How to wean her husband to drink alcohol , what to do if her husband drinks

problem drinking is relevant in our time.Before you answer the main question is how to wean her husband to drink alcohol, you need to understand the reasons.If the husband drinks without reason - it is dependent on which needs to be treated.

Causes of male alcoholism are divided into such categories:

  • Genetic.Ideally, before the wedding, you need to know about the presence of alcoholics in the chosen family.But this fact is quite often hides the best of intentions.
  • Psychological.Trouble at work, in relationships, the bad influence of the war caused the desire to get drunk and forget.
  • lack of self-realization.For a man, it is important to achieve success.But his wife did not understand that it is necessary to do a lot of work.Reproaches, resentment, the requirement to find another job may awaken interest in her husband's drinking.
  • Dissatisfaction with social status.The lack of money, poor housing conditions.Instead of support, faith in man - constant accusations from his wife.The trigger can s
    erve the phrase "loser."And as a result - the husband comforted in the bottle, and you read on the Internet, how to wean her husband to drink.
  • Overprotective wife.It would seem that you care so much about him, but he did not appreciate.You do not care about his opinion, because you know in advance that nothing good he did not come up.The result - the pique of her husband.

Also, there are three stages of manifestation of alcoholism.

At the first stage, the craving for alcohol and the loss of a sense of proportion.In a second step it is formed "hangover".In the third step, and reduced tolerance alcohol individual degradation occurs.

Many women's forum is a common theme, what to do if her husband drinks. Usually, the opinions are divided into such categories:

1. Supporters of divorce.Many women believe that it is impossible to re-alcoholics, so there is nothing to spend his youth, time, energy, health at him, and that his father was an alcoholic - an injury to the child's mind.These arguments are clear and convincing.Such women are not worth condemning.

Divorce - quite a radical way.It is suitable for those who have tried all ways to rescue her husband, and it did not help.Also, divorced women who do not want to make the effort to rescue her husband for personal reasons.

divorce threat - quite effective reception.If you threaten your spouse and at the time to leave their parents, can understand if he wants to fight for his family or his drinking has become more expensive.If not - it is not necessary to retain and better divorce.

2. Women who are ready to tolerate any drunken antics of her husband.Alas, there are women with clogged victim complex.They mutilate themselves and their children.Typical arguments are the phrase "where did go away" and "it without me."This position leads to a tragedy or a woman still decides to leave, but crippled physically and mentally.

3. Women who are willing to fight for a loved one.These women are trying to find an answer to the question: how to wean her husband to drink alcohol.

Keep in mind that if your husband does not want to heal himself, no one cause and no one way will not help.

There are a number of methods that can help in your trouble.These include:

  • encoding or hypnosis.It is important to find a professional.This method is quite effective.But there is a risk that after some time the husband starts drinking again.
  • Psychological.Here it depends on cunning and wisdom of women, and especially the nature of man.

... At first it all starts innocently.He drank beer with a friend at work, then another, because he was so tired, and then you notice that you have a beer at home and at the weekend.And the phrase that "everything is under control" - a sign of incipient alcoholism.

Beer alcoholism is much worse, because it is not so noticeable.At this stage, argue with him, he can do without the two weeks drinking.A prize - his every desire, or the embodiment of his erotic fantasies.And let him win.You can check in this way whether or not there is dependence.And then argue again, drawing him into the game.

If within two weeks, your husband became irritable and angry - relationship is.And then we need a frank conversation, showing a video about the dangers of alcohol, printed information about alcoholism and consulting psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

is also possible to remove the phone video, which recorded the behavior of the wife in a drunken state, and in the morning to show that he could see himself from the outside.Ideally, it should be ashamed.

Sometimes it helps to share the extreme hobbies or joint repair.The man must be engaged in business.If a man got into bad company, you need to find him an alternative to other interests.

If hobbies beer is a hint of beer tummy and offer together to the gym to go to.However, do not shout, blame, shame drunken husband wait until the morning and tell all.

  • Folk.The main purpose of these methods - cause vomiting and aversion to alcohol.It is important not to overdo it and not ruin the digestive system spouse.

People's Councils

There are many folk prescription cure for alcoholism.Here are some of them:

  1. In a glass mix 1 egg, 1 tbspDrinking water, 1 tbsptobacco and pour all this vodka.Mix well, then give on an empty stomach spouse.This drink will not harm the body, but only cause vomiting and aversion to alcohol.
  2. Take 50 grams.fennel seeds, boil 0.5 liters of port.Simmer.Give 50 ml of this broth husband.
  3. Post a good cup of coffee with salt instead of sugar.This drink will cause vomiting.
  4. Prepare a decoction of wormwood and centaury in equal proportions.Give broth until aversion to alcohol.
  5. Post 6 tsphoney, after 20 minutes to give another 6 teaspoons, then through a similar period of time to repeat the dose.After 2 hours, repeat the procedure, and to give her husband to sleep.In the morning my husband wish sober.Then give a standard dose of 6 tspevery 20 minutes.Then feed the breakfast.For dessert to 4 tsphoney.Full adherence to prescription wean wife drink.This method is effective and useful for men in the stage of deep intoxication.
  6. Drink a mixture consisting of 50 g.lemon juice, 50 oz.boiled water and 1-2 tablespoonshoney.Drink 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks.
  7. Boil the broth, composed of thyme and tarragon: 1 tbspcollection add a cup of boiling water, cook for 3-5 minutes on low heat.Drink 1 tablespoon3 times a day for 2-3 months.After 3 weeks, should be an aversion to alcohol.

Thus, we reviewed all the available methods of treatment of her husband from drinking.But remember, the decision is yours, because family relationships each individual.And which way would you choose, it's your choice and it should be respected.