Red hair color : Copper photo red , dark red , red- brown and red- red shades

Every second woman on the ground, when it decides that something in itself to change, starting with the hairstyle.No matter what the cause - a complete change of style or simply painting the hair to hide the gray hair - change of hair color is very effective way to change your own style without too much cost.

modern girl at all costs try to stand out from the crowd, and that can best help in this regard?Of course, a change of hair color to red.

red hair color has many different shades, from bright scarlet shades to dark red-brown.When the choice is made of so many colors, it is important to understand who a shade better fit, and as a result you want.

red shade of hair, mainly choose for themselves the girls, who hold an active position in life.They try to dominate life, this freedom-loving people.But the hair is dark red choose women who want serious changes in my life.

Red - a shade selected

Naturally, with such a shade of hair is difficult to be ignored, so it is important to deci

de, do you want it or not.Are you sure that you fit a hair color?We will understand who is this tinge.

red shades of hair to face autumn girl tsvetotipa.They are by nature a light skin tone, blue eyes, green or dark brown.These colors like mahogany, copper-red or garnet gives hair a playful and energetic appearance.

Owners warm skin tone fits the red-red, and the girls with pale skin crimson and burgundy shades.Very good will look red hair with dark skin.

This is not necessary to dye hair red

  • women with skin prone to redness;
  • girls, whose skin has a pink hue;
  • girls with golden skin molasses.

color red tree

Currently, this color can be subdivided into two main color: brown and red.Red-light chestnut shade creates chocolate overflowing hair.Many adult women stylists recommend give their preference to the color of mahogany, it is great to hide gray hair.

Despite the fact that the color is very rich, while at the same time, it is not particularly eye-catching, and with a properly chosen style of clothing and the right makeup can be sufficiently restrained.

It's pretty dark in color, which makes it more expressive facial features and visually helps to smooth out wrinkles.

coloring hair in this color, it is necessary to take into account the original hair color.At coloring of black hair, the hair is likely to acquire the chestnut color with a reddish tinge, and the light prior to the application in this tone will need to do a bit of red to get the desired color.

color change - dark red

This shade of red is different from the aggressive and fiery with his composure, he was even a little something similar to brown.Dark red hair color perfect girls with dark or olive skin, brown eyes and dark natural hair color.

This color a lot of variations, it can be with a purple tint or red cherry.Incidentally, red hair with a purple tint will be to face the girls cold tsvetotipa.It can be easy coloring with feathers dark red tones, it is well emphasizes the individuality of each woman.

Care color

course, red hair attracted attention with its bright and vibrant colors.But, unfortunately, these qualities eventually lost hair quickly fade.In this case, difficult to do without a special cosmetic shampoos.Very good, if you use shampoo and paint and from the same manufacturer.