Cervical erosion : symptoms, treatment , causes, photo

What is it?Cervical erosion is a defect of the epithelium arising as a result of inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, the unsuccessful use of chemical contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, as well as a result of injuries.

Such erosion has a bright red color and is formed around the os, so it is often identified with cervical ectopia.

diagnosis is quite common that many women were familiar with it.

Unfortunately, the opinion of doctors that ectopia is almost a precancerous condition causes many patients undergo completely unnecessary treatment.


erosion and cervical ectopy should not be identified.If ectopic columnar epithelium, which vystelen cervical canal, located on the outside of the cervix throat.

outer jaws out of the vagina, making it available for gynecological examinations.Red spot around the throat, which can see a doctor and have ectopia.The red color, so bright against the background of pink epithelium, due to the fact that the cylindrical epithelium is thin
and translucent vessels through capillaries.

Confusion erosion occurs for the reason that many of the epithelium of the cervical canal of women do not "creeps" to the outside, and the cervix has "healthy" in pink.But both states are the norm.Moreover, the columnar epithelium tends to disappear if "crawled" back into the cervical canal, under the influence of hormones, such as during pregnancy.

Causes of erosion and cervical ectopic

What is it and is it dangerous?Erosion occurs due to the adverse effect on the cervix.For example, as a result of:

  • abortion;
  • failures of barrier contraceptives;
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases through);
  • rough sexual intercourse;
  • endocervicitis;
  • hormonal disorders.
In some cases, the erosion goes on their own in about two weeks.In other cases, when the cervix begins to disturb the damage a woman, treatment is required.

Ectopic arises under the influence of hormones.It is common in all newborn girls, many teenagers and young women.Since the level of female hormones comes to the balance sheet only to 23-25 ​​years, up to this time, ectopia detected very often.Just with age it disappears as a result of metaplasia, leaving a stratified squamous epithelium of the pink color.

In ectopia greatly affects hormonal drugs, as well as during pregnancy.Many women after giving birth, undergoing a planned survey of the gynecologist, are diagnosed with "cervical ectopy" or "pseudo", which is immensely surprising because previously they did not have any problems.But this ectopia runs throughout the year and requires only observation.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

The main symptom is the erosion of the contact bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse.Bleeding cervical erosion is usually highly inflamed and vulnerable to various infections.

Even normal vaginal flora may adversely affect it, so do not delay the campaign to the doctor.If erosion is asymptomatic, it successfully healed in a few weeks.

Cervical Ectopic usually remains asymptomatic.Only sometimes a woman may complain of excessive vaginal discharge, but they are strongly influenced by hormone levels.


Diagnosis To diagnose erosion using the extended colposcopy using special tests.When colposcopy estimated characteristic vascular pattern, color fabrics, erosion size metaplasia border is drawn material for research.Cervical ectopic diagnosed as well.Of course, a natural question arises: "Why diagnose women's health?".

reason that the columnar epithelium has not adequate protection against infections and inflammation.The woman who always use a condom during sexual intercourse, the infection will not get any, but neglect the gynecologist is not an annual inspection.

great danger is the human papilloma virus (HPV).It is transmitted from person to person, and the risk of infection through sexual contact is 80%.Types of HPV account for more than a century.Many of them are harmless, but some cause cancer because affect the growth of tissues.

presence or absence of the virus on the cervix is ​​determined by cytology smears taken during the extended colposcopy.If cytology showed the presence of HPV, then we can talk about this state as cervical dysplasia.

When dysplasia of the cervix are detected atypical cells and various signs of HPV presence.The severity of the disease is divided on Classifications:

  • CIN 1 - mild dysplasia degree, which is characterized by unexpressed changes.
  • CIN 2 - moderate dysplasia, which has more characteristic cell changes.
  • CIN 3 - severe dysplasia, is characterized by a high degree of defeat of atypical cells.
dysplasia itself does not mean the sentence for the immediate development of cancer, but this is a dangerous condition.Usually dysplasia mild to moderate passes in women within 1-2 years, taking into account treatment.But it is worth considering that CIN 3 in 12-32% of patients becomes cancerous condition.

treatment of cervical erosion

Treatment of erosion resulting from the injury, shall be directed to its healing.To do this, apply antibiotic therapy in combination with actions aimed at the normalization of the vaginal microflora.In the case of infection of cervical lesions should be used antibiotics.

treatment ectopia, which is not burdened by the human papilloma virus, is not carried out.Only in cases of infection with HPV woman needs observation and treatment.

special therapy that saves woman from HPV does not exist.Treatment is carried out with antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs, which strengthens women's health in general.

In cases where dysplasia is marked by a large number of atypical cells and a pronounced inflammation may apply such measures as:

  • cryosurgery;
  • laser destruction;
  • thermocoagulation;
  • electrosurgery and so on. D.
see also how the cauterization of cervical erosion.

Unfortunately, each of these actions has a number of contraindications like, and consequences.Nulliparous young women is not recommended for such manipulation of the cervix, because the rest of the scar does not have the elasticity and rupture can occur during childbirth.

In addition, none of the treatment options does not give 100% guarantee of getting rid of HPV.Only human immune system is able to defeat the virus, which occurs in 90% of cases within two years.

As can be seen from the above, the approaches to the treatment of erosion and ectopia different as night and day.If the erosion in most cases quickly healed after antibiotic treatment, the ectopia with HPV requires a longer observation.

Only a selection of the competent expert help to understand such a complex process as cervical dysplasia.

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