Diet "Minus Pound "

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  • «Less Pound" normalization of weight system: description of the methodology, the pros and cons
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diet "Minus Pound": reviews of lost weight

diet "Minus Pound" - is a complete diet that allows you to lose weight permanently, as well as bringing great benefit tothe whole organism.

«Less Pound" normalization of weight system: description of the methodology, the pros and cons ^

essence "minus pound" diet is that it is a kind of power system, allowing to trick the body by reducing the weight of only 400 g per week: ita weight loss helps to avoid slowing down the metabolism and make your diet properly.

Use diet minus 400 - 450 g per week - in its very formula: with the right calculations it is possible not to overload your body with food, so that the normal metabolism, the work of the intestine is improved, and the weight after

weight loss rests on the same mark.That is why such a method can be practiced for a long time.

Pros and cons of the system «pound minus" Power

The main advantages of the "minus pound" diet include:

  • It can even be used in various diseases, pregnancy and lactation;
  • It is safe and does not cause harm to health, unlike some of the mono-diet;
  • Weight loss is not accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the power system, there should be noted that it is not appropriate to drastically reduce weight and also have to count calories.On the other hand, rapid weight loss is often accompanied by an equally rapid return kilograms, but a diet "minus pound" it eliminates.

How much can you lose on a diet "minus pound" without harm to health

Nutritionists call this power system is absolutely safe, as the weight loss of 400 g per week is the most optimal.Many people wonder whether the volumes go on a diet "minus a pound," and it should be clarified here that the first body is derived from the liquid, resulting in reduced volumes really.

If we go back to the usual harmful food, the stomach and other common problem areas become more visible, and fats and begin to break down.

Diet "Minus Pound": the menu, the rules for calculating calories, diary, recipes ^

Diet "Minus Pound": menus, recipes for weight loss

Diet "minus pound": weight loss rules

Allwishing to take advantage of this technique is familiar with the basic rules:

  • You can eat any food: roasted, sweet, fatty food, etc. the main thing - do not go beyond calories;..
  • every morning on an empty stomach necessarily weigh and record the results of measurements in a special diary.If the weight of the week down more than 400 grams, it is necessary to add to the diet of 100 calories, and if less - take the same number;
  • For table you can sit down at any time, ie,only when hungry;
  • not necessary to drink too much water, but if you want to achieve maximum results, it would take 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas per day.

Diet "minus pound»:

menu, of course, expect your diet each person must himself with the formula, but for the compilation should be familiar with this exemplary menu:

  • have breakfast cheese casserole, boiled eggs and a cup of tea;
  • For lunch we eat raw or baked apples;
  • Lunch soup or soup, eat a bowl of salad vegetables;
  • At lunch drink a glass of juice;
  • Supper seafood salads.

Diet "minus pound": calorie counting rules and formulas

now more about how to calculate the allowable calorie daily diet:

  • formula for weight maintenance: height x 6 + (w) x 20. For example,height is 170 cm, weight - 75 kg, then the end result will be equal to 2520 Kcal;
  • formula for weight loss: results from previous calculations subtract 400, and get the daily requirement of calories.For the previous example, it is equal to 2120 Kcal.

Popular recipes for diet "minus pound»

soup recipe:

  • cleans and chop the onion and garlic, fry in vegetable oil;
  • Put in a pot of boiling water, chopped ginger and pepper, add zazharku;
  • Mix in a bowl with 3 egg yolks 1 tbsp.l.vinegar, add a couple of big spoonfuls of soup, stir;
  • We spread everything into the pot, salt, and cook until tender;
  • Before serving, sprinkle with herbs and grated Parmesan cheese.

cheese casserole recipe:

  • Mix cottage cheese with egg, butter, sour cream, vanilla, salt and sugar;
  • Add the soaked raisins, the lubricating oil to form and spread the whipped mass;
  • Bake at 180 degrees.

recipe vegetable salad:

  • grind tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion;
  • Add the olive oil, salt, lemon juice and basil;
  • Put on a plate of lettuce leaves on top - other vegetables;
  • spread the olives and feta cheese, cut into cubes.

We also recommend that you read the article 90-60-90 diet.

Diet "Minus a pound" for effective weight loss: reviews of slimming ^

As previously mentioned, the doctors consider this technique to be the safest, and recommend its use not only for weight loss, but also as a permanent diet throughoutlifetime.

Exit diet "minus pound" refers to gradual increase in calories, but in this case it is necessary to remember about what kgs can return.If you tired of counting calories and want to get rid of this tedious procedure, but to maintain the figure in the future need to do regular fasting days and possibly exercise.

As a result of diet, "minus a pound" possible to control your weight, making this system the power gained wide popularity.

Reviews of diet for weight loss, "minus a pound" of our regular readers are also very positive:

Anna, 29 years old:

"Please do not believe that by eating 2000 kcal per day, you can at least something to lose.A week later stood on the scales - was surprised kicked off exactly 500 grams now, losing weight over the year by 20 kg, do not even think to change the technique to the other, I was happy with everything »

Zhanna, 37 years old:

« This diet andreally works!Before, I just did not try to lose weight - did not work, and the system of power "minus pound" for six months, 14 kilograms supposedly flew »

Galina, 43 years old:

« I like this technique like the fact that it is absolutely not hungry, buteffective: in the past month she lost 3 kg, and no stretch marks or sagging skin is not, as usually happens when other diets »