What stones are suitable Capricorn, how the stones should be preferred

In order to correctly choose which stones are suitable Capricorn, should be aware of this decade zodiac sign:

I. The first decade covers the period from 22 December to 2 January.People belonging to a given length of time, measured, sustained and go through life confident step.They have their own opinion on a particular topic, they certainly express.Such facial features match the powerful gems such as amethyst, jade, malachite, agate, jasper bloody.

II.The second decade lasts from 3 to 13 January.Capricorns are born in this period, by nature instigators, not sitting in the place for them is not difficult to captivate people with him.But at the same time without the necessary motivation to action, they become dull and inactive.Therefore, they need a stone, which will feed them with energy.These stones include onyx, opal, chrysoprase, onyx.

III.And extreme decade continues from 14 to 20 January.People belonging to this period of time, very hardworking, interested in the work, but it is often such th

at they fall into depression or despair, and they become indifferent.They also need the stones, has a remarkable energy: garnet, ruby, tourmaline, zircon, sapphire.

Stones for the fair sex

When choosing jewelry for the ladies-goats should carefully examine all the features of their character.As a rule, it is woman power, steadfast, persistent and incredibly motivated.

Capricorns always have a clear idea of ​​what they want.They are always enterprising and aggressive in achieving this goal.But often they have to leave its target due to the fact that the Capricorn woman is not familiar qualities such as placement and methodical.

career wise woman ibex unperturbed, it helps the material prosperity.In addition, they are quite pompous, and they clearly expressed leadership.Also, they are characterized by traits such as melancholy, depression and withdrawal.Capricorns have tremendous patience, impartiality and love for family and friends.

On this basis, we can conclude that a stone is suitable Capricorn woman.It complies with the following characteristics: a strict, strong, dark colors, "threatening" the stone which will encourage women to bring cases before the end.

So, it is time to directly transfer the precious stones for Capricorn women:

  • Onyx - helps to cope with negative emotions, and the stone contributes to raising self-confidence and responsibility.
  • Ruby - is a powerful stone of all.It is considered a symbol of love and happiness, it relieves insomnia and increases leadership.

  • Rhinestone - has healing properties, it helps to understand the inner world of man, and to live in harmony with each other.
  • Pomegranate - recognized assistant at failures in the career plan.It also helps to cope with a variety of diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Topaz - helps to maintain youth and beauty, is also effective in the prevention of infertility.Enhances honesty and compassion.
  • Agate - Protect the stone that helps with depression and restless dreams.Restores mental and physical reserves person.
  • Jade - helps to strive for the intended purpose and not to retreat.It increases mental and physical initiative.

And in order to achieve success in matters of love should purchase the so-called stone of love.Data stones traditionally include garnet, rock crystal, ruby ​​and agate.

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