Diet grapefruit and eggs , the benefits and harm to the liver boiled eggs

In Russia, few people know about the beautiful and the useful grapefruit, and its impact on the process of losing weight even more.This bright fruit often used in nutrition, for the harmony of combining with protein foods: eggs, cheese, meat.Diets weight loss based on its effective and efficient, thanks to the natural properties of these products.

benefits of diet components

Few people do not know about the impact of weight loss on such a wonderful citrus fruit like grapefruit.All the matter in sodium contained in this sweet and sour fruit, which speeds up the digestive tract work and dulls the sense of hunger.

And grapefruit copes with a decrease in blood cholesterol levels.Even long-term studies were conducted, in which were offered to eat every day for one half of a grapefruit, but otherwise did not deviate from their traditional way of life and diet.The result exceeded all expectations.Each participant is only in the past month could lose 2 kilograms.

Excellent ability of grapefruit redu

ce insulin production, thus reducing the process of storing fat in the diet certainly helps.

more about the benefits of grapefruit can be seen in the video:

Boiled eggs are very useful for weight loss, because of the proteins contained in them, they are well saturated.But their frequent use of the expense, there are some doubts among doctors and nutritionists.

diet diet grapefruit and egg

It is not necessary to adhere to more than three days, because of possible subsequent failures in the body.Each day will have to eat the same pattern:


two boiled eggs, a cup of green tea.


Half a grapefruit, one boiled egg.


One big grapefruit.

Throughout the diet can be in any number of drinking coffee, tea, mineral or plain water.

Alternative diets

diet is more diverse and contains grapefruit, eggs, cheese.

On each day of the week is allocated: 400 grams of cheese, three eggs, one fruit.Breakfast, lunch and dinner are arbitrary, composed of authorized products.It allowed to eat less, but no more.

Every day possible weight loss varies from 300 to 1000 grams.

Another method is suitable for those who do not want to change their habits or do not like to sit on a diet.Every night you need to eat for dinner fat burning half a grapefruit or drinking a glass of fresh juice out of it.Weight will go, but not so fast, but noticeable.


Disadvantages The main disadvantage, which is celebrated ignorant people can be called liver damage eggs.But this delusion is fundamentally not true.Eggs contain phospholipids, one of the useful properties of which - support liver health by strengthening its protective function against toxic effects.

myth that eggs are very high in calories, too, is wrong.Their energy value is low and amounts to 75 calories per 100 grams.

The real drawback can be identified that grapefruit, as well as many citrus allergens.The only advice that can be given to such an account: choose another diet without intolerances.Grapefruit is also contraindicated for people with high acidity of the stomach and in such cases, can cause heartburn and discomfort.

Also, like all fast diet, low-calorie grapefruit.And it's not good for the body, but since it is short, it will not bring much harm, but only the benefit and joy.

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