Highlights on dark hair 100 high quality photos

Any girl experimenting with their image and appearance.If you are hesitant to fully drastically change your hair color is dark, you can make the weave.Many people mistakenly think that this procedure is only applicable to blondes, but looks very impressive and highlights on black hair before and after photos, see this article.There are several types of this procedure.

Creative colorful highlights, be sure to check the photo below.This method is for those who are not afraid to experiment with their looks.Curls are painted in bright saturated color.If you decide on a weave of black hair, it is best to consult a specialist to him to choose the appropriate color for you.

California machinery

Californian equipment - this is the perfect highlights on dyed hair.With this painting is a smooth transition from the dark shades at the roots to light - from the tips.Allowed to use five different colors.

Venetian highlighting

Venetian weave creates the impression of burnt hai

r.Dyeing begins with a tip, wherein the roots are not always painted.

Classic highlights

In this painting it is necessary to consult a specialist, because it is very difficult to completely lighten black hair at home.

Multi-color highlighting dark hair

Multi-color weave is the most fashionable in this year.Just look at the photos offered on highlighting dark hair - looks very nice.For dark hair, you can use absolutely any color.

US highlights for dark hair

US highlights for black hair color creates a special appearance.For this method, colors are used, similar in tone.


Owners short dark hair can advise Two-Tone - two shades used in this way, a perfect balance between, but contrasts the main color.As you can see in the photo, highlighting the originality and emphasizes your sense of taste.

procedure dyeing house

House is best carried out in a special weave cap.To do this, comb your hair and put on a hat.Strands that you have conceived paint, stretched hook.Short hair meliruyut, putting on makeup tips and curls - bloom.

important point for the owners of short, medium or long bangs - it is necessary to start the procedure with a bang, while removing the rest of the hair back.

Photo selection with bangs See the end of this article.Highlighting hair perfectly conceals dark gray hair, improves hair color, making them more shiny and voluminous.

contraindication for highlighting dark hair is the recent use of natural dyes (henna and Basma), if the hair was split, or have not yet recovered from therecent waving or straightening.

Do not be afraid to experiment, but first be sure to consult with a stylist, so as not to be disappointed in the end result.And our pictures will help you.

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