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What foods are good for the normal functioning ofthyroid and why

to prevent the occurrence of thyroid disease or halt its development, doctors recommend certain foods to include in your diet, which play an important role for this body.

Food with iodine for the thyroid: why do they need ^

Correct operation of the thyroid gland is important for the whole body, because it has the following functions:

  • responsible for metabolism;
  • normalizes cell growth and division;
  • Synthesizes calcium, thereby strengthening bones;
  • engaged in the reconstruction of bone tissue;
  • stabilizes hormones.

most common diseases associated with impaired functioning of the body - it is hypothyroidism, in which a person feels tired, as well as hyperthyroidism, leading to increased excitability.

Often doctors diagnose and goiter - an increase in size,

bearing pathological.In all cases it is necessary to use the products for the normalization of the thyroid gland, without which the effectiveness of drug treatment significantly reduced.

If any symptoms should consult a doctor with complaints :

  • Chronic depression;
  • sleep disorder;
  • cramps;
  • Decrease in body temperature and pressure;
  • menstrual problems;
  • sharp set, or weight loss;
  • increased sweating;
  • Irritability;
  • Bulging eyeballs;
  • Tremor of limbs;
  • General weakness.

If any disease is not only important to undergo treatment, but also to know which foods are needed for the thyroid gland, because they are important for the proper operation of the body responsible for many processes in the body.

What foods are good for the thyroid gland ^

products that help in diseases of the thyroid gland

iodine-containing products for the thyroid gland: a list

To normalize hormone production and improve the work necessary to use the most importantproducts that are useful for thyroid disease who have additional functions:

  • Red caviar: improves the immune system, restores strength, strengthens bones and tissues, normalizes blood circulation, stabilizes hemoglobin levels, reduces the likelihood of blood clots, purifies and strengthens blood vessels;
  • Persimmon: reduces the risk of urolithiasis diseases, prevents oncological diseases, tones the body, has a positive effect on the nervous system, cleanses the intestines, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, prevents the development of thyroid disease;
  • Laminaria: develops mental abilities, stabilizes metabolism, improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, levels of hemoglobin level and blood pressure;
  • Buckwheat: prevents the development of cancer cells, toxins, and normalizes blood clotting, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is useful for patients with diabetes becauseprevents glucose surges;
  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage) prevents the development of cancer, fight infection, removes excess fluid, normalize hormones, protect cells from oxidation;
  • Brazil nuts: clean intestines and improve its operation, strengthen muscles, increase the protective properties of the immune system, rejuvenate, prevent erectile dysfunction in men;
  • Goji Berries: suspend the development of cancer cells, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, slow down aging, promote weight loss during a diet, normalize sleep.

Products thyroid in hyperthyroidism

If you were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, in which you can not eat foods high in iodine too often, it is necessary to follow a diet that includes milk, cottage cheese, lean meat and fish, yogurt, kefir - t.e.any bland foods except cabbage, which can worsen the condition in this case.

Products hypothyroidism thyroid

hypothyroid patients recommend the following products:

  • Meat: reduced stress hormone production, stabilizes blood sugar.It is better to choose low-fat varieties;
  • Fruits rich in potassium (bananas, pears, etc.): increase vitality, relieve from the effects of stress;
  • meat broth (pork or beef): Reduces inflammation in the body, normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Seafood: contain iodine, useful for thyroid gland to work properly;
  • Coffee: supplies the body with magnesium and vitamin B - elements that are useful for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.Excessive use of them is not necessary - just one cup a day.

products that are harmful to the thyroid gland

Eating healthy products for diseases of the thyroid gland, do not forget about those who are hurt - they should be excluded from the diet:

  • Alcohol;
  • Salt;
  • Baking;
  • marinades and sausages.

Products that do not contain iodine for thyroid

Eating foods high in iodine should be combined with the products in which it is absent.These include bananas, oranges, grapefruit, cranberry, tangerine, unsalted nuts, honey, spices, vegetable oil, egg whites, fresh lean meat, cereal grains.

Products with enlarged thyroid gland

When a goiter, doctors often recommend drinking drugs containing iodine, as well as to use the following products:

  • mussels, fish, shrimp, etc .;
  • Herbal teas (from wormwood, hops, yarrow);
  • celery, garlic, sprouted wheat;
  • raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries;
  • pumpkin, cabbage and beets;
  • Honey;
  • Vegetable oils;
  • Compote of dried fruits or wild rose.

In this case, you should give up meat, kolbfas, sausage, coffee, soda, fast food, sauces, pasta, baked goods and alcohol.

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products that improve the thyroid gland: Recommendations ^

Of course, in addition to compliance with diet and medication, to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland is important additional therapeutic effect, which consists in:

  • frequent walks in the fresh air: it relieves stressand increases the tone;
  • Moderate physical activity: it is enough to perform light exercises in order to have a positive impact on their health.