Warts on the face : Causes and treatment at home

Skin growths on the face, in the form of bumps and papules rather unpleasant phenomenon, and is not nothing but a wart.

Warts appear on the face as a result of contracting a type of HPV - tumifaciec verrucarum.

belongs to the category of skin diseases, benign and not wearing an inflammatory character.The pathogen is transmitted by contact through the media or indirectly through contact with objects or his personal belongings.

This does not mean that the tumor on the face should appear immediately.The latent period can last up to six months, depending in which state is immune and nervous systems.

Causes of warts on the face

Education warts on the face of the frequent sign of a weakened immune system.Located factor to infection are:

  • cuts and scrapes;
  • hands dirty and sweat
Even a short time, finding the virus in the environment is able to infect all "willing".A scratching and sweat quickly provide single warts education "worthy of" their own kind.One day, once in the human body, papillomavi
rus becomes his own forever.

Penetrating into the human body, the virus is localized under the top layer of the epithelium, can infiltrate the brain tissue, "walk" along the nerve pathways and settle in the spinal department, permanently falling into suspended animation.

Awakening virus contribute to any neural processes:

  • depression and severe anxiety;
  • stress and self-hypnosis.
awoke, the virus moves in the opposite direction to reach the skin surface, appears on the face of the "happy owner" in the most unexpected places.The use of common items at home and at work provides infection friends when shaking hands, colleagues and households.

have persistent mental patients, a process of purification of the facial warts may begin in a year or two.They will disappear by themselves.A mentally unstable patients, should solve the problem with a specialist, so as not to increase the number of tumors.

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Features and types of warts on the face

of Education in the form of warts on the face are different kinds of colors with different localization.

  1. 1) on the surface of the face and the edge of the lips can accommodate a flat appearance, with clear boundaries elevation.Elevation above the skin surface no more than two millimeters.Flat warts species have a wide variety of shapes and colors - round, oval or polygonal shape, changing color in the course of development - initially light to brownish tint.
  2. 2) To the category of common warts include irregularly shaped nodules having a dense surface and one centimeter in size."Decorates" a person at any age.At the beginning of a solid color display, the color gradually changing to yellow-gray in color.Painful sensations causes, possible a little itchy.
  3. 3) Display of the hanging warts observed in different age categories.Place localization - eyelids, over his lips, chin and around the lips.They have a kind of elongated appendix, up to 8 mm in length.In the early manifestations looks slight elevation, gradually lengthening, turning into a thin cylindrical tumor with stalk at the base.It changes the color of the initial - bodily, to brown.No ill effects causes.
  4. 4) to appear on the face of education after the age of forty, called senile warts.Have not infectious in nature, and appear as a result of age-related features that affect the change of metabolic processes.Characterized as the rise in the form of spots of irregular shape with a dense skin at the surface, resembling the horny shell.Reach 5 - 50 mm.In the initial period of the solid color gradually darkens, getting black.Painful sensations are not present, but the manifestation of light itching.
Any negative external factors can trigger degeneration of benign warts in malignancy, so the treatment and removal of warts on the face should be engaged specialist.

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Treatment of warts on the face

Diagnostics facial warts - not a difficult process.But the exclusion of malignancy should confirm dermatologist.Conclusion gives microscopic examination of scrapings, and in case of dispute - biopsy.

therapeutic process is based on the principle of destructive lesions methods:

  • use of antivirals;
  • by destroying chemotherapy.
Getting treatment for warts on the face need to pass immunological blood examination, which will help in the selection of the most efficient of drugs.As external agents appointed ointments, creams and application of drugs containing:

  • ferazol;
  • trehloruksusnuyu;
  • retinoic and salicylic acid;
  • «Fluorouracil" - anticancer drug in the form of ointments and creams;
  • for immunotherapy - immunomodulator "Imiquimod".
of drugs, completely get rid of facial warts is not.Periodically growths can appear again and again at every favorable case.

Remove warts can only radical way:

  • by layering cutting by laser irradiation;
  • cautery diathermocoagulation;
  • freeze cryodestruction;
  • removal by high temperature heating using electrocoagulation.
  • conventional surgical excision followed by cosmetic plastics.
Choose the appropriate way to help remove the attending physician.

a result of multiple investigations, and taking into account the study of foreign colleagues, treatment of warts on the face of children must be based on expectant management.Upon reaching puberty warty growths should pass on their own.

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