Hemorrhoids Home Treatment : 14 current methods

Hemorrhoids is one of the most unpleasant diseases.

inflammation and varicose hemorrhoid delivers not only a huge discomfort in everyday life, but also quite severe pain.

Today there are many different methods to get rid of this problem.

However, many people are disappointed in official medicine, people try different methods of hemorrhoid treatment at home.Despite widespread skepticism to such folk remedies, they are often very effective and excellent job with many of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

And so, if you really want to quickly cure hemorrhoids at home, we recommend that you try each method.

Homemade bath for hemorrhoids

Baths of hemorrhoids in the first place aimed at to remove the most acute symptoms - pain, itching, a heavy feeling in the anus.They are very easy to cook at home and use on a regular basis.

Steam bath with garlic and milk

This bath is prepared at home using natural garlic and combining it with milk.Milk (a little less than a liter) is poured into a desired volume cap
acity and throw back 300 g peeled garlic.Then put the pot on low heat and keep well over one hour.the procedure can be started after removing from heat.Anus warm pair, until it cools down.Then liberally smeared anus protivogemorroynyh any ointment.

Tray based onion peel

onion peel has an excellent antimicrobial effect and thus acts quite gently.That is why this product is perfect for cooking trays at home treatment of hemorrhoids.To prepare such a bath, it is necessary to boil the husks in water until it darkens.Then the broth cool down to a comfortable temperature.Doing trays of onion peel is recommended once a day, and a full course at the same time of the week.

Cold tub

hygiene wasps cold water always has beneficial effects on the health of the anus and rectum.Hemorrhoids doctors advise to continue using it, cold water.She gently relieves pain and helps relieve irritation.Beyond the usual washing away, you can also use a cold sitz bath.Preparing it as simple as possible: in a basin of cold clean water is added to a few grains maragantsovki.This water is recommended a person to sit for about 5 minutes.Making cold bath can be twice a day.

warm bath on the basis of medicinal herbs

chamomile, oak bark, calendula, celandine - all of these herbs are great helpers in the fight against hemorrhoids.Their medicinal properties are as antibacterial and astringent properties, which greatly facilitates the life of a person who has been diagnosed with inflammation or enlargement of hemorrhoids.

To prepare a warm bath of herbs need only steamed herb, or a mixture of herbs with boiling water and let it infusions.When the infusion has cooled slightly, it can be used as a sit-in baths.

hemorrhoids Candles and tampons hemorrhoids

Candles are considered one of the most effective external means.Due to their design, they are beneficial to the nodes located even in the depths of the anus and rectum.

addition to the various pharmaceutical suppositories can be prepared like candles or tampons made from natural products.This method of treatment is not only very economical, but also show a good and quick results.

Potato candles

Potato is one of the most popular funds in the fight against internal and external hemorrhoids.Especially often used potato candles.In order to make such a candle, take a potato and thoroughly clean it.Then cut out her candle elongated length of about 3-4 cm. Insert a candle potato from hemorrhoids recommend before going to bed, candle rate is an average of 10 days.


candles These candles are very simple to prepare, and in the treatment of hemorrhoids at home quickly relieve pain and swelling.To get these candles, we must first acquire molds for ice oblong.Then steamed water a small amount of chamomile, its cool, pour into molds and put in the freezer.When the ice has hardened, to be hauled out of the mold, in the muffle cheesecloth and inserted into the anus.Excessive use of these candles is not necessary, they are recommended to use if pain or itching deliver discomfort.

Candle of geranium

Such simple candles have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect.For resistance candles take a leaf geraniums, it thoroughly washed and dried.Thereafter leaf cuticles any vegetable oil, rolled into a tube and inserted into the anus.This method is very convenient, because this candle will not fall, even if you use it in the daytime.

Tampons with sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil is one of the best means to fight not only with the hemorrhoids, and other diseases of the rectum or anus.It quickly and effectively helps heal damaged tissues, so this oil is often used in anal fissures or bleeding hemorrhoids.

Tampons with sea buckthorn oil is very good to use in the event that the nodes are located outside.For this cotton-gauze soaked in sea buckthorn oil and inserted into the anus.Doing his best on the night.

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Home enema for hemorrhoids

How else to treat hemorrhoids?Enema - an indispensable tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids, especially if the cracks and knots are located deep inside the rectum.Hemorrhoids can be used as a large enema cooked in so-called circle of douches and microclysters small volume of 50 ml.

Home enema is contraindicated if the nodes or bleeding in the rectum present any inflammatory processes.

oil enema enema

This is great for those who feel the constant dryness and irritation of the anus and rectum.In addition, it helps to cope with bad locks, which are frequent companions of hemorrhoids.For the preparation of enemas oil typically used one of the traditional vegetable oils: olive, linseed, sunflower, or any other.Before the procedure, it should be pre-heated to a comfortable temperature.

cleansing enema

Very often people who have found hemorrhoid concerned about such things as constipation and bloating caused by an accumulation of gas.In these cases it is recommended to do a cleansing enema.It is traditionally prepared in a mug Esmarch.To prepare the enema water is boiled, and after it has cooled to a warm state, is added to Article 2.l.sea ​​salt, and glycerin, and used for the procedure.

Medical enema

good result for the home treatment of hemorrhoids gives enema collection of medicinal plants.For its preparation using horse chestnut seeds, chamomile, oak bark, sage leaves and nightshade leaves.All herbs are taken in approximately equal amounts.The resulting mixture pour boiling water, muffle in a warm blanket and leave for several hours in order to make it real.Thereafter, the broth can be, without diluting use enema.

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Folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Treating hemorrhoids is not limited to using only the external agents.

At home, you can take a variety of herbal teas and tinctures, which will improve the condition of the inside of the patient, which in turn helps to cure hemorrhoids quickly.

infusion of dandelion Taraxacum

is a mild laxative and cleanser.When treating hemorrhoids at home usually use the dandelion roots.They are ground and is filled with cold water.The infusion should be kept at room temperature for a day, then it can be consumed.Take an infusion of dandelion before meals in the amount of 1/4 cup.

Infusion of horsetail

Horsetail is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, bleeding complications.To prepare 2 tablespoons.l.Herbs pour boiling water in an amount of 200 ml.After 2 hours he can be eaten.It recommended during the day to drink a glass of infusion, dividing it into several stages.

Rowan red hemorrhoids

Red mountain ash is not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also a wonderful tool for home treatment of different types of hemorrhoids.It is especially effective in closed units, as the use of this berry helps them to break and facilitate the patient's condition.For the treatment of hemorrhoids take fresh juice of the red mountain ash.

According to the recommendations of traditional healers, the juice should be consumed three times a day, half a glass.If desired, it can be sweetened with a little sugar or honey.

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