Fir oil : medicinal properties and contraindications

In ancient times, a fir tree was considered sacred.The inhabitants of ancient Athens and Thrace endowed its miraculous properties, in particular attributed to the branches of the tree's ability to ward off evil spirits and protect against witchcraft, heal disease.

needles plant is widely used in folk medicine in Siberia, and the healing properties of pine oil is actively used Sumerians.

Recognition of pharmaceutical fir obtained through essential oil, which serves as the basis for the manufacture of medical camphor.In addition, the oil contains other substances that contribute to its effect on healthy person.

Mostly used herbs white fir, other species of this plant are used much less frequently for the production of essential oil.In order to manufacture drugs aroma plant specifically cultivated, at the same time it is often grown in parks to improve the decorative landscape.

Medicinal properties of pine oil

According to studies, the essential oil of fir exhibit antimicrobial activity, inhibiting
the growth of most varieties of pneumococci (the causative bacteria of pneumonia), Streptococcus, and some yeast microorganisms.

also fir has other medicinal properties, for example:

  • is an anti-inflammatory agent, especially in diseases of the respiratory and joint problems;
  • stimulates the respiratory center;
  • helps fight the oppressive dry cough, facilitates expectoration;
  • tones job infarction;
  • acts as an effective diuretic and mild analgesic;
  • in dermatology enhances the healing effect of medicinal ointments and creams.
Learn about the beneficial properties and uses of different oils in the home can be on cosmetic-oil you will find detailed instructions on the use of any essential oil.

use of traditional medicine: User

This product has been successfully used at home to deal with a variety of ailments.Consider the most popular scope pine oil:

  1. 1) This oil was shown to people suffering from diseases and disorders of the joints in the peripheral nervous system.Its regular use cures sciatica, neuralgia, complex.To do this, place the sick time per day is well heated (you can use a hot tub or enclose a heating pad) and then rubbing essential oils (5-10 drops on the procedure).The course of treatment is two weeks.
  2. 2) Essential substance fir relieve dental pain and eliminate the inflammation of the gums.In the first case, the cotton wool soaked with oil, should be applied to the aching tooth and keep for half an hour.If the tooth is affected by caries, and it formed a noticeable hole, cotton wool is put directly into it.But this tool is only effective when dull, dull pain, but if the nerve is opened, it is best to apply the oil of basil, or roses.In the case of periodontal disease during the month make 15-minute application of fir oil, preferably in the evening before bedtime.
  3. 3) Fir oil helps to combat sore throat, chronic cold and flu.Swollen glands lubricate useful pure fir oil twice a day according to the instructions, or you can put a couple of drops of oil on tonsils pipette.Such treatment is applied 2-3 days.When used oil chronic rhinitis nasal drops, 1 drop in the morning and late afternoon, but not at night.Since the procedure provokes strong sneezing, which takes place only after 15-20 minutes.In addition to massage the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses.In the home treatment of influenza are effective fir inhalation.
  4. 4) Effectively fir oil for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia.Along with daily inhalations are mandatory rubbing fir oil in the area of ​​inflammation.They carried out once a day, preferably in the morning.In the evening, pounded in a different essential oil - pine or (the best option) thyme.When dry cough fir is taken orally as an expectorant drug: 2 drops of honey on the day of 2-3 hours.To soothe severe coughing a couple drops of oil before going to bed is applied to the tip of the tongue.
  5. 5) Due to the diuretic action of pine oil, its domestic consumption is used in the treatment of urolithiasis.First, during the week drink kidney herbal tea sage, lemon balm, St. John's wort, marjoram, rose hips (a mixture of these plants, taken in equal proportions, brewed with boiling water at the rate of one and a half tablespoons per pint of water).The medicinal drink add honey (tablespoon), divided into three parts and drink before a meal.The second week infusion take longer with fir oil (150 ml infusion take 5 drops).Then - two-week break and repeat the course.
Thus, the essential oil of fir used in many areas of domestic medicine.If you follow the instructions and comply with the dosage, contraindications to its external application does not exist.However, as in other cases aromalecheniya must be checked whether a person has allergies to components.

Internal use is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, erosive gastritis and duodenal ulcer.

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