Diet deuce : Menu indications , effective fast diet for quick results

rapid weight reset the minimum time to bring diet, also known as genetic deuce.Just do not confuse it with biochemical analysis, assigned to the detection of hereditary diseases in pregnancy.

Genetic deuce diet before analysis also does not.deuce diet aimed specifically at weight loss and not always useful, as it promotes the rapid loss of many kilos.

What to expect from the diet?

impossible not to note a definite plus this diet - fast, even catastrophic weight loss for 10 days, what can not compete other diets.On average, may lose 5 kilograms with a low weight and 10 large.All depends on the metabolism, and the activity of the initial weight.

Among the shortcomings can be identified immediately stress to the body.Extreme semi-starvation can affect internal organs develop diseases including gastritis, pancreatitis due to the large interruption meals.In addition, the suffering psyche, forced to endure hardship.

Such a diet can make only people with strong will, with a clear goal to lose kilos

bored and find harmony.It is not suitable for lovers of sweet, fatty and fried, which can not be without such products.But fans of fruit and dairy products - completely.

deuce Diet:

menu in the diet is present, though small, but the variety, the days are not repeated, although the food at night is very small in terms of volume and value.

first day

two large apples of any variety.The water in unlimited quantities.Coffee and tea without additives.

second day

Two large orange.Water.

way, citrus fruits are very good helpers in the diet.They speed up metabolism and are a source of vitamins.

third day

200 grams of white or wild rice as a finished product (about 50-70 dry) without oil and salt.

fourth day

Up to 200 grams of cheese.You can pick up and fused and durum.The main thing is that it is without any chemical or other additives.

fifth day

200 grams of fat-free yogurt.You can - grainy, soft or home.

sixth day

Two large banana fresh.

seventh day

only water up to 2 liters.Not allowed to coffee and tea.

eighth day

400 grams of yogurt or yogurt with fruit, cereal additives.

ninth day

Two large fresh cucumber.

tenth day

Kefir 1% up to two liters.


very correct decision will be taken with a diet of vitamin-mineral complexes.Due to lack of nutrients can occur malfunction of the body, which affects the well-being and appearance.And accompanying deuce useful additives, can stay healthy and feel at their best.

Drink the liquid.It not only dulls the hunger, but also cleanses the body, contributes to the breakdown of fat.Yes, and the right water balance prolongs life, so this advice applies not only to the diet, but to the rest of their lives.In this respect there is a video about the benefits of water:

After twos should be very careful to return to normal diet to not only collect the dumped kgs, but also not harm weaned from rich food body.Slowly add to your diet healthy food.First, more fruits and vegetables, dairy products.Then heavier - meat and cereals.So the weight is not coming back, and slim figure will please you for a long time!

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