Mastopatia : symptoms, treatment , causes, photo

What it is - breast is one of the most common diseases of the breast, which is known to mankind for over a century.

More than 50% of women have ever experienced short-term symptoms of mastitis, or faced with this diagnosis after a medical examination.

for this disease is characterized by a benign overgrowth of breast tissue, which is often accompanied by pain.

remarkable fact that the breast in women at any age, even in menopause, or the girls after menarche.mastitis cases in men is also known.


mastitis is divided into two types - diffuse and nodular.

In the diffuse form of tissue growth is observed, which is accompanied by pain before menstruation, and small seals appear in the upper chest.

mastopathy If not treated at this stage, the disease becomes an anchor shape.It is characterized by the formation of dense knots, which perfectly be felt in the chest due to their size.Pain thus becomes stronger, have a pulling or stinging character, may be given in the ribs, shoulders or ba

They do not disappear with the onset of a new menstrual cycle and can be confusing in any phase of the cycle.There are also liquid discharge from the nipple.

Causes of mastitis

Mastopatia arises as a result of hormonal disorders of various origins.Abortion, stress, pregnancy, childbirth, gynecological diseases, a variety of endocrine disorders - is an incomplete list of what can trigger a failure in thin female hormonal system.

most often a combination of several factors negatively affect the hormonal system, resulting in impaired functions of the endocrine system.

Symptoms of mastitis

itself, this disease is not dangerous.The appearance of the seals and nodules is benign, and the pain may for a long time does not bother the woman.

But mastopathy should be diagnosed as early as possible, since it is against this background develop many dangerous diseases, such as cancer or precancerous conditions.

to diffuse and nodular mastopathy typical symptoms of varying severity.For example, in diffuse mastopathy woman will complain:

  • nagging pains in the chest, which appear in the luteal phase of the cycle and ends with the beginning of menstruation;
  • heaviness in the chest;
  • increase in breast size.
Many women do not seem like manifestations of the disease symptoms, so rarely go to the doctor on time.In some cases, these symptoms really are a variant of the norm and require no treatment, but most often takes place to be a diffuse disease of the breast, which is well treated in this period of development.

Without treatment, symptoms worsen, new, and in the end the woman begins to suffer from:

  • severe pain in the chest, which appear regardless of the phase of the menstrual cycle and often give in the shoulders, ribs, back, etc .;.
  • breast augmentation;
  • sore nipples;
  • discharge from the nipples, which are similar to colostrum.
The above symptoms are phenomena nodal mastopathy.

diagnosis of mastitis

main role in the diagnostic evaluation of breast disease is given a woman.Even the slightest changes in the breast may identify with the help of a manual inspection of the home.His techniques can teach every gynecologist.

In addition, almost all women's clinics have booklets that detail tell about the home inspection chest.It is held in the first phase of the cycle.First, a woman should stand before the mirror, throw one hand behind his head, and the other begin to probe the armpit and chest area.On the other side does the same.Further, the chest is felt when lowered hands.

If desired, you can repeat the same steps lying on the bed, but in this case under the shoulder you must put a small pillow.Normally, there should be no knots, seals and pain.

If a woman during a home inspection felt strange sensations or seals, it makes sense to go to the doctor for an examination.The doctor will conduct a clinical examination, test the chest and ask the necessary questions.If necessary, will be appointed as a general blood test, biochemical blood tests and hormonal status (the definition of the level of progesterone, estrogen and prolactin).

possible appointment of instrumental examination.Ultrasonography (ultrasound) Mammography and breast - two great techniques that can be used not only to diagnose mastitis, and other breast diseases.

ultrasound and mammography have a high diagnostic efficiency, which allows to identify tumors smaller than 1 cm. If the node or tumor is found in the survey process, in some cases require biopsy for cytology.In addition, the discharge from the nipples, if any, are also sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Treatment of mastitis

Mastopatia is not a dangerous disease, but, unfortunately, on the background of an increased risk of tumor formation and development of various dangerous diseases.Early diagnosis and proper treatment can help avoid it all.

mastitis treatment depends on the individual case of each woman, of the reasons which led to the development of the disease, as well as the symptoms and their severity.In any case, treatment should be aimed at reducing the proliferation of breast tissue to eliminate the symptoms and eliminate the causes of mastitis.

In rare cases require the use of hormonal methods, which can only pick up a doctor.And hormonal agents for the treatment of mastitis must be justified, as the most commonly used conservative treatment, which gives excellent results.

In addition, to improve the effect of the treatment is necessary to adhere to the correct way of life, which includes the elimination of tobacco and alcohol, regular exercise, a healthy diet, a good sleep and leisure, as well as vitamin complexes.

forecast in the treatment

Prediction treatment in case of mastitis is most often favorable.

Proper and timely treatment to avoid all possible complications.In rare cases, a few years later, the symptoms may reappear.Without treatment, the nodal mastopathy often degenerates into breast cancer, diffuse disease of such a transformation susceptible to a lesser extent.

prevention of mastitis

Given that mastopathy sick 50% of all women, the prevention of this disease becomes a matter of responsibility.Under prevention in this case means a set of measures to help prevent the disease or detect it at an early stage of development.

In a similar set of measures includes:

  • woman breast self-exam every month;
  • regular visits to the gynecologist;
  • after 30 years or at the doctor's recommendation is necessary every year undergo breast examination tool, which includes ultrasound and mammography;
  • healthy lifestyle, assuming proper diet and avoiding harmful habits;
  • construction of a regular sexual life;
  • avoidance of stressful situations;
  • organization "work - rest" right system;
  • regular exercise;
  • selection of correct and comfortable bra.
In rare cases, the breast can cause breast cancer, making it also the prevention and prevention of cancer.Therefore, there are other preventive measures aimed at the prevention of mastitis development.About them can tell the gynecologist or doctor mammolog on the next reception.

For example, in some cases, where a family history of the disease were listed breast disease, the doctor may order tests to identify predisposition to breast cancer.Depending on the results of this test, the woman will be a list of preventive measures to be observed to prevent the possibility of a dangerous disease development.

woman who for the first time in his life faced with mastopathy should not despair and panic.This disease requires a trip to the doctor, the appointment of certain tests and treatments that help to cope with the cause of the disease.A preventative measures help never to suffer from mastitis, and diseases that develop on its background.

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