Hemorrhoids in women : Symptoms, Treatment , Picture , Causes

Hemorrhoids is a fairly common diseases, both among men and among women.However, ill female person most often.

This is often associated with professional features and certain physiological conditions that are specific to the female body (menstruation, pregnancy, labor activities).

Hemorrhoids is a varicose veins of the rectum areas with the formation of hemorrhoids (veins convoluted zatrombirovannye areas).Depending on the location, "activity" (tendency to fall out and samovpravleniyu) nodes and presence of hemorrhoids complications can be classified as follows:

  1. 1) Internal hemorrhoids - hemorrhoids are located in the relative remoteness from ampullar rectum;
  2. 2) External hemorrhoids - hemorrhoids are located in close proximity to the anus;
  3. 3) with concomitant Hemorrhoids anal fissure;
  4. 4) hemorrhoids prolapse;
  5. 5) complicated by thrombosis nodes - often the main symptom is intense bleeding from the rectum.

causes of hemorrhoids in women

Hemorrhoids - disease, the appearance of which c
an be triggered by various factors.The pathogenesis of this disease is a violation of blood flow in the pelvic area.

Among the major etiological and precipitating factors should be allocated as follows:

  1. 1) sedentary professional activity (long stay in a sitting position leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvis, a breach of the inflow of arterial and venous blood outflow from the authorities);
  2. 2) Pregnancy - during pregnancy the amount of blood circulating in the bloodstream increases significantly in women, and increases blood flow to all organs respectively.Sedentary pregnant woman provokes venous congestion and increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids;
  3. 3) labor - the main causes of hemorrhoids during labor are: increased uterine pressure on the pelvic organs, leading to disruption of the circulation, as well as a significant increase in intra-abdominal pressure (see how to treat hemorrhoids after giving birth).
  4. 4) frequent constipation, occurrence of which is associated with a poor diet (inadequate ingestion of fiber);
  5. 5) Intense exercise and lifts weights, inappropriate physical abilities of an organism;
  6. 6) The sharp intense weight loss;
  7. 7) burdened heredity and predisposition to pathologies of blood coagulation and trmboobrazovaniyu;
  8. 8) Frequent practice of anal sex;
  9. 9) Regular laxatives drugs not for medical reasons, but in order to lose weight;
  10. 10) The natural age-related changes of the body.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids should be differentiated from

women Hemorrhoids in women with some other diseases of the rectum because of the similarity of symptoms -. Benign or malignant tumors, polyps, anal fissures, infectious pathologies, etc.

At the heart of the "classical" pattern of hemorrhoidswomen are the following symptoms for which you should pay attention in the first place:

  • discomfort in the anus and rectum projection;
  • pain (pain often are dull aching in nature) in the rectal area while in a sitting position during defecation;
  • definition palpable good seal in the anal area;
  • burning sensation or intense itching in the anus;
  • flushing of the skin in the anal area;
well as the emergence of such symptoms should worry a woman:

  1. 1) Edema of the subcutaneous adipose tissue in the anus area (seated patients worried about the discomfort and foreign body sensation in the rectum);
  2. 2) Discharge of blood from the rectum during defecation.The blood is on the surface of the stool, and has a bright - red color;
  3. 3) Difficulty in bowel movement and frequent constipation;
  4. 4) loss of hemorrhoids, which can reduce a spontaneously after defecation (the second stage of the disease) or use the fingers (third stage).As the disease progresses nodes may drop out of physical activity and defecation..
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Hemorrhoids if untreated, may develop into some of the more dangerous diseases and conditions: iron deficiency anemia (arises from the massive one-time or regular blood loss), acute thrombophlebitis, fistulas, anal fissures, secondary infection, abscess pathologically enhancedand tortuous lesions.

Diagnosis Diagnosis of hemorrhoids never causes problems.Suspected the development of the disease allows a visual external inspection of the anus, as well as a digital rectal examination.For the differential diagnosis with other pathological conditions of the colon and small intestine advanced research methods are used:

  • sigmoidoscopy (allows you to thoroughly examine the state of the mucous membrane of the lower portion of the sigmoid colon and the whole);
  • irrigoscopy;
  • colonoscopy (held to assess the state of the colon over);
  • analysis of fecal occult blood;
  • biopsy, if necessary - in cases of suspected malignancy;
  • ultrasound of the abdomen.
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treatment of hemorrhoids in women

Depending on the severity, presence of complications and the course of the pathological process and the chosen scheme of the treatment of hemorrhoids in women.

very first stage of the pathological process bad amenable to conservative therapy with sedatives, phlebotropic, hemostatic and analgesic drugs.

In order to strengthen the walls of blood vessels used tablet formulations: Phlebodia, Detraleks, Troxevasin, Diosmin.In the form of suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids using such drugs as: Relief Ultra, Gepatrombin F, Aurobin - you can use them at home.

In addition, the presence of inflammation shows the use of micro-enemas and sedentary baths with a decoction of chamomile or oak bark, which have good anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.To remove the itching and swelling shows the use of antihistamines and topical agents with corticosteroids.

In course of the disease of moderate severity or presence of complications, the explicit drop-down catch, should resort to more effective methods of influence: cryoablation, sclerotherapy, infrared photocoagulation, ligation latex rings.

to radical surgical treatment of hemorrhoids in women should be resorted to if the pathological process started strongly and conservative therapy does not bring the desired effect, as well as regular infringement and loss of hemorrhoids.

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prevention of disease in women

is much easier to prevent the development of hemorrhoids in women than whole life and then to treat it in periods of exacerbation.To protect yourself from the appearance of this disease process, should follow a few simple rules:

  • eat enough food rich in plant fiber;
  • limit the use of overly spicy and spicy food;
  • regularly feasible for the body to physical activity;
  • take breaks at work with a minimum charge at the sitting Labour;
  • use hard work instead of soft armchairs;
  • avoiding stress and excessive straining during defecation;
  • regular hiking and perform gymnastic exercises during pregnancy.

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