Braid on its side : step by step photos and video lessons on weaving

It's no secret that the most fashionable and stylish hairstyles are different kinds of weaving.But the palm confidently holds the braid to the side.There are many varieties with braided hair on the side.Look at the photo and choose the option that matches your mood.

How do itself?

Comb your hair into a side parting and divide into two parts.To begin with it is necessary to weave the part where the hair more.Take a parting from a strand and is divided into three strands.Proceed to French braiding pigtails pickup with side locks.

Continue braiding to the earlobe.Then stop and twist the left hand side opposite the wiring of loose hair.At the same time you have to keep pigtail right hand.Twisting harness, start adding new locks and move towards the pigtail.

now gather in one hand all the hair and start braiding fish tail.The tip of the spit gum fix.Add hair airy, pull the side locks.At the end of all fix varnish.

simple and romantic braid to the side

zacheshite all the hair o

n one side.Separate the three strands of the side and start weaving ordinary braids.The tip then attach a rubber band.To spit was the volume, pull the little side locks.

KOLOSOK side netting

Perform best on clean hair.The basis of all hairstyles - this volume, so it is very suitable to girls with thick hair.Weave will look good on medium hair.

  1. Carefully zacheshite back hair.Pick up at the top of the three strands.Note: locks must be taken from the side, where later spit goes.For convenience, left pronomeruyte strands (1, 2, 3).
  2. Take a strand of №1 and №2 and put between №3.Now take a strand of №3 and place between №1 and №2.From that moment, do grab the free pryadok.
  3. Take a strand №2 and place it between №1 and №3, and now take a loose strand on the left side.
  4. Continue braiding on the same principle, but the pickup is now do to the right.Braid braid tightly to hair turned neatly.

Once you vpletete all loose strands, you can continue to weave a normal braid, if you have long hair, or elegantly hidden under the tail braid using stealth.

Option two pigtails

  1. Comb hair parted on the side.Take the person of the hair and divide it into three strands.Begin to weave a one-sided French braid.
  2. Keep braiding to the level of the ear and ends with his traditional braid of three strands.
  3. spit secure eraser tip and fix varnish all weaving.
  4. From loose hair plait braid normal three pryadok.During weaving, add our little pigtail.The tail end of the tie on the rubber band.
  5. Pull gently loops weave, braid turned to lace.

Beautiful evening "Flower of braids»

  1. Make a side parting and start braiding French braid strands inside a pickup.
  2. The main feature of the spit inside that side strands have to enclose a middle strand.
  3. Continue braiding, but remember that the direction of the spit must be parting from the left ear, and then down.
  4. picked up from small pryadok do.Throughout weaving periodically pull tabs pigtails.
  5. Continue braiding until the end.Tail pigtails wrap a rubber band.
  6. Fold the braid into a flower and fasten pins, add a beautiful accessory.

See detailed lesson weave this and other hairstyles can be in the video below.