Allergic cough : symptoms in adults and children , treatment

Allergic cough, according to recent data referred to a specific form of asthma, when in response to a substance (it is for each individual), basically what that is inhaled with the air, bronchi react not narrowing, and try his push.

This symptom is very similar to the cough that develops with pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis inflammatory nature, in other words, the common cold.

an allergic cough can for the first time at any age;treat it, especially a child, is obligatory.

essence disease

allergy - this is an incorrect response of the immune system to some protein substance - an allergen.This can be a protein found in the saliva of the animal, caught on his hair, pollen protein, protein contained in the drug formulation.

Some substances are not proteins but tend to, contacting them in the human body, to modify them in such a way that the complex also induces the immune system to fight it.

Because people with allergies, in the modern world is becoming more and more scientists began to think
about the root causes of such a state.

Here are some general opinion they have formed:

  1. 1) An allergy occurs due to a general commitment to the ideal cleanliness: body, seeing no real danger to the 'ideal' homes as their own training begins to struggle with a variety of harmless in naturesubstances.This theory is based on the observation of the presence of large families with their dogs: these children are less likely to suffer from allergies than in those houses where the child alone, and purity - perfect.
  2. 2) Noting the fact that allergy occurs more often at an early age those children who were in the first year of life to take antibiotics.
  3. 3) Some attribute such a large number of allergy sufferers in the world to the fact that the food that we eat, contain huge amounts of chemicals: hormones, additives to improve the taste, color and smell, and so on.
Cough same - it's a natural reaction to the substance that causes irritation or swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

So microscopic processes of the cells lining the inside of the trachea and bronchi, called cilia, their fluctuations are driven by substance "to the exit", which starts cough shock.

cause allergic cough

be allergic cough in response to a hit in the prone body of a substance to which certain parts of the immune system of the person responsible hyperactivation.Most often, a cough is accompanied by entering aeroallergens (ie, those that are in the air).

Precipitating factors, which may cause allergic cough:

  1. 1) Pollen: trees, medicinal and weeds, flowers - field, garden and decorative, colors of vegetables, flowers, growing on fruit trees (see allergy on flowering.);
  2. 2) Household Allergens: aerosol form of household chemicals and cosmetics (sprays, volatile substances, powder, eye shadow, blush), house dust mites, dust and household book, tobacco smoke;
  3. 3) rises in the air allergens and molds those who grow up in the street;
  4. 4) Particles of the epidermis: wool, feathers, feathers, pet dander and birds.
allergic cough may develop as a result of contact with the allergen:

  • with food.Especially dangerous in this respect, chocolate, tropical fruit and vegetables, seafood, nuts;
  • a drug injected into a muscle, a vein or the mouth;
  • with insect or arthropod bite;
  • industrial origin.

symptoms of allergic cough As a rule, the first symptoms of allergic cough in adults occur suddenly.Usually this is preceded by contact with an allergen: work in a dusty environment, in the garden, in the cellar, buying new decorative cosmetics or household products.But not always such a link can be traced.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  1. 1) Allergic paroxysmal cough, seizures are most frequent at night;
  2. 2) It is almost always dry, at the end of an attack can be allocated glassy phlegm.Purulent sputum as in tracheitis or bronchitis will not be;
  3. 3) accompanied by tickling or tickling sensation in the throat;
  4. 4) is not accompanied by fever or chills;
  5. 5) Runny nose with the release of large amounts of mucous transparent snot can be and acute respiratory viral infections, and allergies;
  6. 6) On the allergic nature of cough may also indicate itching of the skin, the appearance in it of elements of hives;
  7. 7) weakness may be in both cases - and colds, and allergies, but nausea, lack of appetite should not be for allergies;
  8. 8) In severe cases of allergic cough is accompanied by shortness of breath;
  9. 9) Allergic cough lasts more than 7 days without being accompanied by the appearance of pain in the chest when breathing, significant shortness of breath, sputum discharge of white, yellow, rust, green or streaked with blood;
  10. 10) When there is no allergy night sweats;
  11. 11) Cough disappears when removing the contact with the allergen.

Allergic cough in children -

symptoms of allergic cough, the baby can develop in response to any of the aerial, food, household, or drug allergies.The reason for this state of the child can become parasitic infestation, especially ascariasis.

anatomical features of the respiratory tract of the child are such that they are shorter and narrower, but at the same time supplying the richer.Therefore, the development of an allergic reaction the mucosa swells rapidly and increases in volume.

Because of this airway diameter decreases, and harder to pass air to the lungs.This is a very dangerous condition called respiratory failure and require emergency care.

symptoms of allergic cough in a child:

1) An attack of dry cough during which the eyes can politsya tears and nose - clear mucous discharge, torturing baby more than anything in the time he goes to bed;

  • cough is accompanied by itching in the nose and throat;
  • separated clear phlegm;
  • there is a connection with cough contact with the allergen;
  • after receiving "Aerius", "Fenistil" or "suprastin" cough severity decreases.


diagnosis of allergic cough is set on:

  1. 1) The result of the examination of the throat: acute respiratory infections, it is very red on the back of the throat can be seen thick snot, on the tonsils may be raids;
  2. 2) General blood analysis: there is almost no inflammation, but revealed eosinophils, the cells in an amount greater than 5%;
  3. 3) The venous blood is determined by the elevated levels of immunoglobulin E.
allergy tests, when done more damage to the sterile disposable lancet in the human forearm, and then in such wounds dripping allergens and look where the allergic reaction will be expressed, performed only in children older3 years and only after recovery.At the height of allergy tests are dangerous.

Treatment of allergic cough

most important thing in the treatment of allergic cough in children and adults - the identification of the allergen and cease contact with him.If this is not possible, make the following activities:

  • switch to a hypoallergenic diet with the exception of orange vegetables and fruits (citrus, persimmon, melon), nuts, chocolate and seafood.The diet must also be sharp, smoked, pickled and fried foods;
  • removed from the premises pet, and then perform a thorough wet cleaning;
  • dry animal feed must be located outside the room where the patient;
  • carpets must be removed;
  • feather pillows and duvets filled with down replaced by hypoallergenic (with polyester fiber filling);
  • not use decorative and medical cosmetics;
  • laundry conduct economic or children's soap, no powders, air conditioners and so on.
Simultaneously connects medical treatment of allergic cough:

  1. 1) Antihistamines short ( "Suprastin", "Diazolin") or long ( "Aerius", "Zodak") actions.
  2. 2) In between taking the drug and food (must be at least an hour) it is necessary to take the sorbent "Atoxil", "White Coal".
  3. 3) Rinse your nose and do inhalations with physiological sodium chloride solution.
  4. 4) When breathing is difficult, the doctor may prescribe inhalation "Berodual", "aminophylline" or even "Pulmicort".
  5. 5) In severe cases, respiratory failure, "Prednisone" or "Dexamethasone" shall be appointed in the form of tablets or injections.
After the relief of acute condition of a person goes through such research as allergy tests, after which it is assigned specific immunotherapy: the introduction of ever-increasing doses of the allergen intradermally and then subcutaneously.

prevention of allergic cough

If a person knows on what type of allergen he may develop a cough, it should be deleted.If you have not yet set the type of allergen, in order to avoid coughing, you must:

  • observe hypoallergenic diet;
  • not wear wool sweaters;
  • not live in the house with a pet or bird;
  • bedding - made of synthetic materials;
  • house daily wet cleaning should be carried out;
  • carpets on the walls and the floor should not be;
  • curtains - thin, that does not collect dust, and can be easily washed;
  • household cleaning products and decorative cosmetics allergy sufferers to use only as a last resort, it is advisable to buy those that say "hypoallergenic."

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