Depression can be treated successfully

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Depression successfully treated using antidepressants.

problem of depression and other psycho-emotional disorders in this age of high speeds becomes very relevant.

Depression, according to the definition in Wikipedia - is a mental disorder that is characterized by the following features:

  • constantly depressed mood,
  • loss of ability to experience pleasure,
  • low self-esteem, the complete loss of interest in life and to what previously pleasing.

According to WHO, the scale and speed of the spread of this disease are dire, treading on the heels of this "popular" diseases such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

And the age of the patients getting younger - if earlier depressive disorders suffered mostly people over 40 years, but now the problem is widespread and adolescence.

According to the same WHO, already every fourth - fifth inhabitan

t of the Earth is suffering what - or mental illness, and by 2020 it is expected that depression will be the first in the world in terms of disease.

causes and forms of depression ^

However, this should not be confused, medical depression common with blues and just a bad mood because, at the household level, it is assumed that depression - is sadness, grief and anguish.If you have a spleen, then there are so many ways to cheer yourself and force of will to withdraw from this state.

Almost all people are faced with the phenomenon of temporary loss of mood and vitality, and each finds herself in this situation any - any output.Who - starts hard to go to the gym who - then finds relief in the church, some just dipped his head in what - what an interesting job or hobby, alternate setting or go to rest.

But if, unfortunately, you are caught up with the real medical depression, just your efforts will, unfortunately, will not be enough.This is called endogenous depression, ie the inside, does not depend on external factors, since its causes are within man.

The fact that depressive disorder and mood decline is easily explained on a chemical level, and due to the lack of development of the body's so-called mediators of the central nervous system - the hormone serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, that affect not only mood but also, and the feeling of love,fun, fun, euphoria.

role of serotonin in the human body is impressive:

  • he is responsible for the process of cognitive activity,
  • motor activity,
  • muscle tone.
  • But most importantly, it creates our sense of mood and happiness rise, so it is called the hormone of joy and happiness.

Normal levels of serotonin makes people self-control, emotional and stress.Some researchers have found that people in the dominant society, have a high level of serotonin.

People also with a reduced level of serotonin, on the contrary, self-control, emotional stability and stress are reduced so that the slightest pretexts cause stress, and as a consequence, the depressed state.

Can you cure depression ^

Very often people with endogenous depression, not knowing what is happening to them and trying to dull the emotional pain and anxiety, are beginning to take alcohol or psychotropic substances, and it signed a verdict:

  • After all,using alcohol and drugs can only be purchased chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, but to get rid of depression, anxiety and fear can not be.
  • In this case, the craving for alcohol and drug abuse is secondary and serves to remove the anxiety and tension inherent in depressive disorders.

Moreover, the human family, suffering from depression, and secondary alcohol lapsed into alcoholism, of course, the best of intentions, are his "encode" to get rid of the pernicious craving for alcohol.

But we must understand that "coding" refers to the psycho - terrorist methods and is based on the patient's elementary bullying that can lead a person to recovery, for no alcoholism or depression zaolevanie cured in this way is impossible.

The big problem is also the fact that our country is suffering from a depressive disorder people, especially young men, are shy often confess their psycho - emotional problems and ignore them without addressing timely medical advice and thus greatly exacerbating their condition.

Meanwhile, according to estimates of physicians, in recent years, male depression is becoming more tangible social problem, leading to the disintegration of families, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.

depressive disorder, as mentioned above, often cure only the willpower or alcohol is impossible.This disease is treated with special drugs, which are called antidepressants.

Their action is directed at regulating levels of serotonin, and other neurotransmitters in the central nervous system of the brain.Antidepressants There is a great variety and with their help depression have learned to treat successfully.Although long-term treatment and under the mandatory supervision of a physician, but to win the illness is now possible once and for all.

Tips psychologists, how to get rid of depression by yourself ^

following tips, according to experts, will help you, along with medication, successfully cope with depression and come out of it.

  • necessary to find the cause of your depressive state and try to eliminate it.It can be a tedious job, poor relationship with colleagues and family members, even dissatisfaction with their weight and appearance, and so on. D. If it is difficult, then write down on a piece of paper all your dreams and desires, mark the ones that you have achieved, and those thatyou have reached and write the reasons why could not succeed in achieving these goals.Thus, it will be easier to find the cause of your depressed state.And it is this reason you will need to be addressed.For example, if all of your experiences because of work, then just change it, get more interesting, an interesting team, and even if it is necessary, change the direction of your business.
  • Find a fascinating thing, think of a hobby.Take crafts, collectibles and more. D. This will help to distract from bad thoughts, from the problems of everyday routine.
  • Change your attitude to events and people.It so happens that you can not change any situation and people (their character, their opinion).Then just change the point of view of the circumstances prevailing around you.It may be difficult, but your peace of mind and health is more expensive!
  • Stop deal with negative people and throw out of my head negative thoughts.There is a category of people who just like to live in the negative, they are always all bad and the whole world is against them.Avoid such people.And do not discuss their problems with friends, t. To. Every time you are talking about the problem, you visit the negative thoughts, which are fixed in your mind and customize your depression.Let only positive people will be in your environment.
  • find support in the surrounding people.Perhaps you have a friend or relative who will be able to maintain a positive and necessary advice, and not just to discuss your concerns with you and complain about poorly developed life.
  • Begin to play sports.Exercise not only helps to be healthy, but also to escape from everyday life.In fact, after a few hours the gym once even want to think not about any troubles.
  • develop as a person.Problems - problems, but life has not been canceled!Despite the setbacks, always move forward.Self-development, read books, go to workshops and training seminars, exhibitions, begin to communicate with new people.
  • Start a new active life, so that no unwanted situation could not prevent you from moving forward.Always look to the future with only positive and faith in the best.
  • ashamed of his condition is not necessary, because it is the same disease as any other.Remember that depression does not destroy the mind and human intelligence, it simply does not allow him to live fully, and in a state of neglect often lead even to suicide.

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depressive disorder suffered many of the greatest and brightest of today.British Prime Minister Winston Churchill fought all his life with depression and called her "black dog, which with me all my life."

Depression also suffered from such well-known people who are not ashamed to admit it, US President Abraham Lincoln and a great fighter for the independence of India of Mahatma Gandhi.

Famous Soviet and Russian actress Tatiana Dogileva who knows firsthand about the depression and deal with it with the help of a doctor, said that very happy now and is filled with great joy that jumped out of this hell.

Therefore, if you suffer from a depressive state, and it does not pass on their own for a long time, do not worry, nothing bad will happen to you, just lower the level so we need the hormone serotonin.

Entrust your problems doctor and competent psychotherapist with the necessary medicines returns the joy in your life.Fortunately, we live in a time when the level of achievements of medicine in the field of psycho-emotional disorders is very high and helps fight depression, not allowing it to turn into a "black dog" and spoil our joy of life.

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