What books are worth reading to girls and boys from modern and classical literature

In today's world with a large number of gadgets, easy to get lost in the abundance of information.However, reading is still in vogue, and this trend continues to gain momentum.

But what is difficult to understand what the book is worth reading for girls and guys in the first place, and what should be postponed indefinitely.

In this article we will give a little review by breaking the book from time to time and preferences.For example, when answering the question: "What modern book worth reading?", You can use a list like this:

  1. «Diary Bert" Anders Jakobsson, Soren Olsson.
  2. «George's Secret Key to the Universe" (and continuing) Stephen and Lucy Hawking.
  3. «Ella first class" (and continued) Timo Parvel.
  4. «Marcus and Diana" (and continuing) Klaus Hageryup.
  5. «Oh, boy!» Marie-Aude Muir.
  6. «Great Gilly Hopkins" Katherine Paterson.
  7. «I bet it's a boy!" Terence Blacker.
  8. «I plus all" Karen Arutyunyants.
  9. «Time is always good," Andrew Zhvalevsky, Yevgeny Pasternak.
  10. «Everything will be fine," Valery Vos
  11. «The wind makes the trees' Stanislav East.
  12. «Here you no harm," Andrei Zhvalevsky Igor Mytko.

This list is compiled on the basis of the preferences and opinions of senior pupils.These books can influence the development of the personality no less and perhaps even more than the classic works.Not least because that modern boys and girls works data characters closer and clearer.

Classic Books

  1. Alexander Pushkin "The Captain's Daughter."
  2. Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot", "The Brothers Karamazov."
  3. Jules Verne "The Mysterious Island".
  4. Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace".
  5. Victor Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris."
  6. John Galsworthy's "The Forsyte Saga".
  7. Henry Rider Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines."
  8. Theodore Dreiser "An American Tragedy".
  9. Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita."
  10. Jack London "stories."
  11. Yesenin "Poems".
  12. Arthur Conan Doyle, "Sherlock Holmes."

As you can see, dear readers, classic books have different times and peoples, indicating that only about their "timelessness" and Relevance is nationalities and age.These masterpieces of world literature, no doubt, will accompany us for many more generations.No wonder most successful people of the last century, saying: "These books are worth reading!»

But do not forget about the modern authors, which are not included in our first list, and whose bestsellers for several years do not go with the first linesall ratings.Let's get started.

New books, classics

In this collection we combine genres such as fantasy, science fiction and contemporary prose.

  1. «Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.
  2. «50 days before my suicide" Stace Kramer.
  3. «13 reasons why" Jay Asher.
  4. «Paper Towns" by John Green.
  5. «Harry Potter" (all series) JK Rowling.
  6. «Hunger Games.Catching Fire.Mockingjay, "Suzanne Collins.
  7. «Chasodei" (all parts), Natalia Szczerba.
  8. «Percy Jackson" (All parts) by Rick Riordan.
  9. «The Chronicles of Narnia," CS Lewis.
  10. «Fan Club witchcraft" Ilona Volyn, Cyril Kashcheev.
  11. «Royal Zodiac" Eugene Gagloyev.
  12. «Dark Prophecy" Alexander Prozorov.

summarize: if you never took a great interest in reading, and just decided to follow fashion trends or want to impress the opposite sex, you should start with the latest collections.If you are an avid knigoman, chances are you have not read anything from the first list.Our dozen classic works will impress the person who wants to pass an intellectual.

And whoever you are - beginner reader, avid bibliophile or just the person for whom the book - the best pastime, we hope that our article will be useful to you.

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