How to choose a hairstyle for face shape : Opinions stylists and photo examples

In order to choose the right haircut, styling, hairstyle, you must first determine your type of person.After all, with the help of well-chosen hairstyles can emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Generally distinguish five main types of face shapes, namely a circular, triangular, square, oval and rectangular.This article will explain how to identify your type of person and how to choose the hairstyle in accordance with the external characteristics of the type face.In addition, it will be presented to the professional stylists advice regarding the selection of hairstyles to clothing.

If you have an oval face type

type oval face shape can be likened to an inverted egg.It is believed that this form of face - ideal as proportional.Accordingly, and in the selection of hair styles can be experimented.

  1. If thin hair, fit hairstyle in length to the middle of the chin and milling tips.
  2. If thick hair, you can use any haircuts and hairstyles are best to do that collect hair.
  3. can safely wear a hairstyle with bangs like a straight and oblique, thick and ragged.

If you have a round face type

round type face different low forehead, full cheeks, and chin smooth line transition to the cheeks.In the formation of hairstyles for this face shape should strive to create the effect of elongation.Therefore, owners of a round face shape will updo, hairstyle, in which the strands are shortened in the chin area to make a face visually already.elongation effect can also make asymmetrical haircut and bangs.You can not do
side styling and haircuts, as it will only increase the width of the face.

If you have a rectangular face shape

In order to accurately pick up female hair face of rectangular shape, it is important to know that this type of person has the following external features: a high broad forehead, lower jaw, protruding on the sides.Therefore the main task when creating hairstyles - soften the horizontal and vertical lines.
girls with this type of facial hairstyles are ideal, made on the basis of lush curls that can frame the face on both sides, or be fixed sideways.Do not combed her hair back, it is better to forehead was covered with hair strands, whereby its height will be visually reduced.

If you have a square face shape

face type "square" different width of the lower jaw and the same width of the forehead.The main task of hairstyles - soften the angular lines of the face.Best of all would look asymmetrical hairstyles and hair, fixed on the sides of the face.It is strongly recommended to avoid long bangs for the reason that it is only emphasize the prominent chin and hair parted in the middle and with slicked-back hair.

If you have a triangular shape face

When the triangular shape of the face there is a wide forehead and narrow jaw, and the purpose of hairstyles - soften the lines and visually expand the chin.Therefore, suitable hairstyle in which the hair is down low on the neck.Ideal side bangs, she will hide too wide and high forehead.

Depending on the style of clothing

Choose a beautiful dress - only half the battle: to get a complete picture, it is important to choose wisely haircut.Choosing hairstyles depends on the style dresses, fabric textures and colors.

In order to correctly pick a hairstyle to the dress, it is important to consider a few rules.

  1. to office dress suit elegant hairstyle in the form of a classical beam, cauda equina and hairstyle in the Greek style.
  2. Selection of hairstyles for evening dress depends on the style attire.
  3. If the dress of bright color, with a complex asymmetrical cut, then the hairstyle should be simple and concise.
  4. If you choose an open evening dress bustier, then hair should be voluminous and complex, ie,hair can be collected at the top, can be braided and just be loose.
  5. If the dress is a classic - and then the hairstyle should be a classic.

better understand what hairstyle to what dresses are suitable, it will be possible for photos placed below.

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