Hydrogen peroxide facial wrinkles : the application and tips

The pursuit of beauty and a young woman can go far.Initially bought up the whole range of anti-aging cosmetics stores and pharmacies, then the procedure for getting rid of wrinkles spent the entire budget of the African countries, and then ...

And then what?Frankly, many women stop even at the first step, because the beauty of beauty, but also want to eat, as a means of keeping youth are not cheap.And they think, unfortunate, can not be that one of the best, proven and available funds for the face of the wrinkles of hydrogen peroxide sold in your local pharmacy around the corner.

Details of hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide - a colorless liquid that has no odor or taste.This is a very powerful oxidant that reacts with a large number of substances, and externally, such reactions are expressed in bleaching.

hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, whitening properties, so widespread it was in medicine, which is mainly used for disinfecting wounds.A

lso perekisschitaetsya excellent antioxidant, destroying toxins and infections, so the hydrogen peroxide from wrinkles used frequently and for a long time.

But do not forget that for all its virtues, hydrogen peroxide is a very aggressive substance, so as a cosmetic it should be used with great caution, because even a small overdose of it can cause burns.

hydrogen peroxide in eliminating skin problems

Given the disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide in cosmetics it is used mainly for its purification.With it, you can rid the skin of acne and blackheads, discolor freckles and age spots.

Before you use peroxide to the skin, be sure to make a normal allergy test - put a drop of peroxide on the elbow bend, and after an hour to see the reaction.If the redness and other reactions will not be possible to apply the peroxide in the face.

By aggressiveness peroxide, in pure form is necessary to apply it locally, mainly in the fatty skin areas to avoid burns and the inflammations.

use hydrogen peroxide When dry skin is only in cases of extreme necessity.

hydrogen peroxide in the fight against wrinkles

As mentioned, undiluted hydrogen peroxide anti-wrinkle use is dangerous, so a good option would be to combine it with other useful components and used as an anti-aging masks.

very popular mask recipe with hydrogen peroxide and powder concoctions.They should stir until a homogeneous mass of foam and immediately put on the face.Apply the mask should be very careful, not touching the skin around the eyes.After 15 minutes the mask is washed off with water and apply on face nourishing cream.The mask is better to do at night, because after a while it will be a skin redness.

also worth trying a yeast mask of wrinkles.For its preparation will be needed in the amount of dry yeast two teaspoons and teaspoon peroxide.Stir the ingredients forward to when they start to wander, and we put a mask on your face.After 20 minutes mask wash off with water and a decoction of chamomile or, depending on the skin type - oily or dry, respectively.

masks in a piggy bank on the basis of peroxide should be added nutrient and tonic honey mask, which is suitable even for sensitive or dry skin.For her, you'll need a spoon of honey and aloe juice and two drops of iodine and peroxide.

If the skin should be slightly dry, the peroxide can be added twice.Apply the mask is only on problem areas, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

most important when using hydrogen peroxide - do not overdo it.Be healthy and beautiful!