How to organize a joint purchase , the rules of joint purchases

century computer technology associated with a new ability to purchase goods on the Internet.Agree, it is convenient, without leaving home, to order the right thing.

But there are cases where the financial capacity is limited and you want to buy a quality item at the lowest price.To do this, and there is a joint purchase.For the first time such purchases were made in 1860 in the United States.In the twentieth century, this marketing move is widely used not only in the US but also in Europe.The development of the Internet only contributed to the further development of this type of acquisition.

Validation - a voluntary association of people for the purpose of purchasing goods at a reasonable price, as well as the goods are not sold within the country.This type of shopping is focused on women, especially mothers, are on maternity leave.The essence of the joint buying is reduced to a set of participants to collect a minimum amount of the order.

apiece, and the online store

For example, you are in the store saw baby cotton underwear for 90 rubles (30 USD.) - 15 rubles (5 UAH.).But the minimum order on the site of 1500 rubles (500 USD.).Agree that possibly cowards 100 your child is not necessary, but rather 20 pieces totaling 20 * 15 = 300 rubles (100 USD.).

But if you persuade the four girlfriends or neighbors to buy 20 pants for their children, then the required amount for the purchase, you will quickly.The money you will be given, and everyone will be happy successful purchase.

Consider another example.In Ukraine there are no commercially available Mojo or Collecta figurines of animals company.In the online stores the price is inflated (from 600 rubles per 1 share).In this case, the use of joint purchases obvious.

This article will help you understand, how to organize a joint purchase.

Organization of joint purchases

mechanism of joint purchases consists of the following stages:

  1. Organizer (mediator) is a supplier or manufacturer of the goods and negotiates procurement.Also, the organizer can cooperate with foreign online stores, having a shopping experience with such sites and positive reviews.
  2. Mediator announces the beginning of the procurement on social networks, forums.
  3. dialed the required number of people or the required amount of minimum order.
  4. counts and collection of cash
  5. Organizer receives money orders and goods.In the future, possible adjustments due to the lack of any supplier of goods colors products.
  6. intermediary goods delivered, he verifies and sorts the purchase.
  7. Organizer gives or sends customers purchase.
  8. Buyer in the event of marriage notify the intermediary and either there is a refund or exchange of goods.

To become a participant of joint purchases, enough to join the group in social networks and to apply for an order or be a registered participant in the forums and make a reservation.

basic rules

organizers and participants should observe the basic rules of joint purchases:

  1. Honesty and integrity.When customers order confirmation you must pay his price + the organizer percent + shipping costs.From the order can not be waived, because such optionality brings a large number of people.If your situation is really force majeure, try to explain to a human intermediary situation that he had time to get out.Organizer can not be without prejudice to the changing conditions of purchase: the cost of goods, changes in% for services.
  2. Adequate assessment of financial capacity.Pre-order to better to postpone the necessary amount in advance.It is better to save the money and buy later than the last pay for a purchase, but then starve.The organizer must also assess the risks and the sum reserved in case of refusal to purchase for a good reason not to let people down.
  3. Punctuality.If the payment deadline clearly stated, you can not delay with payment.
  4. Compliance with common sense.Organizer joint purchases not the seller, but merely an intermediary.If you make a mistake with the size, it's not his fault, but yours.If the conditions of purchases Set refund or exchange in the case of marriage, with a picture of inconsistency, then the reseller can resolve conflicts.
  5. clarity.Buyer must clearly indicate its size, wishes to coloring, the name and quantity of the goods, as well as to specify the correct delivery address.The organizer must specify in detail the conditions to answer customer questions in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  6. diligence.Choose a broker with positive feedback, not chasing a lower percentage, and organizer to look at the customer reviews, if available.

Also in this article will look at how to become organizers of joint purchases.

joint organizer of the purchases can be anybody.In order to become a mediator, a sequence of actions necessary to perform:

  • Choice group of products, which you will operate.Especially enjoyed the success of products such as toys, books, clothing foreign and domestic brands, products for children up to a year, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Selection of suppliers with minimum prices.
  • Opening a bank account and card to transfer funds.
  • Register at special forums, creating and populating groups in social networks with a description and photographs of the goods.
  • Accepting applications and making the price list.
  • The choice of the transport company, through which the delivery of goods to customers will be.

Pros and cons

Participation in joint purchases has pluses and minuses.

advantages of joint purchases are:

  1. lower price than in the shops.
  2. Ability to purchase exclusive items.

The disadvantages of the implementation of joint purchases include:

  1. Inability to touch, try on items.
  2. Risks organizer, in particular, responsibility for failure to pay taxes, the customer is not required.
  3. absence of liability to the purchaser.
  4. lack of accounting documents confirming the validity of the transaction.
  5. Possibility of fraud.

disadvantages in buying a system more, but the risk or not, you decide.