Cramps in the legs - Causes , treatment and first aid

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most common cause of leg cramps - dehydration and poor nutrition

Painful cramps in the legs - an extremely common problem, with which at least occasionally confronted each person.

Very often cramped legs in elderly and debilitated people, pregnant women and athletes after intense exercise.

What causes leg cramps and types ^

cramps leg muscles - a sudden sharp pain that is sometimes simply unbearable.

If muscle spasms are often so spastic and strained, they become resilient to the touch and thick, like basketball and it seems that now burst.
This happens usually, suddenly, while people may even fall, as it can not rely on the foot.

spasms can reduce any part of the foot - the foot, fingers or hip, but the most common and painful are the leg cramps.

If these events occur occasionally, then do

not worry too much, it is possible to blame a long uncomfortable position in which clamp the nerve and muscle simply "numb."In this case, enough to change the situation on a more comfortable, it relaxes stiff muscles and make a gentle massage.

If you are experiencing frequent leg cramps, you should seriously look into the reasons for their occurrence.

main causes of seizures:


  • Even with a mild dehydration can start cramps in the legs, because, along with the loss of water from the body leaving the dates for the health of muscle electrolytes (calcium, potassium and sodium) and lifeessential trace elements (copper, chromium, zinc).
  • That is why the most frequent cramps in the hot days, when sweating.
  • leg cramps are often the first symptom of a dangerous dehydration and electrolyte deficiency, ie, so that our body tries to warn of impending danger.

disadvantage in the body of vitamins and minerals

  • First, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles.
  • deficiency of vitamins can be caused both by an unbalanced diet, excessive intake of nicotine, caffeine and sugar and taking some medicines that prevent the absorption and assimilation of vitamins.
  • Receiving these medications need to plant in time with the reception of the magnesium and kaltsiesoderzhaschih products for their better assimilation.

Meals with a high amount of protein

  • increased protein content in the diet inhibits the absorption of calcium.
  • Therefore, if you decide to go on a popular protein diet (Ducane diet, Atkins, Kremlin diet Maggi, curd, diet Montignac) or diet, including protein days (blood group diet, diet, 6 petals, sweetheart), take careon adequate intake of calcium in the form of a multivitamin that does not harm your health in the pursuit of a slender waist.

sharp change in temperature

  • leg cramps often occur when bathing in cold water or cooling in the cold.

Excessive muscle tension

  • Occurs when excessive load on some particular group of muscles, lack of warm-up in sports, heavy physical labor.

Some diseases

  • These include thyroid disease, diabetes, varicose veins, trauma or a brain tumor, and flat feet.
  • Therefore, with frequent convulsions it is useful to consult an endocrinologist, neurologist and phlebologist.


  • According to doctors, frequent stresses lead to severe loss of calcium needed for muscle relaxation of muscles and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Night leg cramps: Causes and Symptoms ^

Seizures during sleep occur mostly when changing body position from one pose to another - thus there is overvoltage one group of muscles, causing them to spasm.In most cases, leg cramps occur at night, in the morning, accompanied by severe pain and deprive a person full of sleep, becoming a cause of long-term insomnia.

Usually, a long time after a sore leg cramps - this is due to the accumulation in the muscle when the spasm of lactate (product of incomplete oxidation of glucose), and a person can not sleep.

Seizures during sleep is particularly concerned about elderly people, because with age comes increased sensitivity of nerve endings of muscle, especially in metabolic disorders and the presence of degenerative disc disease.

In addition, according to doctors, frequent leg cramps during sleep and rest may be the first sign of developing thrombosis of the lower limbs, therefore, require mandatory consultation with a doctor.

Leg cramps in pregnancy ^

leg cramps during pregnancy - a fairly common phenomenon that occurs due to the growing uterus extra pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the lower extremities.This prevents normal blood flow in the lower extremities pregnant and causes muscle spasm.

Unfortunately, leg cramps during pregnancy - is not the only form of spasms in the expectant mother.Quite often cramps upper thighs, which arise from the increasing pressure of the uterus, severe throbbing pain in the feet and the feeling of "twisting" the back of the lower leg.

Well relieves leg cramps during pregnancy, and also helps prevent the appearance of a warm bath, the most relaxing the muscles and blood vessels.The bath can add decoctions of medicinal herbs (mint, valerian, horsetail), possessing calming and anticonvulsant effect.

As a future mother twice increased need for magnesium, calcium and potassium, nutrition pregnant should be adjusted so as to prevent their deficits.To do this, be sure to include in your daily diet in sufficient dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, greens, vegetables and fruits.

In addition, to prevent seizures, a pregnant woman should wear comfortable low-heeled shoes and plenty of rest, lifting the legs on the platform.

treatment and first aid for seizures feet ^

If you often reduces leg cramps, you should know the simple ways to quickly restore normal muscle tone and relieve pain.First of all, do not panic, sit up straight on the bed or on a chair and dip brought together legs on the cold floor - to restore blood circulation in a few minutes and a spasm passed.

also recommended several times to pinch spasm place and then make a gentle massage of rubbing and patting movements - under the influence of muscle massage razogreyut and restored normal blood flow.Massage movement is strictly from the bottom up - from the toes to the heel, and then from the heel to the knee.After the massage, lie down, his feet on the hill.

with cramps calf muscles well to an injection needle into the affected area, but it has to do only a professional who knows the correct acupuncture points.Therefore, it is better not to try to do this procedure yourself, not to damage the closely spaced vessels and nerves.

There are folk remedies for cramps:

  • very effective lubrication of the soles of the feet of fresh lemon juice for two weeks, morning and evening.After complete absorption and drying his feet do not rub the mixture on top wear socks or shoes.
  • If you have muscle spasms spastic also useful to rub the area with mustard oil - mustard, is known to have an excellent warming and reducing blood flow property.
  • with the same effect applies vodka, apple cider vinegar (in the form of moist warm compresses) or warming ointment from seizures.

We also recommend that you read the article Physiotherapy in spinal osteochondrosis.

Prevention and physiotherapy ^

Treatment of cramps in the legs, according to doctors, it is necessary to begin not with tablets and with correcting the diet:

  • First of all, it is necessary to increase the intake of the products of potassium nutrition, magnesiumand calcium - these trace elements are responsible for the circulation of fluids.
  • to replenish calcium eat more dairy products, but keep in mind that the smaller the fat content of the product, the less calcium in it - so do not overdo it with low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • Add potassium reserves will help bananas, avocado, meat, fish, poultry.
  • Magnesium is found in nuts, legumes, bran, cheese, herring, spinach, rye bread, porridge.
  • If the deficiency of minerals by means of adjusting the power fails, have recourse to high-vitamin supplements.

muscle groups most prone to spasm, should be strengthened by means of special physical exercises and preventive massage.The complex daily therapeutic exercises including exercises to relax the calf muscles - hand grasp the tips of your toes and pull them with a force on itself.

In addition, during the day, after a long stay in the seat or monotonous posture, perform mini-exercises for the legs: a high rise on your toes and go down sharply on the heel, rotate feet apart, bend and unbend fingers.

Every evening do contrasting foot bath - for a few seconds alternately immerse your feet in the cold and hot water, can be decoction of herbs (horsetail, nettle, yarrow, lungwort, cottonweed).

temperature differences do not make too big, the procedure should be comfortable, especially in varicose veins.After baths make a relaxing massage in the direction from feet to knees and go to bed in woolen socks.

To prevent cramps and spasms, wear comfortable shoes, give up the high heels and avoid undue stress on the legs.In addition, quit smoking, limit the maximum consumption of coffee and sugar, and do not expose yourself from stress.