What can replace the sugar with proper nutrition

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products, replacingsugar at healthy eating

As you know, sugar is called "sweet death", and certainly not without reason: it not only contributes to weight gain, but also have a negative impact on human health in general.

Why can not eat too much sugar ^

Many are accustomed to add sugar to a variety of foods and beverages ranging from coffee or tea and ending with fruit dishes, but doctors do not recommend them to abuse due to the fact that he not only did not bring anygood, but also harm:

  • Promotes fat;
  • lowers immunity;
  • raises blood pressure, increases the rate of heart beat;
  • accelerates the aging process, the skin condition worsens;
  • Initiates a deficiency of vitamin B and jumps in blood glucose;
  • degrade the performance of the heart muscle.

In addition, sugar is often the cause of excessive activity and

is addictive, which ultimately leads to obesity, insomnia, constant feeling of anxiety and diabetes.

What can replace sugar with proper nutrition:

  • Berries;
  • Honey;
  • Fruit;
  • fructose;
  • syrup;
  • dried fruits.

What can replace sugar in the diet or nutrition ^

Is there an alternative to sugar with proper nutrition: the best products, sweeteners

What can replace the vanilla sugar

Every hostess certainly concerned about the issue than replace sugarin baking, and there are several alternatives:

  • vanilla extract.After processing, it becomes less fragrant, so it is advisable to add to desserts or creams;
  • vanilla essence.In contrast to the extract, it has a stronger concentration, therefore it is necessary to use the least amount;
  • Vanilla powder.It retains a pleasant aroma even after the heat treatment;
  • Vanilla: is a crystalline powder, has a strong odor.If they are abused, the dish can turn bitter taste.

The sugar substitute for weight loss

Almost all diets rule out the use of sugar, so those who want to lose weight, it is recommended to give preference to the following products:

  • Dried fruits: they can be added to salads or casseroles or eat in its purest form;
  • berries: they contain the minimum amount of sugar and fast carbohydrates, so little negative impact on the figure;
  • fruit: they have no harmful carbohydrates, and they perfectly satisfy the appetite, saturate the body with vitamins and enhance immunity;
  • Meda: perfectly complements any dish and drink, and even in honey still eat sugar, it brings great benefit to health.

possible to replace the sugar with honey

Unlike plain white or brown sugar, honey is extremely important for human health: it contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, thanks to which is possible to activate metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve mental and physical activity.For this reason, it is recommended to add in tea, coffee, cereal or cottage cheese to those who wish to lose weight.

What can replace sugar in diabetes

People with diabetes should be preferred ice cream or fruit jellies with no added sugar, as well as yogurt with fresh berries.With regard to coffee and tea, it can be drunk with aspartame, saccharin, or acesulfame potassium.

The substitute brown sugar

In contrast to the white, brown cane sugar brings health is much more useful, but there are times when it is necessary for the preparation of dishes, but the stores find it difficult:

  • For baking or drinks fit whitegranulated sugar;
  • for chicken or duck, you can use honey.

Can sugar substitute fructose

Sometimes for some indications, doctors recommend eating fructose, because it stabilizes blood glucose, restores the body after stress and severe stress, increases the protective properties of the immune system, reduces the risk of dental diseases anddiathesis.

Its distinctive feature is that it is very rapidly cleared from the blood, but it can be used only in the event instead of sugar, if completely abandon the sweets is not possible.

Can sugar substitute sugar

Of course, the preparation of some dishes can be used instead of sugar powdered sugar, but it is not allowed if the person is on a diet or suffering from diabetes -in this case it is better to abandon the white powder.

What can replace sugar in tea and coffee

There are several options:

  • Add to drink honey, fructose or other sweeteners;
  • vprikusku Drinking tea with dried fruits.

What can replace sugar in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Sometimes, pregnant or nursing mothers should use honey instead of sugar, fruits, dried fruits, berries and fructose: all these ingredients are a good alternative.

those who are breastfeeding, when administered in the diet should take special care to treat the baby reaction, becausehe may cause allergies, especially to bee products.

The sugar substitute child?

Unlike adults, almost all children can not imagine their life without sweets, but if you have a variety of indications, doctors may recommend their exclusion from the diet.Best option - to drink tea with honey and eat more fruit: in this case the child will not feel discomfort food.

The gelling sugar substitute

for cooking is often used gelled sugar, which helped to significantly reduce the time of preparation of jam or preserves.To give food jelly form, it is possible to add a mixture of conventional sand with gelatin.

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The sugar substitute, and whether it should be done: the opinion of the doctors ^

According to many studies, it is often the abuse of sugar causes obesity or other diseases, so doctors are advised to limit the amount in the diet or completely abandon it.

To not felt the sweet deficit, preferably every day to eat fruits and vegetables: they are not only a good alternative to sugar, but also have a positive effect on the body of each person.