Hair color mahogany : the photo , who is this image and what paint to choose

course, hair color mahogany (photo below) - it is the brightest color that attracts a lot of attention.If you decide to change your appearance with a red hair color for the first time, it is better to discuss it with relatives, or visit the beauty salon where the qualified hairdresser will advise you on this issue, and will select the desired hue.

This will help to avoid failures from the first hair coloring.It is also important to remember that red shades washed out and fade pretty quickly, so be prepared in a short time to re-visit the salon to freshen up your color.And, of course, use the right shampoo and conditioners that are designed specifically for the conservation of hair color.

This is to paint curls in shades of red

Before you dye your hair that color, understand who he is, and who does not.Understanding this will help your skin tsvetotip.

blonde and red hair

girl with light brown and blond hair, whose light skin tone: they are contraindicated only copper-red shades.If

you have blond hair and dark skin, then feel free to paint in that color.

Mahogany and brunette babe with

mahogany color looks good on girls with dark hair and peach skin.But there is a small nuance: the red hue could roughly make fun of you and give a very different result than you would expect.

therefore help in hair painting is necessary to address to a beauty salon.That barber, examining your hair, pick up the desired hue and staining method, it may be necessary podtemnit or lighten the individual strands to get a spectacular result.

It is also important to remember that eye shade in this situation does not play any role.Still, the most beautiful are the green-eyed girl with red hair.

Hair dye from Garnier Garnier

company has long appeared on the cosmetics market and offers a wide range of hair colors.Among them is to provide a rich color palette of red shades.

is worth noting that this paint does not harm your hair, it is composed of vitamins and oils that nourish every hair.Paint carefully affects the hair, and thus it is very effective.

The bundled balm that it is important to apply after hair dyeing, to consolidate and revitalize the color.It is important to nourish the hair, because after dyeing, they become weak and lose moisture, for this reason balm vitally important to them.

Hair Dye from Loreal Loreal

We have a line called Extravaganza, which is represented by a wide range of red hues.The paint is very easy to use.She is gentle, and the color after painting is kept up to two months.It is important to note that not every red shade quite resistant.But the manufacturers of this product claim that their color quality and long washed off.

Hair dye Londa

specialists who develop this paint brand, is very well aware of how difficult it is to make a red shade quite resistant and work in this direction.Therefore, many women are buying it this paint to create an incredible image.

Londa company launched a new line of paints for hair with red shades, which are virtually washed away and do not fade.Particles of special pigment in the ink composition penetrate deep into the hair, allowing you to color a long time to please you.