Black Hair color : black photo of a saturated blue and black color tulip like to dye my hair basmoj

Despite the fact that fashion is cyclical, and it has a strong influence on the popularity of a particular color, black hair was always in vogue and is still relevant.Undoubtedly, due to the influence of fashion number dark-haired beauties increases and decreases, but women are always turning their attention to this color.

This shade is the most common in nature and is associated with self-confidence, dedication, a strong character and an explosive temper.For this reason, most women seeking to change the look and emphasize these svoei internal quality, dye their hair a dark color.

This is permissible to dye hair black

Let's see who is black hair color, look at the photos.If you wanted to become a hot brunette, do not forget that black hair is not going to all.A return to the natural color after black is quite difficult, and repainted in a lighter shade will not turn out right the first time.

So black is:

  • Women with dark skin or light shade.It should be borne in mind
    that smuglokozhih brunette look pretty extravagant, and blue-black color adds to their charming fairy tale of Snow White;
  • girls with brown and green eyes, and a mixture of these shades.Especially look beautiful hair color black tulip on the girl with bright brown eyes.Brown-haired and natural blonde, unwittingly, may get very tired and gloomy appearance.

not recommended to be painted black, if you have a gray or blue eyes, as in this case, the eyes get lost on a dark background.However, despite the warnings of stylists, a lot of girls with blonde hair are painted in rich black color and is very pleased with the results.So experiment can only girls who belong to the summer and winter tsvetotipu.

Despite the fact that black curls look very impressive, they also make it more visually slim face, he added fatigue and stress the shortcomings and gray hair.Therefore, black hair is not recommended for women aged, as well as those who have freckles or problem skin.

also recommended to paint the hair in a black shade, if you have thin or damaged hair - this color fills curls airiness.

not know the name of a specific color is black, - flip through the Internet, view photos, or paint on the manufacturer's website, there is sure to be detailed palette with shades of titles to suit all tastes.

Almost all known manufacturers of paint colors are black three basic:

  • Black;
  • blue-black;
  • plum and black.

Hue hair black tulip is a darker shade with light reddish or aubergine notes.It is women tsvetotipa winter.

blue-black color - a deep color that shimmers in the sun and beautiful blue glitters.This color will be perfect on girls with a dark skin tone.

For saturated colors sometimes have to slightly lighten hair, so it is best to paint the hair in the barber shop, where a qualified technician himself will decide on the method of coloring hair.

If you like to experiment - you can make the weave hair.

also possible to resort to a natural way of hair dyeing.For this ideal Basma.painting method is very simple: the first phase of the hair dyed with henna colorless, and then applied to locks diluted basmu.Three hours later, the hair is perfectly black, and have a healthy glow.