How to make a Greek haircut with a bandage and not at home ( with photos )

graceful, elegant, romantic - all that can be said about the hair, made in the Greek style.Besides Greek hairstyle has its own characteristics: the lack of volume in the upper portion of hair and hair tied back.

To ladies were able to understand how to make a Greek haircut, this article will be posted step by step instructions.You will be offered the options without the use of bandages.It will also explain how to create a hairstyle, using a bandage.In addition, the girls learn how to make a Greek knot.For starters encourage you to read the photo-selection.

Using bandages

In order to fulfill the hairstyle in the Greek style, you can use the bandage, which will serve not only as decorationbut also as a scaffold for future hair.The main thing - to choose the right armband.The thickness of the dressing depends on the height of the forehead.Girls with thick eyebrows and a low forehead will not go wide model casts, it is better to choose thin models.A girl with a high forehead pe

rfectly suited just wide bandage.

below will be offered two detailed instructions for the implementation of the Greek hairstyles with dressing, taking into account the presence and absence of the Bang.
In order to make a beautiful Greek hairstyle on long hair with no bangs, you first need to put a bandage on his head, but not pulling on the high forehead, and to fix invisible.

Then hair should be divided into rather narrow strands and wrap them in turn under the gum.Then you need to straighten the strands to make them look more natural, and fix her hair lacquer.

In order to fulfill the hairstyle in the Greek style of long hair at home with a bang, you have to wear a bandage on his head so that the bang was under the bandage and fix it invisible.Then the hair should be divided into thin strands and each thread the turns under the bandage.It is advisable to fix the invisible strands.At the final stage the finished hairstyle should be sprinkled with lacquer.

Option without bandages

Greek hairstyle can easily perform their own hands and without dressing.

  1. Instead bandage is necessary to separate the two strands of the same on the right and on the left side, to get them back and tie a few knots are not low, but somewhere in the middle of the nape.
  2. then get out of the hair dressing should be fixed invisible.
  3. Then hair should be divided into strands and gently wrap them in turn under the bandage.
  4. For each strand of strength should be fixed with the help of the invisible.

dressing of the hair can also be made from braided pigtails, for this it is necessary to separate the sides and braid the strands of these braids.

braid pigtails must be of such a length that they can be connected in the middle neck.

then locks it is necessary to fill in turn by the band of the braid and secure invisible.

Greek node

Hairstyle Greek shape resembles a cone assembly, because you are in the high-beam shape, decorated with three dressings.

  1. first step is to separate the upper front lock.
  2. is followed to make fleece top and fix it with varnish.
  3. then curls back should be combed to the right side and secure with lacquer.
  4. Next loose ends should be wrapped inside in the form of shells and fix bolts.
  5. previously separated upper strand must be pulled back.
  6. Then two bandages need to fix in the bang area, and should be fixed with the help of a third shell dressings.

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