.
  • After the expiration of this time, it should be strain and take three times a day before meals for teaspoonful for 3 months.

hemorrhagic ovarian cyst: treatment

  • From the leaves of burdock ordinary squeeze the juice, strain and take two teaspoons every two hours.
  • Take two tablespoonscollection (nettles, hawthorn, currant leaf, thyme), put in a thermos, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave overnight.Take the broth should be for half a glass of not less than three times daily.

ovarian cyst Treatment honey

  • On a bandage put two teaspoonsflower honey, then fold it in two layers, tie a strong thread and paste gauze as deeply as possible into the vagina.
  • procedure is preferably carried out at night.

Treatment of ovarian cysts celandine

  • in 250 ml of boiling water put a tablespooncelandine on three to five seconds, then remove from heat and insist hour.Tablespoonstrained broth to dissolve in a glass of water and drink.
  • Take this medication should be about a week, three times a day.

ovarian cysts Herbal treatment

  • Grind and mix equal parts of the following herbs - motherwort, bark viburnum, dead-nettle, the fruits of mountain ash, pink rhodiola root, chamomile, lady's mantle.
  • per liter of boiling water put three tablespoonsto collect and hold the heat for 10 minutes, then placed in a flask broth to 6 hours.
  • Strained broth should be taken three times a day with honey 150 ml.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to prevent the formation of ovarian cysts ^

According to doctors, ovarian cysts in women can be avoided if you follow some simple preventive recommendations:

  • regularly visit a gynecologist for routine inspection;
  • Avoid stress;
  • not supercool;
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • take vitamin - mineral complexes.