Hemorrhoids in the initial steps of: photo , treatment , symptoms

Chronic diseases do not appear suddenly, they develop for a long time.

As for hemorrhoids, then this disease is directly related to lifestyle and diet.Dry, low-fat diet devoid of fiber often leads to constipation, which in turn provokes the development of hemorrhoids.

Sometimes the cause of the disease appears hereditary factor, and with the risk, patients should be more attentive to their health.

Hemorrhoids occurs when mechanical damage tissue solid stool, blood circulation in the rectum anus due to violation of bowel movements (frequent or rare).

main symptom of hemorrhoids in men and women is pain during bowel movements, itching and irritation of the mucous membrane, the appearance of a small amount of blood in the stool.

patient does not always refers to the proctologist for psychological reasons that aggravate the disease.Fabrics lose the protective function, reduced blood flow to the anus, and eventually mild stage of the disease turns into a more complex form.

forms and stages of hemorr
hoids with photos

There are four stages of the disease, depending on the condition of the patient and the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The initial stage is characterized by the simple occurrence of hemorrhoids without any pain.The appearance of nodes unnoticed by the patient, as they are deeply hidden inside the rectum, are small.Symptoms include itching, discomfort, humidity in anusnogo hole zone, since the liquid released during the inflammation that causes itching and irritation.In rare cases, there is blood at stool, so the patient is often unaware of the disease.

What is the initial stage of hemorrhoids (photo):

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second stage of hemorrhoids include periodic exacerbations, a long period of remission.The symptoms are aggravated, there is pain when defecating.The nodes increase in size and the patient a feeling of a foreign body inside the rectum.Most appear during defecation mucus and blood.The patient is worried about itching and burning as much liquid is released, the inherent inflammatory process.Occasionally knots fall out during straining, and spontaneously after defecation are in place.The second stage requires a thorough treatment, revision lifestyle and diet.

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For the third stage is characterized by the same features as for the second stage, iepain during bowel movements, itching, burning and discomfort, but compounded by illness and difficult to treat.Units fall not only with defecation, but also in heavy physical activities and lifting heavy objects.Spotting appear more often, increased pain during defecation.A feature of the third stage is that hemorrhoids are not able to reduce a self, they already have to be inserted manually into the rectum.If not carried out adequate treatment, the third degree becomes more severe.

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fourth degree hemorrhoids brings a lot of trouble, pain and the inability to live a normal life and work.Nodes do not reduce a into either spontaneously or manually.Outside, there are cones, which are constantly sore and irritated.Nodes may increase in size and their solidification.The fourth degree is treated with folk remedies, candles and ointments, but often resort to surgical intervention.

Symptoms of early stage hemorrhoids

Usually, the first step is not taken seriously, patients do not go to the doctor and try to treat themselves at home.The main features include the initial stage:

  • itching;
  • discomfort;
  • burning and irritation;
  • small allocation bloody origin during defecation;
  • isolation liquid characterizing the inflammatory process;
  • hemorrhoidal nodes of small size, is not felt by the patient.
There are many traditional medicines and medicines that speed up healing and tissue repair, so timely treatment in the early stages of the disease with good results.

positive outlook in the event that the patient normalises the power and mode includes vegetarian food diet excludes alcohol, spicy, salty and smoked products.Otherwise, the first degree of the disease turns into more severe forms, which are treated with non-surgical methods or surgery.

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treatment options for hemorrhoids in the first stage

Successful treatment of the initial stages of hemorrhoids in the home depends on the patient organization, his desire to win the illness.Use ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids and rectal suppositories.Moreover, their use requires a certain mode and order.Typically, candles are used three times a day.In the morning, in the evening before going to bed, and after a bowel movement.

Before using candles, required hygienic handling of the patient area.For adequate therapy use candles enough for 10-14 days, and in case of relapse treatment should be repeated.

Which candle is used to treat hemorrhoids?

candles "Relief" is considered the most effective, "Relief Advance" or "Ultra Relief."Each formulation has a certain range of action, effect on tissue regeneration and enhancing blood flow.

drug "Advanced" anaesthetises due to the anesthetic composition and well heals wounds and fractures."Ultra" dries the tissue, reduces swelling and itching.Shark liver oil, and ancillary components that make up the "Relief" narrows blood vessels and improve the nutrition of tissues, reduce inflammation and enhance the protective functions of the whole organism.Also, use "Gepatrombin" candles "Proctosedyl", "Anestezol", "Proktoglivenol", "Anuzol".

widely used traditional medicines (see. How to treat hemorrhoids at home).These include candles from tallow, honey, sea buckthorn oil, micro enema of decoctions of herbs: chamomile, succession, St. John's wort.Recommend daily warm bath of a decoction of sage, chamomile, succession.It is important to normalize the power supply, so that the food contains maximum of vitamins and minerals.

This is possible due to proper cooking techniques.Products can not digest, for a long time to keep the light or freeze, as vitamins are lost during heat treatment and prolonged, improper storage.Be sure to include in the diet of plant foods rich in fiber.

Methods of treatment of hemorrhoids in the initial stages

Today there are many advanced methods of successful treatment of hemorrhoids initial stages.These include:

  • endoscopic rubber band ligation;
  • excision;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • sclerotherapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • radiowave therapy
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.Proctologist only decides on the choice of treatment.All depends on the patient's condition, age, stage of disease.It is considered the safest and most appropriate procedure for the treatment of hemorrhoids first degree biopolyarnaya electrocoagulation.

electrotherapy - a reliable and effective way to combat the disease.Non-surgical methods give good results easily tolerated.Sometimes it is recommended for advanced forms of surgery.Removing nodes brings great relief and improvement in the overall condition of the body.

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In case of inadequate treatment of the patient's condition deteriorates, there are nervous system disorders, and insomnia.

soreness during defecation and the patient's fear of provoking constipation, they have a negative effect on the body and lead to toxicity.

Prevention of hemorrhoids at an early stage

main cause of hemorrhoids is an unhealthy diet, as well as failure to comply with hygiene rules.To eliminate constipation or diarrhea, you should eat healthy food of plant origin, rich in vitamins and minerals.

necessary to maintain a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.A variety of products provide the body with essential ingredients and vitamins for the normal functioning of the alimentary tract and intestines.

not recommend eating too digested food, fried, smoked, spicy and salty foods.Only fresh, well cooked food and normalizes the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines.

Include in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruit, it improves peristalsis and improve immunity.Quitting smoking, alcohol, drinking carbonated beverages to help prevent the disease proctology.

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