How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth : ointments, candles , folk remedies

postpartum period is always a difficult time for a woman.

Despite the fact that labor is completely natural process, they are still well and strong stress for the body, for that matter, and the pregnancy itself.

Hemorrhoids - one of the most unpleasant side effect of pregnancy.It develops as a result of a combination of physiological reasons, and a wrong way of life of the pregnant woman.

Given the prevalence of this problem, it needs to be timely diagnosis and treatment, which will help to avoid many complications.

causes of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Despite the very sound of the term "postpartum hemorrhoids" in most women it occurs during pregnancy.This usually occurs in the later stages - in the second and third trimester.

main reason that causes the appearance of hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy, is increased pressure of the uterus and fetus on the rectum.With increasing time pressure is only increased and the flow of blood to these sites is difficult.

Often pregnant may be presen
t only minor symptoms, but during childbirth, when intra-abdominal pressure increases at times, can form knots and cracks.The severity of the lesions in this case depends on the individual characteristics of mothers, the child's weight, childbirth trends.

Another common cause of hemorrhoids is constipation after childbirth.A similar problem is present in a large number of pregnant women.Occurrence of constipation is associated primarily with an excess of progesterone - a so-called pregnancy hormone.The increase in blood levels of this hormone leads to a decrease in muscle tone and light intestinal atony.

Due to these changes the process of digestion becomes more sustained, thus provoking the emergence of constipation.Constipation, in turn, increase the pressure on the rectum, promote blood stagnation.This results in the appearance of hemorrhoids.

this phenomenon contributes to physical inactivity and excess weight, which is very often affected pregnant women.Also hemorrhoids after childbirth can provoke some hormonal drugs that doctors often prescribe in complicated pregnancy.See more

, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids that appeared after childbirth or during pregnancy is different typal for this clinical disease.The presence of certain symptoms depend on the stage at which the disease is located.

At the very beginning of the development of hemorrhoids, at its first stage, the woman begins to feel discomfort in the anus.Her worried feeling of heaviness, itching and burning, which intensified after defecation.Sometimes, during a visit to the toilet can see the presence of blood in the stool.At first the symptoms of hemorrhoids are irregular, they may disappear for a while, and then make themselves felt.

In the second stage begin to form nodes.They often cause pain and discomfort women deliver.And if during pregnancy the second stage can be kept fairly long period of time, during childbirth is often formed the third stage.

It is characterized by knots falling out of the anus.We ate at the time did not take adequate measures, the disease will pass to the next stage, when the hemorrhoids right within manually is practically not possible, they are significantly increasing in size constantly bleed and become inflamed.

treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Treatment of postnatal hemorrhoids complicated in the case when the mother feeds her baby with breast milk.Given that many drugs, both internal and external, in milk, their use is highly undesirable.In this case it is necessary to look for alternative solutions.

When hemorrhoids after childbirth external means used most often - ointments, suppositories, creams.As a rule, they have a strong complex action - relieve pain and irritation, promotes healing of fractures, improve blood microcirculation.

Among the medications (candles), which are approved for use, are:

  • sea buckthorn candles;
  • Relief;
  • Gepatrombin F;
  • Procto-glivenol;
  • Posterisan.
Breastfeeding such funds can choose only an experienced doctor in any case can not buy the first best medicine, as it can damage the baby.

should be approached with caution and laxatives, which are often recommended for hemorrhoids.For pregnant and lactating women such funds strictly contraindicated.

If postpartum hemorrhoids is the last step and is not amenable to conventional treatment methods resorting to surgery.Surgical intervention in this case is to remove hemorrhoids.Statistics show severe forms of the disease after birth diagnose rare.Typically, in such cases it is in the acute form, but responds well to treatment measures.

Treatment folk remedies

Given that many drugs traditional medicine is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, the fairer sex has to resort to traditional medicine recipes.In particular, very popular are folk recipes for outdoor use: baths, ointments, lotions, enemas.

How to treat hemorrhoids after delivery: The following components can be used in the home:

  1. 1) Very good folk remedy for hemorrhoids after giving birth is a sea buckthorn oil, it is used as in the cracks, and in the presence of knots.At the pharmacy you can buy ready-buckthorn candles, they are not contraindicated during lactation.
  2. 2) You can also use tampons soaked in oil.Good results give hip baths.For their preparation used a decoction of onion peels or herbs: chamomile, oak bark, linden, marigold.For the treatment of pain and other symptoms, you can use gadgets.In particular, it has a very good effect decoction of horsetail leaves and thorns.
  3. 3) If postpartum hemorrhoids are also encouraged to use the enema, which will not only help get rid of the symptoms of the disease, but also facilitate the situation for constipation.For enemas can be used as a normal boiled water and a decoction of herbs, or any of the vegetable oils.Pregnant women enemas are contraindicated.
See also, the methods of hemorrhoid treatment at home.

Prevention of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Prevention of hemorrhoids is an effective technique, which, if not help to completely avoid postnatal hemorrhoids, or at least warn him severe course.Preventive measures should be carried out during pregnancy.

Women who are expecting a baby, it is recommended to closely monitor their diet to avoid constipation and other problems.

They need to diversify the diet of natural foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.But coffee, chocolate, pastries and fatty foods should be avoided.Also it is necessary to abandon the spicy dishes, which can irritate the rectum and from legumes, as they provoke a strong gas formation.

When hemorrhoids prevention is considered to be very important to the correct mode of the day.Toilet encouraged to attend one and the same time, preferably in the morning.During defecation is not much makes an effort not to provoke a swelling of the hemorrhoidal veins.In addition, it is important to observe good personal hygiene.Doctors advise after each act of defecation to wash with clean cold water and wipe the anal area dry with a soft toilet paper or towels.

An important point of prevention of hemorrhoids, especially postpartum, is a physical activity.Despite the fact that pregnant women are contraindicated heavy loads, easy exercises will benefit them.In addition, many pregnant women are recommended to walk in the fresh air that will not only help prevent hemorrhoids, but also strengthen the immune system.

Another prevention method is considered Kegel exercises.Their essence consists in alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles around the anus and vagina.If you perform these exercises regularly, it is possible to prevent not only postpartum hemorrhoids and uterine prolapse of the vaginal muscles and lethargy.

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