Braids to school every day with their own hands : Photo & Video

We all know that even a little schoolgirl wants to look fashionable and stylish.But to go to school with her hair is impossible, and a ponytail has become boring.What to do?Stylists recommend mothers to learn to do braids to school every day with their own hands.

On long hair

So first we will examine options for long hair.


  1. This hairstyle is fairly quick and easy.
  2. Gather hair into a high ponytail and tie a rubber band.
  3. Take bright tape width of 4 cm and a length slightly longer than the tail.Fix it at the end of the tail base vdev it under the gum.
  4. Detach the tail from the bottom strand braid and a thin braid, then obkrutite its surrounding gum and hide under the tip of the hair.
  5. Separate the two strands on the sides of the tail.Braid are two pigtails and secure rezinochkami.
  6. Divide the loose hair in the tail into two strands and each of them impose on a thin braids.
  7. Begin to weave traditional braid of three strands.A third strand is to be tape.
  8. Tail pigtails secure eraser.


Step by step guide with detailed photos.

  1. Hairstyle fit on medium hair.
  2. Divide hair into an oblique or zig-zag parting.
  3. Take three strands of the parting on the left side and start braiding the usual one-sided French braids.
  4. When you would bring to the weaving of the ear, then take a strand on the other side, and woven into the braid so as to obtain a semi-circle on the back of his head.
  5. Take the next strand slightly below the previous and woven into a braid.
  6. Continue to braid pigtail in the same way and do not forget to take the new locks on the right side.
  7. tip of the spit tie a rubber band.

elegant bezel

do hairstyle is necessary to clean and well-combed hair.

  1. the left side of his temple three separate strands.The first strand of the occipital put on a second and separate them with your fingers.
  2. within the second strand of locks put side.
  3. Continue braiding the strands to the pickup side until you get to the right temple.
  4. Keep braiding to the neck and there connect the two parts of the rim.
  5. All remaining strands are woven into a single braid and bring it to the end.

There are several options for hairstyles end: leave the usual braid;tighten the braid into a bun and secure with pins.To give hair a festive and elegant look, decorate with beads or weaving flowers.

bundle of braids

  1. Comb your hair and take a high ponytail.
  2. Take roll and pass it through the tip of the tail.
  3. Take a thin lock of hair and plait braid normal.
  4. Propletite few links and insert it under the bagel, remove ends from the middle.
  5. You must stay a little lock of hair from the braids.Add to it the new locks to get a long strand.
  6. Continue braiding pigtails, and make everything as described above.When you finish the last weave braid, then it should be doplesti through and tie a rubber band.Then wrap the braid around the roller several times.
  7. Gently pull tabs braids to hide the roll and give volume.
  8. Secure hair pins and fix with varnish.

As an accessory you can use coquettish hairpin in the form of a bright bow.

Spit in the art 3d

  1. Divide the hair into three strands and start to weave traditional scythe a little to one side.
  2. As weaving free the small locks, but do not stop to weave braid.
  3. Of the remaining flowing strands braid another scythe.The more detail you can see in the photo.
  4. tip of the spit tie a rubber band.

original spike

  1. Divide hair parted in the middle, and then to cross (from ear to ear).
  2. Make two side ponytail at the crown area and fix the small rubber bands.
  3. Begin to weave spike of tails and free strands.You must pigtail braid of three strands with a pickup.
  4. spit secure eraser tip.

See more options beautiful, fast, and most importantly, simple hairstyles for girls with braided Video: