Hydradenitis : photo , causes and treatment of hidradenitis sup- under his arm

inflammatory processes occurring in the ducts of apocrine glands, which cause disease - hydradenitis.

looks like a boil, in the form similar to the canine mammary glands, and therefore received by the people, is a dissonant name - bitch's udder.

manifested acute purulent inflammation and abscess under the armpits, in the scrotal area and anusnoy, folds under the breast, on the labia in women.

disease is not subject to small children and the elderly, because the production of apocrine glands begin secretion during puberty and ends at menopause.Gidradenity longer subject to the female population between 15 and 60 years.

clinical picture

Clinic hidradenitis sup- under his arm similar to furunkuleznymi manifestations.In place of the entrance gate are localized infections from one to several painful infiltrates.Hydradenitis has no necrotic cores than and different from the boils.

development of cellulitis in the subcutaneous tissue, can be due to purulent processes underlying disease, or be an indep
endent inflammation.Surface form hidradenitis sup- expressed skin hyperemia and edema, serious condition of the patient with a very high (up to 40 degrees) temperature.

Phlegmon odontogenic nature formed on the neck and in the defeat of dental caries process, can carry life-threatening.

causes of hidradenitis sup-

hydradenitis is kind of pyoderma - diseases of the skin, expressed pustular inflammatory processes as a result of penetration into it of representatives of pyogenic cocci.

Inflammatory lesions in the apocrine glands - the result of staph bacteria, penetrated through the introduction into the body through the main through microscopic lesions on the skin through the hair follicle, or lymphatic route from other areas of the system.

additional factor is a moist environment, such as sweat, which promotes the growth of various infections - viral, fungal and bacterial origin.

risk factor is:

  • weakened immune system;
  • undesired hormonal processes;
  • endocrine pathology;
  • itching, skin dermatoses;
  • investigation of degenerative changes in the sweat glands;
  • manifested in excess weight, causing the skin streptoderma
Promotes hidradenitis sup- under his arm failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene.

symptoms of hidradenitis sup-

At the beginning of the disease, can be determined by palpation dense nodules in the form of mounds, which are located in a thick layer of the dermis or subcutaneous layer of fat.At the same time, patients feel pain and itching.

Developing, nodules exhibit such symptoms:

  • significantly increase in size,
  • observed adhesions with the skin, nodules take the form of a pear;
  • raised above the skin surface of the nipple resembling breasts dogs;
  • skin gets bluish color;
  • formation surrounded by swelling;
  • increased soreness.
nodules may become draining stage soften independently opened, releasing a purulent bloody substrate impurities.Sometimes symptoms hidradenitis sup- may be in the form of large infiltration similar to dense disk.In this scenario, tenderness evident even at rest.

hydradenitis mature form causes such symptoms:

  • feeling of general malaise;
  • swings in body temperature;
  • pain, weakness and nausea.
Opening nodules relieves tension of the skin, which reduces pain, ulcers zarubtsevyvaniya process begins.

disc-shaped formation of inflammatory dissolves very slowly.In relapsing forms of the disease, treatment becomes protracted, capturing in the process gnoynikovy close behind fabric and sweat glands.

This can be:

  • with inadequate therapy;
  • if belated treatment;
  • and dismissive attitude to hygiene.
  • with background diseases, decreased immunity provoking
disease can be unilateral (usually in the underarm area) nature, and localized on both sides of the body.On average, the disease can last up to two weeks.

Possible complications

As with any other disease, delayed or incompetent treatment of hidradenitis sup- carries over a lot of problems associated with the possible complications.

When purulent hidradenitis sup- manifestation, untimely or improper drainage pustular tumors causing extensive soft tissue abscesses, the development of putrid abscesses and chronic lymphadenitis.A disease is far advanced process can lead to sepsis, as a result of pathological processes in the bloodstream in the blood and purulent infection.

Diagnostics Diagnostic

hidradenitis sup- definition, is not difficult, is set mainly by visual inspection.

confirms the diagnosis data from clinical tests, indicating an increase of white blood cells, which is characteristic of the development of inflammatory purulent processes, and reduced red blood cells (anemia), confirming the presence of inflammatory lesions.

In chronic forms of the disease, a determination of the pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics, the method of sampling pus on bacteriological analysis.

Required differintsialny diagnosis to exclude:

  • lymphadenitis;
  • nehodzhinskoy lymphoma;
  • Hodgkin's disease;
  • boils;
  • mycobacteria - tuberculosis pathogen

Treating hidradenitis sup-

Therapies hidradenitis sup- official medicine include conservative and radical treatment.

Conservative treatment includes the use of:

  1. 1) antibiotic therapy - to combat infection appointed antibiotics, drugs tetracycline and makrolidovogo class.May appoint in tablets and injections - intramuscular or intravenous.
  2. 2) Hormone replacement therapy has a therapeutic effect on the various phases of inflammatory processes - glucocorticoid drugs, which are administered by injection directly into the infiltration center.
  3. 3) Specific immunotherapy - to stimulate the immune processes.In the form of gamma globulin administration antistaphylococcal.
  4. 4) Appointment of retinoid drugs that affect the formation of the horny substance in the epidermis.
  5. 5) applied topical therapy - antiseptic skin disinfection.
  6. 6) Procedures for UHF.
  7. 7) Local skin UFO
  8. 8) Application Centimeter wave therapy

Radical treatment of hidradenitis sup-

disease with purulent discharge is subject to radical treatment - surgical way.Drainage brings adequate results, because in zone of infiltration at this stage, multiple small focal abscess formation, which, in either case, continued pus.

Held deep cut, not reaching the damaged tissue is removed purulent substrate together with infiltrated fat.After healing is conducted antibiotic drug therapy, combined with physiotherapy.

In the case of recurrent hidradenitis sup- held complete excision of tissue, covered with lesions of subcutaneous fat.On the bare plot transplanted skin flap taken from the operated patient.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

After surgery appointed physiotherapy, including:

  1. 1) photochemotherapy - to improve the body's resistance to various infections.
  2. 2) infrared therapy - to relieve pain.
  3. 3) Magneto-laser therapy - have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
to treat relapsing forms of the disease include the destination ultrasound therapy procedures and electrophoresis in combination with drugs.

Preventive measures Preventive measures

at hydradenitis based on compliance with certain rules:

  • regular water treatment - shower, bath;
  • processing areas under the arms boron-camphor alcohol.
  • moderate use of antiperspirants.
  • mandatory application after shaving disinfectants.
  • to support and strengthen the immune system.
Subject to such simple rules, you can protect yourself from many problems.

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