Depression in men

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Both men come out ofdepression.

believed that depressive disorders - it is rather a feature of female than of male nature.But the research of the last decades have shown that depression men - a phenomenon much more common than most people think.

Just the boys since childhood are taught to hide feelings and control their emotions, and that causes problems with carefully hidden inner self men.

Furthermore, it is seen that the depression protects the male hormone testosterone, and if so he was exposed to the disease - then most likely level of the hormone had been reduced.

Causes and symptoms of depression in men ^

specific reasons which could be held responsible for the occurrence of depression in men, described as very difficult.Typically, multiple factors contribute to this, the accumulation of wh

ich leads to the effect of the "last drop."

In certain cases, the causes of depression can carry hereditary, but most often it provoke stressful situations.Here are some of the causes and events which may play a significant role in the development of depression in men:

  • stressful situations at home or at work;
  • financial problems;
  • forced separation from family or friends;
  • physical or verbal abuse;
  • problems in relationships with others;
  • combat experience;
  • death of a loved one;
  • divorce or the appearance of family responsibilities associated with caring for aging parents, a sick spouse or minor child;
  • health problems;
  • midlife crisis;
  • retirement age.

manifestations of depressive disorders in men have their own characteristics.Instead, depression, sadness and the general decrease in activity typical for female depressive disorders in men, on the other hand, there is the desire to release aggression in the world.The most common symptoms of male depression are considered:

  • pain which may manifest itself in quite a variety of forms - in the form of frequent headaches, digestive disorders, sexual dysfunction, problems with the spine.Tellingly, all of these physical symptoms are not very susceptible to the traditional treatment and are transient;
  • anger - this feeling, depending on the severity of the disease can vary from simple irritation to defiantly aggressive behavior, which manifests itself in everyday situations and can reach even to acts of physical or moral violence against others;

  • reckless behavior - often a man suffering from depression begins to show a craving for high-risk activities - such as extreme sports, gambling or use of alcohol or drugs.

There are also other symptoms of male depression.

The characteristics of female and male depression ^

The progress of women's and men's depressive disorders are quite significant differences.Where a woman is inclined to blame himself and prefers to extinguish the conflict at all costs, man, on the other hand, it places the responsibility for what happens to others and contributes to inflate even more quarrels and discord in relationships with others.

possible to identify a number of other distinctive features of female and male depression:



emergence of feelings of sadness, apathy and uselessness predominance of anger, irritability and feelings of inflatedself
The feeling of anxiety and fear, pity, feelings of self appearance of suspicion towards others
increased excitation can proceed in the sense of hostility and general irritability anxiety and excitement prevail over all other emotions
There is a failure tocollect, concentrate, take important decision There is a need to control everything that surrounds it
woman readily admits his uncertainty, helplessness and weakness man is afraid that others will notice his despair and inability to cope with the situation on their own

Another important difference in the development of depression in women and men is that the first condition is most often accompanied by a deterioration or complete loss of appetite, discharge or set excessive body weight, whereas in the latter, it often leads to alcohol abuse, drugs, watching TV enthusiastically.

diagnose male depression is difficult, because the stronger sex almost inclined to share their feelings with anyone - ever, and especially with psychotherapists.Therefore, treatment of male depression may be associated with certain difficulties.

Types of depression in men ^

development of depression in men is often associated with certain periods of their lives, during which exposure to depressed mood rises and makes a man very vulnerable to the slightest stress and frustration.Consider just some of them.

  • Postpartum depression in men.Childbirth - stress, not only for women but also for men, whose way of life is completely changed.Moreover, its note to the development of depressive disorders make male postpartum melancholy wife, her mood swings, aggression towards her husband, or even a child.As a result, on the shoulders of man lies a great responsibility for the care of the newborn baby and the moral support of his wife.Many men can not withstand such a load of problems and just break.
  • depression after the divorce.This kind of depressive disorders are subject to not only women but also men.The difference is that depression affects women almost immediately after the divorce proceedings, and men develop after 2-3 years after the divorce.By this time, the euphoria of freedom from family responsibilities and the opportunity to meet with various women passes and comes frustration, man possessed a sense of worthlessness and uselessness, which becomes a cause of deep depression.
  • midlife crisis.This is exactly the period of life of a man when he begins to evaluate their own achievements and analyze the quality of personal relationships.If the results seem disappointing, but the prospects are vague, then a fertile ground for the development of depression.Stress can be reinforced by health problems or family relationship is simple.
  • Stress retirement age - is caused by the realization reduce the value to society, and sometimes for the family.With age, more and more often also had to endure the death of loved ones, in addition, sometimes aging is accompanied by a loss of independence, which becomes a powerful stress factor.
  • Depression is associated with health problems.The development of depression may contribute to a number of serious diseases, such as anxiety disorders, chronic diseases (HIV, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease), stroke, diseases of the cardiovascular system, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Sometimes depression is taking certain medications.

All of this - not the complete list of the possible depressive disorders in men.

How to get out of depression: psychological tips ^

effective way to deal with depression in men is considered to be a change of lifestyle and correct setting priorities.Here are some important tips to help lift depressive symptoms in men and to protect him from returning them:

  • always have a clear objective;
  • be busy throughout the day;
  • not refuse the friendly support of loved ones;
  • take regular physical exercise;
  • follow the diet - eat more carbohydrate foods, limit the intake of protein.Increase the intake of foods containing vitamin B complex;
  • sleep more;
  • limit alcohol consumption and smoking;
  • be careful with the use of medicines;
  • longer walk in the daytime - it will protect you from the negative manifestations of autumn seasonal depression.

It is also worth to postpone important decisions until your condition has stabilized.No need to expect instant mood improvement - all takes time.But if he do not watch after you save the changes in a positive way, then the best solution to the problem would be to appeal to professionals - often require medication and psychotherapy in the case of deep depression.Remember - your health is in your hands!

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