Oophoritis : symptoms, causes and treatment of ovarian oophoritis

What is it - the most common disease in women is an inflammation of the ovaries.Disease was named from the Greek word - oophoritis, meaning egg.

It can be argued that the etiology of the disease is associated with the spread of bacteria, which have different sources of infection.

oophoritis most often occurs as a result of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, after pneumonia, appendicitis, influenza, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, dysentery.Infection

circulates in the blood and lymph, enters the ovaries, which leads to the development of the disease.The ovaries are the major entity involved in fertilization, and hormone production.Women's health depends on the state of the ovaries, and their inflammation can lead to infertility.


oophoritis inflammation of the ovaries due to the infection in the body, which extends along the fallopian tube and gets through the blood and lymph.

always accompanied salpingitis oophoritis - inflammation of the fallopian tube.In other words, it is de
veloping an inflammatory disease, or in other words appendages adnexitis.Germs:

  • chlamydia;
  • gonococci;
  • Trichomonas;
  • streptococci;
  • E. coli;
  • staphylococci;
  • viruses.
emergence and development of the disease depends on the way of life and protection of the organism.If inflammation occurs in the peritoneum, intestine, observed violations of the gastrointestinal tract -kishechnogo, genitourinary system, there is always the threat of infection and the development of oophoritis.

Factors provoking ooforizm:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • hypothermia;
  • chronic inflammatory processes in the body;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse;
  • promiscuity, renunciation of the use of contraceptives;
  • stress, nervous disorders.
Oophoritis is acute, subacute or chronic.disease often appears as a result of immunity and decrease the attenuation of the whole organism.

oophoritis Symptoms

manifest certain symptoms, depending on the type of disease.In acute oophoritis during the patient feels a sharp pain in the lumbar region, groin or lower abdomen.

At the same time women have a high fever, headache and muscle pain, painful urination, discharge purulent vaginal discharge, violation of a chair, bleeding between menstrual periods.

  1. acute form can lead to ovarian dysfunction and infertility.Palpation does not give a complete picture of the spread of inflammation and stage of the disease because of pain and swelling of the ovaries.Therefore, a thorough investigation is required for diagnosis.
  2. chronic form is manifested not so pronounced as the acute stage of the disease without sharp pain and fever.In chronic oophoritis patient experiences pain during intercourse.Sometimes disrupted menstrual cycle.In stressful situations, fatigue or undertemperature repeated relapses.It is a consequence of acute inflammation, incorrectly or not fully cured of acute oophoritis.
This form is dangerous because it can lead to infertility, because it violates the active work of the ovaries.On examination, there is a painful palpation of the appendages, the increase in size of the ovaries, changing their positions.Appendages look dense and elastic consistency.

symptoms of the chronic form is the duration of pain, and the pain is not constant, dull and aching.Sometimes patients do not experience significant discomfort, and turn to the gynecologist with the question of the violation of the menstrual cycle.

In the future you may find that many years proceeded chronic oophoritis without pronounced symptoms.A detailed examination will help determine the stage of disease, the degree of damage to the ovarian tissue and assign adequate treatment.

Oophoritis and pregnancy

It is important not to miss a moment of developing the disease as a chronic, running form is a threat to women's health.Salpingitis in combination with oophoritis lead to abscess and purulent tumors appendages.In this case do without surgical intervention.Ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and the woman loses a chance to become a mother.

In chronic disease appear spikes, flotation pipe is broken, there is a so-called hardening - the replacement of healthy ovarian tissue to fibrous.All this leads to ovarian dysfunction, infertility and hormone metabolism.

Oophoritis - a disease in which it is impossible to plan pregnancy.Lack of functioning of the ovaries causes problems with conception and prevents the normal course of pregnancy.Ovaries - an important organ that regulates the production of hormones, so when they are inflamed enough hormones for egg maturation and fertilization.

If pregnancy yet occurred, it is necessary to monitor the state of health, not to infection of the fetus come from the source of infection or miscarriage.In pregnancy, it is impossible to complete treatment with antibiotics, so better to go through a course of treatment, and then to plan pregnancy.

Treatment oophoritis

Before choosing tactics of treatment, the doctor - a gynecologist appoints a number of surveys.This is necessary because the acute form oophoritis by symptoms similar to other diseases of internal organs.Methods of diagnosis:

  • ultrasound of the ovaries;
  • analysis of microflora in the vagina;
  • laparoscopy;
  • endocrinological studies;
  • ovulation calculation.
ovarian ultrasound did not accurately establish the diagnosis, so appoint a laparoscopy.This study ovarian tissue using a visual device - endoscope.The extent of the destruction of the ovaries, reducing their function allows you to set monthly blog and ovulation.

Depending on the degree of violation of ovarian function, stage of the disease following treatment.The main task - to eliminate the source of infection and cause disease.

Medications used to treat women oophoritis:

  1. 1) Antibiotics (initially determine the type of pathogen and its reaction to the antibiotic);
  2. 2) Analgesics;
  3. 3) Metabolic drugs;
  4. 4) an immunostimulant.
the treatment of chronic form prescribed anti-inflammatory steroids to remove adhesions and eliminate the hearth of infection.

Effective physiotherapy, balneology.It is important to stimulate the blood circulation to prevent stagnation in the pelvic area.This is facilitated by physical exercises, restorative procedures.Spa treatment helps rejuvenate the body, enhance its protective function.A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, hygiene norms in sexual life can help to cure the disease and prevent the occurrence of relapses.

If we talk about the treatment of oophoritis traditional methods, there is still the decisive role played by traditional medicine.Only after medical treatment can be carried out using a reducing treatment of folk remedies.Has anti-inflammatory properties of a decoction of chamomile, sage, succession, Marigold.

Such a solution can douche daily for 1-2 weeks.To enhance the protective functions of the body is recommended to take a decoction on the basis of licorice root, elecampane, Aralia, a succession of grass, horsetail, Helichrysum flowers and rose hips in equal parts.Such means increases the immunity retains the vitamins balance.


Oophoritis - a difficult disease, which is fraught with consequences up to infertility.Possible consequences:

  • gastro - intestinal tract, often inflammatory bowel disease;
  • cystitis and pyelonephritis;
  • menstrual disorder (pain, delay, isolation);
  • endocrine and neurological disorders;
  • likelihood of ectopic pregnancy;
  • adhesions in chronic form;
  • obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • ovarian dysfunction;
  • anorgasmia;
  • infertility;
  • saktosalpinks - swelling purulent character appendages (disease require surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries).
The main task of a woman - to preserve the health of mothers.Preventive measures include avoiding harmful habits, healthy lifestyle, exercise, life activity, hygiene.

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