Mastic of marshmallow : Fast food recipe this yummy

cake decorated with mastic, is considered to be the king of the feast, however, for the production of mastic is not always taken, assuming it is incredibly difficult.Today we will try to debunk this myth by using our simple master class on how to make paste for a cake at home.Perhaps not everyone knows what is - marshmallow.In simple terms - it is an analogue of pastes, but in the preparation of the eggs are not used.Marshmallow - a popular dish in America (remember American films and "zefirki" that roasted at the stake This is the substance necessary to us?).


1) 1 pack (200 g), marshmallow (or chewing marshmallow, call it as you prefer),

2) 400 g of powdered sugar (the finer the powder, the smoothness and silkiness will mastic)

3) 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice or a butter (you can add a boiled water, if needed, to paste solidified faster),

4) food coloring (for color pastes),

5) sieve for sugarpowder.


1) Since almost always colorful candy, then they must be spli

t: color "out of the corner" (chocolate or not) in one cup, white serdtsevinku - to another.

2) was heated in a microwave oven (if you do not, it is possible in an oven or a water bath) until until marshmallow begins to increase in volume.It takes minutes to two.

3) If the sealant is to be colored, then add food coloring (on the photo - Yellow gel dye).If you want to sculpt figurines or something in a special way to decorate a cake, you can first make a white paste, and then paint the various elements of the composition in different colors.

4) Knead the paste, gradually add the sifted powdered sugar.First, it turns sweet sticky mass, as in the photo:

When it becomes difficult to interfere with a spoon - spread on the board (or table) and start kneading hands, continuing to add powder.Nuisance up until the mastic is no longer stick to the fingers.

5) Wrap the finished mastic in the package and send in the refrigerator (at least one and a half hours).If the sealant has lain in the refrigerator for several days before you got it, you need to warm it in the microwave and Domes powder (the condition is the same - to not clinging to the hands).

Some tips for handling this product

And at the end of the master class I would like to mention some great rules when working with mastic:

  1. In no case do not apply the paste to a wet basis - sour cream, soaked cakes and so on.d.From moisture sealant dissolves rapidly and loses its former beauty.To avoid this, between the mastic and the cream has to be a "buffer layer", for example, marzipan or cream oil.And the cream must first dry.
  2. for bonding parts of the mastic or attach them to the pie, they need a little water to moisten.
  3. Large and voluminous shapes better mounted on cakes just before serving, or in the fridge, they lose volume.Mastic
  4. stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks, and in the freezer - and up to two months.

Videos on the topic:

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