Itching and burning in the vagina : the causes and treatment of women

itching in the vagina is an unpleasant feeling that is accompanied by a constant desire to scratch those or other mucosal areas.

By pathogenetic mechanisms of itch - is modified pain sensation, that is the equivalent of a pain.

itching in the vagina often is a kind of itching of the vulva, which may be due to various reasons.

Causes itching and burning

itching in the vagina may be due to three major pathological processes:

  • own disease
  • genital diseases
  • extragenital diseases.
This is because the sexual organs have a close relationship with all the organs and systems of the female body.That is why the list of causal factors leading to itching in the vagina, it is very extensive.These include:

  1. 1) Inflammation of the external genitalia (vaginitis, vulvitis, Bartholinitis, coleitis, cervicitis, adnexitis and other)
  2. 2) liver disease - hepatitis of different origins, cirrhosis
  3. 3).diabetes mellitus, in which favorable conditions against the background of high levels of glucose for mic
    robial growth
  4. 4) Pathology of the digestive system, especially helminth infections (worms contribute to the formation in the body of a large number of substances that provoke itching)
  5. 5) The toxic action of various chemicalsubstances, including synthetic materials
  6. 6) allergic reactions to various substances (medication, food allergies, etc.)
  7. 7) Neuropsychiatric disorders which are characterized by an increased activity of the cerebral cortex.It constantly sends impulses that cause the person to itch constantly
  8. 8) Diseases of endocrine glands such as the thyroid gland
  9. 9) dystrophic lesions of the vulva, which develops against the backdrop of a sharp decrease in estrogen levels
  10. 10) as a result of infectious Itchinflammatory processes of genitals
  11. 11) kraurosis - version of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, the labia and the clitoris, which develop at menopause (skin and mucous membranes become dry and thin, which causes them to shrink)
  12. 12) leukoplakia, which is accompanied by the emergence ofkeratinization sections in those places where it should not be.This condition refers to precancerous
  13. 13) Malignant oncological processes
  14. 14) Dermatitis.
See also causes itching and burning in the intimate area of ​​women.

Clinical manifestations

Itching and burning in the vagina and can be combined with other clinical manifestations of the pathological process, which depends on its type.Very often there is a combination with the itchiness Leucorrhœa.This is a condition in which there are abundant white discharge from the vagina.

other concomitant symptoms of itching are:

  • pain in the external genital organs
  • burning sensation
  • dizuricheskie symptoms - frequent urination, which may be accompanied by pain, the occurrence of nocturnal urination
  • dyspareunia, ie, the appearance of painduring intercourse
  • swelling of the vulva
  • occurrence of bleeding from the genital tract, which are associated with mild mucosal vulnerability.
However, to clarify the cause of the itching is necessary to conduct a diagnostic search.It includes the following additional methods of research:

  • general clinical blood test
  • general clinical urine test to detect the pathology of renal
  • definition of glucose, which increases diabetes mellitus
  • determine the level of bilirubin, liver enzymes and totalprotein, which vary at the level of pathology kidney
  • microscopic examination of smears from the vagina and urethra
  • bacteriological examination of discharge from the vagina
  • colposcopy
  • biopsy for suspected oncologic process
  • Infectology study to determine the cause and significantmicroorganisms (for this purpose is performed serology or PCR diagnostics).

treatment of itching in the vagina, burning

When the itching and burning of the skin must be timely to address to the gynecologist.He will appoint treatment, which will be directed to the main treatment of the pathological process.The most dangerous vaginal itching, which is caused by dysplastic epithelium.All women with this diagnosis should be followed up by a cancers.

According to the testimony they held the following treatments:

  • cryodestruction
  • laser destruction
  • 5-fluorouracil
  • vulvectomy performed in the presence of cancer.
idiopathic itching of the vulva, which is regarded as an independent disease, requires a comprehensive approach in the treatment of:

  • sedatives, which have a calming effect on the nervous system
  • calcium and magnesium
  • antihistamines that reduce the allergic disposition of the body
  • vitamins A
Local therapy is as follows:

  • corticosteroid ointment, which have anti-inflammatory effects
  • baths based on broth of herbs
  • psychotherapeutic methods
  • physiotherapy techniques - acupuncture, ultrasound
  • administering local anesthetics to block the genital nerves in severe itching vulva
  • use of a helium-neon laser, which improves trophic processes in the skin.
treatment processes that occur on the background of the lack of estrogen in menopause, accompanied by itching, based on the use of hormones (estrogens are used for this purpose).

in the form of local application of estrogen dosage forms not accompanied by severe systemic effects, as their absorption through the skin and mucous membranes are extremely small.Therefore, vaginal creams and suppositories are recommended for use when there are general contraindications for the use of these drugs.

essential drugs used for this purpose are:

  • ovestin - issued in the form of creams and suppositories
  • ring impregnated with estrogen - östringen
  • Estriolovye candles.
advantage of vaginal estrogen ring is a possibility of extended wear (3 months).As a result, there is a constant release of estrogen in optimal dosages sufficient to suppress the itch and do not lead to the development of systemic side effects.

If there is pronounced atrophic process of the skin and mucous membrane shows the addition of estrogen preparations of male sex hormones.These ointments and emulsions should not be used more than 5-7 days.It is necessary to take a break, after which it is possible repetition of a course of treatment.

If a woman has certain contraindications for the use of estrogen drugs, is shown holding of symptomatic therapy.For this purpose, vaginal ointments and creams based on water-soluble, since they are easier to penetrate the epithelial tissues.

Fat-soluble drugs are contraindicated, since they are more likely to cause a blockage of the vagina glands that predisposes to the development of folliculitis.

Skin Itching, due to the presence of inflammation of the vagina (coleitis), should be treated in two stages.In the first step, local applied antimicrobial agents that cause the death of pathogenic microorganisms.In the second phase it is recommended to restore the species and quality of beneficial microflora located in the vagina.It performs a protective role due to lactic acid, which prevents the development of pathogenic organisms in the genital mucosa.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the itching of the vagina accompanied by extremely unpleasant sensations that lead to scratching of certain areas.Against this background, there is an increased likelihood of developing inflammatory processes due to infection scratching.Therefore it is necessary to address in a timely manner to the gynecologist to find out the causes of itch and with this in mind, to carry out its effective treatment.

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