How to deal with the autumn depression

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Antidepressants and psychotherapy help to successfully get rid of autumndepression.

Autumn depression - the most common type of seasonal depression, associated with the change of the seasons, in this case, with the onset of autumn.

It should be noted that the human body, like nature itself, has a certain physiological cyclicity.

All life on Earth has its heyday and decay - spring flora and fauna flourishes, blossoms and actively multiplies, and in the autumn as it becomes dormant.The same thing happens in the human body.

Causes and symptoms of depression fall ^

At present, the mechanism of occurrence of seasonal depression is not fully understood.However, some were able to identify patterns in their development.Scientists have put forward three main theories of autumn depression:

  • Violation of chronobiological r
    hythms.So-called "internal clock" in the human body regulate its circadian cycle and the time when it's time to sleep, wake up, eat, work actively.Autumn biological clock "slipping", which is directly associated with the shortening of daylight hours and a decrease in the intensity of sunlight.Failures of the natural rhythm of the body lead to the fact that a person starts to do everything at an inopportune time, and that contributes to the development of depression;
  • Heredity.It was found that the decrease in the emotional state of people is largely due to genetics.This is due to the weakness or imbalance of the human psyche and is its specific feature.Such emotional lability longer peculiar to women, so they are susceptible to autumn depression more often than men;
  • For the state of mind of the person responsible substance serotonin.The lack of this hormone in the body inevitably leads to the development of depression.The change of seasons, the failure of the biological clock, the lack of sunlight significantly alter the hormonal background of the person, resulting in the production of serotonin is carried out in insufficient quantities.

Development autumn depression and contribute to some of the psychological and social aspects.Autumn, as usual, symbolizes the beginning of the end of the year - a calendar, and reporting.With the approach of the new year everyone could not help trying to rethink the events that occurred to him in recent months.

And if you do not get everything that was planned earlier, he has a painful feeling of frustration and unrealized.Such analysis typically occurs spontaneously without any special attention to the concentration of human its life.An additional aspect of the social origin of the autumn are periods of depression in the workplace and the emergence in this context stresses in particular the service relationship.

However, some scientists believe the problem autumn depression or contrived and artificially inflated to a global or lot initially depressed individuals who have symptoms of depression on the background of the lack of sun and bad weather appear most pronounced.

autumn Symptoms of depression may occur as follows:

  • appearance of constant drowsiness or, conversely, an agonizing insomnia;
  • fatigue, decreased performance;
  • craving for food, which leads to overeating, especially in the evening;
  • abuse of coffee, nicotine and alcohol;
  • apathy, suicidal thoughts;
  • deterioration of sexual life;
  • desire for solitude;
  • irritability, resentment, conflict;
  • reduced self-esteem and negative manifestation of himself.

All of these symptoms are similar to symptoms of the classic clinical depression, but the distinguishing feature of the autumn of depression is that it is manifested in a strictly defined period of the year, ie, in the autumn.These or other signs of depression and the power of their symptoms are the individual characteristics of each person.

In addition, against the backdrop of autumn depression can develop diseases such as asthma, migraine, low back pain, etc. Most people can not even guess that unpleasant painful symptoms associated not with physical ailments, and with depressive disorders -. Therefore prefer to seekadvice is not a psychiatrist, and a district physician.

This is manifested deceit seasonal depression when its presence only show the appearance of extra kilos, skin problems, the development of nicotine or alcohol addiction.

Autumn depression: diagnosis, treatment and prevention ^

Diagnosis "autumn depression" can put a doctor - a psychiatrist or therapist, as very often this depressive disorder confused with normal human exposure to natural seasonal fluctuations.

Determine at signs of the disease and can be on their own, if you carefully read the special items and pass the questionnaire, which determines the level of depression - it is designed, for example, the scale of self-esteem or depression Tsung Beck.But, unfortunately, the accuracy of self-diagnosis of depressive disorder 100% can not be.

therefore determine the significance of the disease factors and the correct diagnosis can only be a specialist with medical education in the field of psychiatry.In addition, the diagnosis of "seasonal depression" can be delivered to the patient only when its main symptoms in the autumn - winter for several consecutive years.

What to do if you have started the autumn depression?

  • If the diagnosis has put its specialist profile, the more often the treatment of depressive disorder begins with antidepressants - drugs that stimulate the production of neurotransmitters and neurohormones (serotonin and norepinephrine), and regulating mood.
  • Antidepressants are very effective treatment for depression fall, and if the onset of seasonal disorder expected, it is recommended to start taking them in advance.
  • In the case of a mild form of the disease the treatment of mood disorders may be limited to a special diet, phytotherapy, phototherapy and moderate physical activity.Sometimes cope with this condition makes the trip to rest in warm countries.
  • Very often moving to permanent residence of the regions with the lowest insolation in regions with high reduces or completely eliminates the manifestations of autumn depression.

To achieve the greatest effect, the doctor - the therapist usually combine prescription drugs with psychotherapy.In most cases, a specialist is sufficient only to correct certain moments in the life of the patient, causing his dissatisfaction with life.

Depression may be associated with internal conflicts or relationships with others.It is very important to seek help from professional experts and avoid encounters with fraudsters - psevdopsihoterapevtami.

Where the autumn depression is the most difficult, it can not end with the onset of winter, and the smooth transition to a protracted form.These depressive disorders are called autumn - winter.

disease becomes chronic with the features and leads to deeper personality changes, with the result that can develop mental disorders and suicidal thoughts occur.Therefore, it is important to promptly consult a doctor as soon as possible to begin treatment autumn depression and to prevent this condition regularly.

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Prevention autumn depression can be reduced to the following actions:

  • body must save the autumn of all nutrients, which are filled with unlimited matures to this period of fruit and vegetables - be sure to use them as much as possible;
  • not forget about meat - before the onset of winter, pure vegetarianism is simply unacceptable;
  • forget about low-calorie diets - no food restrictions are unacceptable.To normalize the weight and state of health, you can try the most physiological diet according to blood group;
  • to save the figure is useful to engage in sports - physical activity and exercise perfectly distilled autumn blues.

If depressive disorder has not pronounced severe symptoms, chances are you can simply follow the advice of psychologists offering its program of action, how to survive the autumn depression.

How to get rid of autumn depression: psychological tips ^

Let's look at that we are advised by psychologists which methods they propose to adhere to in order to cope with the autumn depression:

  • Extend your daylight hours.This can be achieved by proper organization of artificial light, taking advantage of the common yellow lamps.
  • Decorate your wardrobe with vivid detail - even a scarf, at worst.Psychologists also recommend wearing this bright period of linen, is fueling our body with positive energy.
  • useful to have the house sources of bright colors - for example, orange or red, saturated color apples.If you look at them on a regular basis, they can be an excellent natural antidepressant.
  • also useful to more than singing - singing harmonizes the human energy centers, because depression is precisely characterized by decreased vitality.
  • distracted from depression favorite interests and hobbies - certainly not far-fetched, and those that cause genuine interest and sustained positive emotions.For women such enthusiasm often shopping or outings to the movies, theater or a concert with friends.
  • Pay attention to their appearance - pamper yourself with natural masks or treatments in beauty salons - what have enough money.
  • Never do not turn off your bad mood alcohol or cigarettes - they provide only temporary relief, and then contribute to the manifestation of lingering forms of depression.

And remember, the best cure for depression - your good positive mood.Love yourself, live for today, and the autumn blues will pass you side.

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