Highlights for short hair : the photo collection

If you are the owner of a short haircut, it does not mean that it is impossible that any change in your image.Revive short hairstyle, you can use highlighting.Highlights for short hair - see below photos - perfect hide gray hair and gives hair extra volume.

this year for owners of short hair are relevant the following styles:


Peek-A-Boo - in the lower part hairstyle add a bright hue, which makes mowinga special charm.With this coloring if desired, you can add brightness to bangs or sideburns, the main thing is not to overdo it with color.

Two-Tone (2 tones)

Two-Tone - This method uses two colors similar in tone, but the contrast with the color of your hair.This technique is visually increases hair volume, and looks very impressive.The main thing - to choose the right color, it is better to consult with a specialist.If you decide to highlights, photos before and after the use of technology 2 colors, see below.

Bright strands

Bright strands suitable for young girls.It looks original and catchy.Streaked hair short as possible and at home.There are several techniques.


Highlights feathers is very popular for home use.For this purpose, the head wears hat (you can use the package), and through holes with a thin comb or hook gently gets strands.They applied the paint.Rinse it must be in accordance with the application instructions.This does not remove the cap.Once the strands dry up, you can remove the bag and wash your hair completely.


This procedure can be performed in the glazing technique.For this prepares the paint, and the hair should be laid in the form of a hedgehog.The paint is applied to the hands and then massage movements distributed on the hair ends.This procedure is repeated several times.


Method "veil" - in this method are painted only the upper strand.To do this takes a thin strand of metal foil applied to the paint and wrapped around the strands.


Balayazh - painted with only the tips of the strands selected separately.For this you need to put the hedgehog dyeing hair.The paint of the desired color is applied to the foil and held her hair.

If you decide on highlights, remember that you need to follow him.Once a month, it will be necessary to tint paint or update.Try to defend colored strands from direct sunlight (as they can not only change the color of the strands, but also spoil it) and chlorinated water (chlorine dramatically changes color).

Change your way easily enough, the main thing - to make a little bit of imagination and certainly before highlighting consult with a stylist.

video collection on the theme "to foil" Article

Technique (video played with the music - be warned in advance):

Technique "to cap" at home.

Open highlights: