Melon : useful properties and vitamins , its use in pregnancy

One of the most popular fruits in all nations of the earth is a melon to this day.In the East, it serves almost each food intake, and in Russia "melon" season begins in late summer and continues throughout the autumn.Melon, useful properties which have long been studied, and will be the main subject of this article.

storehouse of vitamins

First of all it must be said that the melon - a storehouse of vitamins.Folic and ascorbic acid, carotene, iron, calcium - these vitamins are contained in the melon in such an amount that the fruit can safely put on a par with radish, onion, garlic and black currant.But that's not all.

like watermelon, cantaloupe is 80% water, so the ideal thirst quencher on a hot day and is suitable for use even in patients with impaired renal activity and unstable water-salt balance.

healthy fruit

If we consider what melon benefits for a person is first of all to say about her tonic, and diuretic effect on the body.In addition, the melon is used in various recipes of tra

ditional medicine.So:

1) Only a few pieces of melon will quickly quench thirst.

2) If a person is sick kidneys and drinking should be limited, may be replaced by a few glasses of water melon slices fragrant.They will bring in a few hours from the body.For these purposes should be chosen sweet varieties circular shape.

3) Melon has a laxative effect.It can be taken on an empty stomach during an episode of moderate severity of hemorrhoids.

4) It is possible to arrange a discharge "melon" day.As is known, a person can fast for 1-2 days.The main thing - at this time to drink a lot of water.Melon for a short time and can replace a meal and water.

5) Fruits melons are rich in fiber, so help remove cholesterol from the human body.

6) Vitamins melon allow effectively fight the anemia, giving the skin a healthy look.

Melon Maternity

impossible not to say about what is useful melon during pregnancy.As it turned out as a result of research, it contains a full range of beneficial vitamins and minerals for pregnant women.This vitamins A, E, P, PP, silicon, pectins, cellulose, phosphorous, magnesium, folic acid.

more melon increases the level of serotonin - the "hormone of happiness", improves intestinal motility (constipation in pregnancy - frequent case), stabilizes the nervous system and lowers the hemoglobin in the blood.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this fruit is that it is still very strongly absorb nitrates, so it is strongly recommended to buy melons only proven household farms.Also for pregnant women is better to choose late varieties of melons, which significantly reduced the risk of nitrate.

Do not forget that the melon has its products- "enemies".So, melon completely compatible with all milk and milk products, alcohol and cold water.If the melon drink these beverages may occur indigestion that is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Norma melon consumption during pregnancy and should not be exceeded.Ideally, it would be 200 grams (2 pieces) per day.In diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease from eating the melon is better to abstain.

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