How to make a hairstyle with a bagel right : clear instructions

Bagel is a foam accessory that holds the shape of the hairstyle.Its use allows you to create three-dimensional effect and create a hairstyle long, thick hair, even if it is not really so.In addition, through the use of a donut, and other accessories, you can create a hairstyle everyday and ceremonial.Also indisputable advantage of modeling hairstyles with a bagel is the ease and speed of execution.

This article will contain information about how to do her hair with a bagel in the form of a beam.Several embodiments of the beams will be offered based on different lengths of hair, as hair styles can be made with a bagel both long hair and short.

step by step workshops

In the first masterclass will explain how to do her hair in the form of a beam with the help of a donut according to the classical scheme.

  1. first step is to comb the hair, they must be perfectly smooth.
  2. then you should consider the location of the beam, it can be fixed on the top, side, bottom.De
    pending on this, it is necessary to collect hair in a ponytail at the crown or, respectively, on either side at the bottom.
  3. Then on the tail should be put on a bagel.
  4. Then each strand of the tail must be wrapped around the donut.For the strength of each strand should be fixed with the help of the invisible.
  5. At the final stage it is necessary to correct all the stray strands invisible fix, if necessary, and sprinkle with hair lacquer.

The second master class will be described a process for performing hairstyles for long hair with a bagel in the form of a beam, decorated with braid.

  1. First you comb your hair and make them smooth either by ironing or using styling products.
  2. Then hair should be separated by means of a side parting, spreading strands into two unequal parts.
  3. Then on the left side above the ear is necessary to separate the strand, to divide it into three sections and braid a braid to the end of strand length.
  4. Then the remaining hair must be combed again and gather in a low ponytail.Then stretch through a bagel.
  5. After that the hair in the tail should be divided into strands and tuck each strand at a bagel to a beam.
  6. Earlier braided plait must be laid around the bundle and fix it with stealth.

The third master class will be described step by step embodiment of the beam on the basis of spikelets weaving.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to comb your hair, gather in a ponytail at the crown and secure with a bagel.
  2. Then the hair in the tail should be divided into several strands, each strand must then also be divided into three sections and braid pigtails.
  3. then I got braids should be filled neatly under the bagel and fix invisible.

on medium hair

On average hair can make hair with a bagel in the form of a high beam.First, the hair should be combed and collect the crown.Then you need to thread the tail through a bagel and evenly wind the hair around the donut so far as the length.Then, the top must be attached gum fine.All stray strands sticking out and it is necessary to accurately fill a thin rubber band.

It is also possible to do and low beams, in this case, sticking strands can not refuel a gum that will give hair negligence and make it suitable for a casual style.

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