Hair color mocha : photos , testimonials about how to dye hair dye Matrix

girls who are eager to give her style a little brown-haired charming mystery, many companies that produce hair coloring can offer a wide range of shades of chocolate and chestnut notes.

mocha color curls - the most popular natural shade.He maintained that position for several years and seems to have no plans to take them.

As can be seen in numerous photos, hair color mocha has a wide variety of shades ranging from golden chocolate and ending with a very rich dark coffee.To describe this shade can be as color of dry coffee.It has the same warm brown shade without the red and red notes.Such Hair color look natural and noble.

Features shag painting in the shade of mocha

during the painting of hair in not very bright shades of mocha, it is very difficult to guess what colorhair will become as a result.The fact that the color of which can turn out, depends on your native hair color and the correctness of following the instructions on the paint in the instructions for use.

Do not forget that on the box with the ink described the best option for the application, but specifically in your case, the result may be different.

best option for hair coloring in the shade of mocha - brown or close to it hair.Then the color is the most natural.

Today, many manufacturers offer a variety of color shades of mocha, let's look at hair dye Matrix.

This paint like many colorists, because it allows you to create a bright, saturated colors, which are very beneficial to adjust to the source of hair pigment relatives.

All colorists have no doubt as a result of the staining of the paint, as long ago KolorGrip patented technology allows you to achieve stunningly accurate colors.This technology allows perfectly cover white hair and gives lasting color.

Shades paint Matrix already has in its composition the natural base, which helps to give a natural look of colored hair, and the self-adjusting dyes in contact with the hair natural pigments provides unmistakable shades.

Today paint Matrix offers several shades of mocha, and this is not only the dark brown tone, there is also a light mocha.It is ideal for girls with blonde hair color.

Reviews paint Matrix


"Hair color matrix, color 8M Mocha good I was very pleased with the result after the first use of paint this manufacturer My main goal when hair coloring - hide gray hair, and this paint..fully coped with the task. Gray hair is painted over, and the resulting color of mocha I liked, it turned a light brown shade. "


"I did highlighting this paint I do hair chestnut color, and all the beauty salons experts have argued that the first time will not be able to receive the white strand and only one cabin master agreed to do my highlights, and..What do you think - strand from the first time turned white Thank you master. ".


"once dyed your hair this hair dye is a beautiful shade and have a healthy glow effect after painting lasted about three weeks, then had to refresh shade, as he cleaned up..."


"I paint paint matrix for more than four years, I can say that this is the best paint, which only can be found only drawback - the color is washed out fairly quickly, but it goes perfectly...."