Therapeutic exercise - the best prevention of hemorrhoids

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Physiotherapy hemorrhoids - the best preventiondisease

Fitness hemorrhoids is an essential curative and preventive means, at any stage of the disease, as it can help to achieve remarkable results - to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal wall, which substantially improves the blood flow in the pelvis and normalize the bowels.

In addition, physical exercise have a beneficial effect on the overall tone of the muscles and blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and reduces the appearance of inactivity, dramatically reducing recovery time and facilitates the course of the disease.

main condition of success - Exercises for hemorrhoid treatment should be done regularly, not sporadically.To be healthy, take it a rule - no matter how you were busy, take a daily 10 - 15 minutes to complete the complex.

Exercise hemorrhoids ^

Despite the fact that the exercise of hemorrhoids such a positive effect on the entire body, to choose the exercises you need to very carefully, depending on the severity of the disease, age and comorbidities.So, the first stage of hemorrhoids can be done any exercise, except in lifting weights and increased static load.

The higher the degree of progression of the disease, the more closely to approach the selection of a complex of medical gymnastics.Physical exercise should not stop even in the later stages and in exacerbations of hemorrhoids, but the exercises are becoming more specific and require consultation with a physician.

To prevent hemorrhoids proctology advise everyone (not just patients with hemorrhoids) Develop the useful habit - during the day on a regular basis rhythmically tense and relax the sphincter muscles as if you strongly want to use the toilet.This simple, imperceptibly, but very useful exercise you can do anywhere - sitting and standing at your desk, on public transport or in the cooker.

People sedentary professions such training ring muscles of the rectum just vital.Draw the anus 3 - 4 times a day, gradually increasing the number of repetitions of 10 to 20 times.When performing exercises while sitting in position, make sure that the seat is not too soft.

Universal complex of therapeutic exercises with neobostrennom hemorrhoids

Before beginning gymnastics are like a few minutes in the room, at first highly lifting knees, then walk around, crossing his legs, that is, alternately putting one foot in front of the other.

  • Initial position (IP) - lying on his back.The legs bend at the knees and feet on the floor Abut.As you inhale, lift your pelvis as high as possible above the floor and maximum squeeze and tighten your buttocks.On the exhale, return to starting position, relax the muscles.
  • Ip- Lying face down, resting on the knees, elbows and hands.Rotate the pelvis alternately in different directions, to the buttocks touch the floor.
  • «Walking on the buttocks."Sit on the floor, legs extended forward and start to move around on the floor with the help of the gluteal muscles.
  • exercise "scissors".Lie on your back and lift his feet off the ground at an angle of 45?.Take wide swings his feet, alternately reducing and spreading them.Start with a small amplitude, gradually increasing scale."Scissors" are effective not only to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but also for the abdominal wall muscles.
  • exercise "bicycle" is performed in the supine position.Follow kicking motion, simulating cycling.
  • Exercise "cat" is very useful and versatile - it is recommended to do not only with hemorrhoids, but also in case of problems with the spine.Doctors recommend an exercise in mandatory expectant mothers in the development of individual complex of physical activity during pregnancy.
  • Get on your knees, lower your head and place your hands on the floor.When you inhale, lift your head and slowly arch your back.On the exhale, lower your head, bend the on - cat back up the arc, press the chin to the chest and buttocks tight squeeze, as if sucking in the anus.
  • In the absence of problems with the spine and good physical shape, very useful exercise "Birch", which is also good prevention of varicose veins and trains the abdominal muscles.Lie on your back, elbows on the floor.Then lift straight leg upward, severing the buttocks from the floor as much as possible and keeping their hands.Hold this position for as long as possible.

Features exercise during exacerbation of hemorrhoids ^

Gymnastics hemorrhoids: exercise

In acute hemorrhoids many patients seeking to avoid pain and gain discomfort, completely stopped physical training andare virtually "lying" way of life, while making a big mistake.Specially selected physiotherapy for acute exacerbations of hemorrhoids, quiet uniform walking and swimming significantly improve the state of health, tone the blood vessels and normalize blood flow.

But we need to clearly understand what exercises are really useful, and which may lead to a deterioration.Since the aggravation of the disease contribute to the strengthening of intra-abdominal pressure and compression of blood vessels in the rectum, it is necessary to eliminate exercises that enhance intra-abdominal pressure, and strain on the lower limbs, trunk and pelvic organs.

So, for the muscles in the arms, neck and chest, you can perform common activities that you perform before the escalation of the disease.And exercises for the leg muscles and trunk start out smoothly, without jerks and with fewer repetitions.

In this carefully watch your well-being - if any movement is increased tenderness of the rectum, just exclude them.

  • To strengthen intra-abdominal pressure and cause tension of the abdominal muscles, and holding the breath during exercise.Therefore, in the classroom it is prohibited to hold their breath, squat and lift weights.
  • In addition, you can not do tilts forward and backward, it is necessary to restrict the smooth slopes to the sides.
  • strictly prohibited during exacerbations cycling, horse riding, rowing, weightlifting exercises and extreme sports.
  • Before performing therapeutic exercises is recommended to empty the bowel and hemorrhoids numb - it take a warm bath and brush them with some - some anesthetic ointment.

Massage hemorrhoids ^

Good results are obtained with hemorrhoids massage performed by a competent person.Treating hemorrhoids massage perfectly eliminates congestion in the rectum and improves blood flow.

However, it should be noted that the massage is not for all patients, and in some states it is not recommended to carry out, so as not to aggravate the disease.Therefore a decision on whether massage with hemorrhoids should be taken only by the attending physician taking into account the individual patient's health indicators, in particular, the condition of the veins.

Massage both in domestic and external hemorrhoids can be carried out manually or with the help of the device.Before a session it is necessary to empty the bowel and bladder.Massage technique following:

  • patient takes the knee - elbow position, and the doctor inserts a finger (in a sterile glove and lubricated with petroleum jelly to avoid trauma of the intestinal mucosa) into the rectum and performs massaging motion.
  • Start stroking massage with lung mucosa, which is done in a strictly top-down direction.
  • directly in hemorrhoids stroking alternated with pressing.
  • then begin to produce vibration massage movements - either manually or using the appliance.
  • After the massage is helpful to make a complex of several exercises to strengthen the muscles of the rectum.

Yoga hemorrhoids ^

Yoga hemorrhoids can be a good addition to your usual set of exercises, as many of its postures are aimed precisely at removing stagnation in the pelvis and improve intestinal peristalsis.There is quite a lot of useful item, you can choose for themselves the 1 - 2 most comfortable and do them on a regular basis, gradually increasing the number of repetitions and the total time spent in the pose.

most common simple and highly effective yoga posture recommended by physicians for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, called Pashimatasanu.

  • To do it sit on the floor and pull straight leg forward.
  • On the exhale, slowly lower body on your feet until your head touches the knees, ankles clasp hands.At the same time, do not bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  • At the beginning of training in this position is recommended to stay for 5 seconds, repeat it 5 times.In
  • later, every week, increase the time spent in position for 1 second, gradually bringing it to 1 - 2 minutes.

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Prevention of hemorrhoids ^

Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, as well as any other disease, should be comprehensive and include not only the miraculous pills, ointments and various folk remedies for hemorrhoids.If nothing changes in lifestyle and does not eliminate the adverse factors, triggering the development of the disease, the disease after some time will definitely come back again.

Therefore, to cope with the disease, you have to act on all fronts at once - change the nature of power, normalize intestinal function, lead an active lifestyle and get rid of bad habits - only in this case, you can count on the tangible and lasting results.

main principles of prevention of hemorrhoids

correct drinking regime

  • Everyone to fill the physiological needs of the body's daily needs to drink at least two liters of an ordinary clean water.
  • With insufficient consumption of water stools are dry and hard, traumatize the human intestines and causes excessive push when emptying that leads to injury of the rectum.

struggle with constipation

  • Try to develop a reflex bowel movement at a certain time, preferably in the morning, before the gymnastics.
  • immediately after waking up, drink a glass of water at room temperature and do some simple active movements.
  • Many people immediately after drinking the liquid appear desires in a toilet.

Diet hemorrhoids

Diet for hemorrhoids is aimed primarily at the normalization of stool and elimination of the causes of constipation.

  • in your menu should be food for constipation that contain a lot of fiber and fiber - raw vegetables and fruits, greens, bran, milk products, cereals from whole grains, prunes.
  • Eat plenty of vegetable soups and salads with vegetable oil, and from the salty, sour, sharp, fast food products, strong tea and sodas will have to give.
  • Remember that "fast" food - the main enemy of the intestine and the entire digestive process, and eat only natural foods.

Fighting Obesity

  • Never overeat from time to time to give the body a rest from food - for this start a day per diem of fasting, which will not only lose weight, but cleansed of toxins, toxins, poisons, bad surpluscholesterol and degradation products.
  • In addition, short-term fasting is a good prevention of cellulite formation.Remember, even the ancient Socrates said that the best seasoning for food is hunger.

Avoiding alcohol

  • Since alcohol, like spicy foods, overly irritating the bowel and hemorrhoids, it is valid only in limited amounts (no more than 50 milliliters), and only in the period of remission.

Hygiene measures

  • Do not use harsh toilet paper;
  • After each emptying wash the anus with cool water;
  • not wear overly tight underwear.

Motor activity

  • Try to always keep an active lifestyle and never sit more than 3 - hours.
  • addition to the mandatory medical gymnastics of hemorrhoids include in your set of exercises for constipation, to strengthen back and stomach muscles.
  • If possible, visit the swimming pool and day hiking in the fresh air, especially before going to bed - this will help to strengthen the cardio - vascular and nervous system, relieve the symptoms of hypertension and eliminate the causes of insomnia.

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