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Wonder moods Sytina for women: how they work,reviews

Doctor of psychological Sciences and Academician Gennady Nikolaevich Sytin became popular thanks to configure, which he designed specifically for those who want to get rid of various diseases.

configure Sytina: the use and effect ^

Sytina mood - it's the whole chain of phrase in which a person pronunciation improves their well-being through psychological persuasion to heal from various ailments plaguing him.

main essence of Healing moods Sytina is what people have to say certain phrases, bringing activates the brain, which, in turn, delivers the pulses in diseased organs, causing them to take an initial healthy appearance by getting rid ofdiseases.In other words, the technique is based on auto-suggestion, and proves the fact that all thoughts are material.

Use healing moods Sytina reduced to em

otional and volitional conviction, thereby improving the quality of life and positive thinking really helps cure disease.It is worth noting that this method was the result of several decades of professor activity, and now it is recommended to their patients, many doctors as a complement to the main, medication.

best medical moods Sytina ^

From what help set up Sytina: how to read

mood Sytina on rejuvenation and recovery of women

Everyone knows that it is impossible to retain or acquire a youth without good health and healingSytina attitude helps improve the body of every woman inside.To this must be repeated on a daily basis as follows:

«I have the divine power that continuously penetrates me a continuous stream.I try it as best you can comprehend.I have to believe in yourself, in God.My body has enormous potential, and all will be necessarily so, as I say.I tune myself to the continual and rapid rejuvenation with great speed around the clock.I try to make sense of and understand that fast rejuvenating, returning to a past stage of development.My whole body and all the internal organs are restored. "

mood Sytina at improving

nervous system In the presence of diseases of the nervous system is recommended every day to pronounce the following attitude:

«new and healthy life gets in my head.During my whole body and internal organs penetrate new-new life.She enters the spinal cord and all the nerves, with every second becomes stronger, stronger and healthier.In my vascular system joins new-new healthy life.All the mechanisms are working properly, it purifies the blood, the heart receives a high-grade food.There are steel strong nerves, born indestructible heart. "

mood Sytina cancer

«God said:" I gave you the other day before destiny, where there is no disease.You now have a vigilante mentality, which possess the power of materializing, so your thoughts about yourself will quickly turn into action.I am one of you has created a new, divinely young and healthy person, filled with enormous power, energy and health. "God told me: "I am the day before millions of times has strengthened the entire defense of your soul and your body, your physical aura, which in combination with the energy destroys all cancer tumors and cells in your body»

mood Sytina losing weight

«I tune myselfon a slim figure, and now, and in a few decades.I keep a newborn youthful figure, which will be with me all my life.And now, in 50 years I will be slim beautiful figure. "

It is also important to pay attention to intonation and his condition at the time of reading - it must not be relaxed, but active, encouraging action.

Treatment configure Sytina arrhythmia

Through regular reading or rewriting of this attitude fails to normalize the heart and lift the excitement, but it requires preparation:

  • Sit comfortably, relax and tune in to achieve the desired result;
  • reads: "All the vessels of the heart is completely opened, along its entire length.Inside the body of a young heart freely.My forever young blood, too, free and clear, absolutely freely flows through the blood vessels.It soothes and nourishes the heart, which rests clean.Blood better and better nourishes and soothes the heart, and it works with every second more and more calm and stable. "

mood hypertension

Listen to this attitude can be in the form of audio or video, but at the time the procedure is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • Get rid of negative thoughts;
  • Relax;
  • listen carefully to every word.

mood Sytina thyroid

When thyroid disease is to repeat the following:

«In all my being there is harmony and order.Clean energy filled my throat and improve the condition of the thyroid gland.It recovers its usual size and shape, and the health of the energy it fills inside.My thyroid perfectly fulfills its functions provided by nature, she recovers quickly and comes back to normal. "

mood Sytina on healthy sleep

to quickly fall asleep at night, lying in bed, you should read the mood of the insomnia, or listen to it in audio format.It relaxes and normalizes the nervous system.

mood Sytina hemorrhoids

«I know that psychological energy more physiological.I can control my body.In the field of colon nerves are strengthened, they become stronger.The immune system regenerates the strengths and strong nerves in the intestine.They are young, healthy, immensely strong and intact life.I know that in 20 or 100 years will be a handsome young indestructible health. "

Sytina mood against smoking

This attitude helps to successfully get rid of nicotine addiction:

«I am a brave man, I have a strong will, and I know them.Smoking is very harmful to my body, and the poison contained in tobacco smoke, poisoning my lungs.Because of the smoking body is experiencing oxygen starvation, reduced its vital functions.I will never smoke.I feel 100 times stronger than the habit of smoking. "

These phrases must be repeated each time there is a desire to smoke it a cigarette.

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configure Sytina women: recommendations and reviews ^

To read the full text of any mood, need to listen to the corresponding record or purchase the book George N. Sytin "Healing moods."They should be read several times a day, and then the disease will retreat very quickly.

configure Sytina from cancer and other diseases: reviews

Marina, 28 years old:

«I do not know, help to configure, or acted pills, but I finally quit smoking.It took me 2 weeks and as much as I do not smoke for almost 2 years »

Olga, 34 years old:

« My husband had cancer last stage of the intestine, when he, in desperation, began to read the moods against cancer.As a result, according to the latest analysis was noticeably improved.I think it makes sense to fight on »

Galina, 39 years old:

« I helped sentiment Sytina quit.I listened to him every day, and at one point realized that I could get rid of dependence itself, without any drugs. "