Proctitis : symptoms and treatment , the causes of

What is it - inflammation of the mucous membrane and segmental colon as a result of the impact of negative factors is called proctitis.

cause of the disease can be defeated by micro-organisms, parasites, due to improper treatment of acute infectious diseases, complication of pelvic radiation or frequent enemas, hypothermia or injury to the mucous membrane.

specific nature of the disease, depending on the type of pathogen infection (gonorrheal or tubercular form).If the source of infection - parasites, the worm infestation also provokes an inflammatory process (see how to treat worm infestations.).

But not only the infectious factor affects the development of proctitis.The disease can be caused by stagnation and poor blood circulation in the rectum.Such phenomena occur with chronic constipation, venous disorders in the rectal area.Often, the disease occurs when injury of the mucous membrane of solid stool.Mucous changes the structure becomes loose, painful, red or crimson.

shell swells and can close
the anus.On the rectum mucus membrane is formed and blood veins.Patients experience pain and discomfort that unfavorable impact on their lives and health.There is a disease with an unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, hygiene, and failure to comply with many of the negative factors.

The disease can be triggered by an infection, a sexually transmitted disease, and intestinal infection.More gay men are at risk of infection.

In addition, the secondary proctitis is associated with diseases of other organs - gastritis, an inflammation of the pancreas and intestine tumor.It is therefore important to monitor the overall health of the body and do not put themselves at risk.

reasons proctitis

disease does not suddenly appear, it is preceded by the development of many of the phenomenon, adversely affecting the flora and mucosal tissues of the intestine.

contribute to this:

  • parasites (Trichomonas, dysentery bacillus);
  • infectious diseases (tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis);
  • poor circulation and supply of fabrics and as a consequence of stagnation;
  • radiation exposure (in the treatment of oncological diseases);
  • eating spicy foods, alcohol,
  • diseases of organs adjacent to the rectum - hemorrhoids, prostatitis, vulvovaginitis, abscess, cystitis.
Since proctitis always brings discomfort and should immediately see a doctor and begin treatment, then treatment becomes more effective.

symptoms of proctitis

When the first symptoms of proctitis there is discomfort, pain in the rectum, itching, burning, foreign body sensation in the anus, frequent and unexplainable urge to defecate, and the disease tends to worsen periodically.

This is evident:

  • sensation in the anal passage of a foreign body presence and desire to void;
  • increased frequency of bowel movements;
  • appearance in the feces of blood clots;
  • mucus, pus or blood clots during defecation.
In addition, markedly deteriorating general condition and well-being.It appears irritability, headaches, depression, insomnia.With timely treatment of proctitis, there is relief, the condition improves, relieves pain and feeling of heaviness in the rectal area.

Proctitis is divided into acute and chronic.When the flow of the acute form of the disease are observed temperature rise, unreasonable desires in a toilet, a burning sensation in the rectum.

chronic form occurs almost asymptomatic.However, during exacerbation (eg, after eating spicy food or supercooling) there burning and itching, defecation accompanied by mucus.

acute proctitis, in turn, is divided into the following types:

  1. 1) Bluetongue (hemorrhagic and purulent, in both cases, the damaged mucosa, and there are minor bleeding and mucus);
  2. 2) polypoid form (particles out polyp along with mucus);
  3. 3) Erosive form (on the shell appear erosion);
  4. 4) Ulcerative proctitis (there are numerous ulcers, erosion on a wall of the rectum during defecation in the stool can be seen a drop of blood) - a form of ulcerative colitis;
  5. 5) Radiation form of the disease (after irradiation proctitis appears after 5-6 months is characterized by weight in the gut and burning zone, false trips to the toilet).
Chronic proctitis occurs in different forms, and very few people go to the doctor because of the inconvenience, and not particularly painful symptoms.Accompanied by a chronic form of the disease and the appearance of erythema membrane swelling.

forms of chronic proctitis:

  1. 1) Hypertrophic (folds are thickened, friable tissue structure);
  2. 2) normotroficheskie (rectal tissue structure is normal no change);
  3. 3) Atrophic (rectal mucosa becomes thinner, the surface is smoothed).
  4. 4) Chronic disease is sluggish with no sharp pain, but with repeated exacerbations.


In case of incorrect treatment or lack thereof may be a narrowing of the channel, ie,reduction in the size of the rectum.Disturbed functioning of the intestines, on the background of chronic constipation may occur intoxication appear liver disorders and skin problems.

The chronic form may cause inconvenience, discomfort, pain in the absence of treatment of recurrent disease, there are symptoms - itching and burning in the anus.

Treatment of proctitis

Based on the symptoms, rectal examination and an endoscopic examination, the doctor establishes a diagnosis and choose the method of treatment of proctitis.The extent of the disease is diagnosed by cytology and culture flora.Severe disease is treated in a hospital under the supervision of a physician and under strict diet.

excluded fatty, fried and spicy foods, alcohol.Daily diet is divided into 5-6 receptions.Recommend to use products such as scrambled eggs, vegetable soups, porridge, rice milk porridge, fruit jelly, boiled fish and meat.

proctitis Treatment is conservative, using antibiotics and sulfanilamide derivatives.As used antibiotic ceftriaxone, doxycycline, metronidazole, vancomycin.

When radiation is used alternative form of treatment technique - prednisone and hydrocortisone.Recommend bath with camomile broth, sodium permanganate.Microclysters morning made on the basis of the tincture of chamomile and calendula, and evening based on vegetable oil.

duration of 10-14 days treatments.When the tumor is recommended for 5-6 day of treatment to conduct a colonoscopy to remove the decay products and necrotic tissue.

Prevention proctitis

If adequate treatment is carried proctitis, there comes remission, exacerbation almost do not appear.For prophylaxis should follow the general recommendation - to lead a healthy lifestyle and hygiene.

Alcohol abuse and spicy food lead to a breach of the intestines, stomach disorders and occurrence of constipation.Irregular and insufficient emptying provokes an inflammatory process.Hardened fecal mass injure the mucous membrane, causing irritation and congestion.

To avoid constipation, recommend daily use plant foods, as fiber helps digestion.Adherence, reception helpful, well cooked food containing vitamins and minerals, making it a regular chair and normal digestion.

Normal operation of the genitourinary system, the gastrointestinal tract, help to avoid Proctologic ailments, including proctitis.

prognosis of proctitis

If you comply with all the prescribed rules and advice of a doctor, the treatment is effective and recovery is guaranteed.As a rule, on the second day of treatment brings relief, the main thing - not to interrupt the use of antibiotics and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Effective procedures such as baths and enemas, they accelerate remission and tissue repair.Therefore, it is important to combine treatments.If the patient is disciplined fulfills all requirements of a doctor, it does not recur and proctitis not worried during the whole life of the patient.

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