What can replace the salt

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How canreplace salt with proper nutrition: food, spices, herbs

No wonder many doctors have called salt "white death" and advised her to replace other alternative products, because it is really a negative effect on health.

Why can not eat too much salt ^

course, pure salt does not use one, but it contains many of the products -.. For example, sausage, bread, etc. Thus, the full rejection of the white powder is possible only in the caseif one replaces the food prepared with its addition.

The biggest danger of salt is that it is able to retain water in the body, which could result in swelling, increased load on the heart and kidneys, suffer from headaches.

addition salt raises blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack.In some cases, due to the gastric mucosa irritation may o

ccur ulcer or gastritis, as well as cataract.

separate question - Replacement of salt in the diet: it is necessary to make sure, becausedue to the fact that this mineral retains fluid retention, to lose weight will be very problematic.Sometimes everything is exactly the opposite: a person restricts their diet in 1000 calories a day, but eating salty foods, resulting in not losing weight and gaining weight.

How can replace the sea or table salt:

  • add spices to dishes, giving them a salty taste;
  • fill with food oils, which make it more salt;
  • Eat certain foods and seasonings in the composition of food: for example, sea kale, garlic, onion and soy sauce.

What can replace the salt in food: list of alternative products ^

products that replace salt in food

What can replace the salt in the diet: recommendations of physicians

There are several reasons for which should bereduce the use of, or completely abandon salt:

  • This helps to improve the view, therefore, those who have problems with it, you should eat unsalted food;
  • Salted diet helps to reduce the number of attacks in bronchial asthma, as well as to withdraw excess fluid in the body;
  • You should begin with small: do not immediately abandon the white mineral, and gradually reduce the dose - this will help to avoid disruption in the form of return to the old diet.

What can replace the salt with a salt-free diet

Those who chose a salt-free diet, it is important to know what to replace salt for weight loss, because such products can give dishes a very pleasant taste and make them more useful:

  • in cereals andsalads, you can add herbs: rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, curry, oregano, mint, ginger.Also here is suitable garlic and onions;
  • When cooking poultry and meat marinades to be done with lemon, garlic, orange zest, olive oil or orange juice.

possible to replace salt soy sauce

course, soy sauce can not be called a complete alternative to salt, becauseit is in any case present, however, its amount is very small there.It should be noted that when used in the diet, it increases calorie diet, so for this it is necessary to closely monitor, or not be able to lose weight.

Spices, salt substitutes

can make any dish delicious and useful, if you know, that can replace the salt.These include spices such as hot peppers, garlic, onions, cilantro, basil, sage, bay leaf, thyme, dill, parsley and even apple cider vinegar.

alternative replacement of salt when cooking food

Deciding to go on a salt-free diet, you need to get acquainted with the fact that it can replace the salt:

  • Sesame oil;
  • Walnut oil;
  • pomegranate or lemon juice;
  • raw or dried garlic: it can be added to salads, soups or meat - from this dish will be more pleasant to the taste;
  • Seaweed: it itself is brackish, but buy jars with a product, of which already includes a large amount of salt, is not recommended - kelp should be only natural;
  • dried herbs;
  • Sea salt: in contrast to the table, it is useful for health, asIt contains iodine and many other trace elements;
  • Spices;
  • Soy sauce (in the diet should limit the amount).

Than to replace sea salt

Despite the fact that in comparison with the table, sea salt remains favorite, many people prefer to abandon it.A good substitute is the garlic, herbs and lemon juice: all these products have a unique structure that allows fully compensate for the deficiency of important health trace elements and vitamins.

What can replace the salt on the raw food diet Raw foodists

too often do not know what to replace salt in food, because they have to eat mostly vegetables and unsalted dishes from them can be tasteless.

solve this problem is quite simple: you can add to food kelp, garlic, soy sauce, beet, celery or dry seasoning - all they can to improve the taste.

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The substitute table salt, and whether to do it: the opinion of the doctors ^

Almost all the doctors say that the rejection of salt leads to better health, while an overabundance can cause a variety of diseases: cataracts, ulcers, gastritis, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, obesity, diseases of the joints, and salt deposits.

For these reasons physicians are advised to limit the dosage of the mineral in the dishes to 4.3 grams per day (this is the amount of salt can be displayed in the urine), or simply replace it by other products.

This approach significantly reduces the risk of the aforementioned diseases and allows always keep fit those who are watching their figures, or struggling with being overweight.