Human papillomavirus in women : photo , treatment , symptoms

According to statistics, in recent years the prevalence of the virus human pipillomy in women and infection caused by them has increased 10 times.

Together with serious consequences that accompany the disease, it determines the urgency of the problem.

In this case we are talking about cancer, cervix, vagina, vulva and perianal region.

reasons for human papillomavirus in women

Human papillomavirus relates to a DNA-containing.Its genome fragments are identified that control the synthesis of oncogenic proteins.With them is associated tumor transformation of damaged cells.

Depending on the virus to cause similar changes in the viral particles are classified into strains.Thus, the isolated strains with high, medium and low oncogenic risk.The main route of transmission of the infection in women - it is sexual.The probability of infection during unprotected sex is 60 to 70%.

Moreover, there is a direct proportional relationship between the number of sexual partners, and the prevalence of HPV infection
.The more, the higher the probability.

Another mode of transmission is direct contact.The most dangerous epithelial proliferation, which contain a large number of virus particles.Detection of virus in the amniotic fluid is not associated with a high risk of transmission transplacental route.The risk of perinatal transmission is less than 3%.

Once infected by any of the possible ways can develop this or that disease, or spontaneous recovery to occur due to virus elimination.The latter option is possible only in case of a good condition of the immune system, when it is cell damage viral particles and prevent them from developing in the body.

symptoms of human papillomavirus in women

papillomavirus in women can be a cause of the following disease states:

  • genital warts
  • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs
  • benign disease of the cervical epithelium
  • cervical dysplasia
  • cervix, vulva and vagina.
may take a different time period from the moment of infection to the development of clinical symptoms (incubation period).Thus, the incubation period varies widely - from one month to eight, but usually it is three months.

Warts can be different in shape and characterized by different symptoms:

  • soreness
  • itching
  • mild trauma
  • small or large formations on the skin or mucous membranes
  • look like flat warts or growths in the form ofcauliflower
  • color eruptions from the body to red, etc.
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diagnosis of HPV in women

With additional diagnostic studies manages to put the final diagnosis, which can not be based only on the clinical manifestations.

this purpose is shown following studies:

  1. 1) Colposcopy to avoid lesions of the cervix
  2. 2) cytology smears with the surface of the cervix, cervical canal, as well as lesions at other sites
  3. 3) Histological examinationwhich is the basis for exclusion of malignant cancer process (this is the "gold" standard of diagnosis in oncology)
  4. 4) Polymerase chain reaction, which reveals a causal link between the symptoms and the cause (HPV).
Histological examination should be carried out in all cases where there are suspected precancerous or cancerous process.The main indications for a cervical biopsy are:

  1. 1) Pathological changes identified by examining cell structure (Pap smear)
  2. 2) Suspected atypical areas during colposcopy
  3. 3) On the eve of the destructive methods of treatment(cryotherapy, laser therapy, diathermocoagulation).
If a doctor has a suspicion that the malignant process on the background of human papillomavirus infection in women, led to the defeat of the epithelium in the cervical canal, is shown holding his dilatation and curettage.Typically, the main clinical situations for this diagnostic method can be described as follows:

  1. 1) Signs of pathology in the cytological smear, which do not show up uchatski atypia cervical via colposcopy
  2. 2) Inability to visualize the so-called transition zone atcolposcopy (transition zone - a place of transition of stratified squamous epithelium in the cylindrical here oncological processes occur more often.).
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Treatment of human papillomavirus in women

Currently, you can not with the help of therapeutic measures to completely remove the body of human papillomavirus in women.

Therefore, therapy is directed at the elimination of clinical symptoms, reduce the risk of genital cancers, as well as the probability of infection of the sexual partner.

Modern treatment of human papillomavirus in women involves performing a systemic therapy and local effects on the pathological focus.

Systemic therapy includes the use of immune agents.Currently, no drug, which would have a damaging impact on the papilloma virus.

Application immune drugs reduces the mitotic activity of the virus particles, thus preventing the appearance of new lesions.

local destructive therapy can be carried out by one of the following methods:

  1. 1) cytotoxic therapy - the use of drugs that affect DNA fission process and, accordingly, the process of cell division.As a result of the death of the affected cells observed
  2. 2) The use of drugs of chemical steps that cause necrosis of the epithelial cells.Subsequently, this leads to stimulation of the basal cells, which replace a defect in the skin or mucous membranes (modern drug that is used for this purpose, is Solkoderm)
  3. 3) Laser therapy for which the characteristic minimal side effects and focused therapeutic intervention.Thus, the laser has a good hemostatic (hemostatic) effect, prevents the development of infectious complications, affects only the diseased portions of the epithelium, without affecting healthy
  4. 4) Cryotherapy - freezing the pathological focus
  5. 5) Diathermocoagulation - moxibustion neoplasms area with the use of electricenergy
  6. 6) Radiowave surgery
  7. 7) Plasma surgery
  8. 8) Photodynamic therapy.

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