Highlights long hair 50 photos and 2 videos

You chic long hair, but you want to change something, without spoiling the hair dye and without cutting them?The ideal solution would be to weave.This is a rather difficult procedure, which consists in painting individual strands.Himself at home is almost impossible to paint long hair, because they are constantly confused.For the same reason, do not fit highlighting cap.

Highlights long hair at home

Long hair dyed only with foil.For this you need a comb with a long handle and a foil, cut into strips.Select the strand comb, put on her paint brush and wrap in foil.Keeping as much as required by the instructions, and then my head.As you can see highlights on long hair (photo below) is not so difficult at home.

advantage of highlighting before painting lies in the fact that the hair is less exposed to chemicals, because of what they look thicker and healthier.Highlights, photos of which you can see below, perfectly conceals gray hair.
Let's look at examples of the ma

in types of dyeing long hair.

American colors

American colors - in this mode locks are painted in a color distinguishable from your only one tone.This hair looks lush and alive.Master in the cabin can pick up on your hair up to 5 - 6 shades that will look pretty impressive.


Mazhimezh - is a gentle method of dyeing hair is treated with a cream made of wax, and because of this hair is not damaged.


Enough interesting option would be balayazh - a method in which the lock is not completely painted, but only its lower part.It creates a fashionable and very bright image.

Crazy colors

Srazy colors - this is the style for bright, extraordinary people, able to experiment with his looks.In this method, the strands are painted in bright colors are different, and each strand in a single color.


shatush - in this painting is a smooth transition from light to dark tips of the roots.More details in the video.


brondirovanie - the last "squeak fashion."With this method of staining a feeling burnt strands.But this hair have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Reverse highlighting

It is extremely fashionable weave with fringe, pictured below.It is important for those who want to return to the natural color of hair after frequent coloring or highlighting.In this method the roots are stained strands tone.

Useful tips

If you decide Streaked hair yourself, you should pay attention to the fact that if you use a strong concentration, the time should be reduced.

Apply the paint quickly to the application of paint on the locks were the same for all the locks, as because of the time difference can be the difference in tone.

Lubricate the forehead, neck, ears, and neck fat cream, and wear gloves on his hands, so that you protect yourself.After dyeing do not forget about the special hair care.Highlighting can be done in any color and length of your hair.Some very useful tips on the videos below: